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  1. I feel you. One of my 290s finished a 14541 properly, the other one got halfway through 3 and kept getting assigned 14541 all day. RIP.
  2. Decided I didn't like the current iteration of the standalone 3d wheel so Im pivoting back to a traditional steering wheel button box with these new learnings. Hopefully looking to pick one of these up:
  3. There are a bunch of CPU only projects that contribute to good science so its worth it if you look at it in this regard, not so much for if you're just in it for a number. My 1700X yields the same PPD as a single unit on my 290.
  4. Thing is I haven't been getting failed WUs at all until yesterday, and theyve all been on the 290. No issues with previous iterations of 15451 etiher. Maybe they're just unhappy clones.
  5. RIP the world loses another Mirage GT https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/a32067039/gemballa-mirage-gt-wrecked-in-manhattan/ Tried to flee the scene too
  6. ICYMI @PandaCopyRight Bonus: OG build from 5 years ago But also I've shot the other car, which is from Canada. Unfortunately that iteration is no longer with us but the full rebuild is underway. For reference, many of these are full competition vehicles hence their classification in Unlimited class. Lightly modified cars that compete in Street or Street Modified are in most cases still legal for street use or double duty as HPDE.
  7. That's odd, I had two pass on separate 290s last night. One of them did get 3 bad WUs from a separate project though.
  8. Lately been getting a couple of six figure units on both the 1080 and 290s. Those hours when they weren't being processed were causing unnecessary stress...
  9. I can't speak for the others, but the 3K was basically a Delta lol. Shame Scythe is no longer around...
  10. That's the nature of 3k RPM fans. The iPPCs are by far the best I've owned (bless Newegg's bulk buy discount) but are on par with some Corsair models. If you know these, then you know.
  11. Not that'd we'd be able to, the country has started to shut down all non-essential services.
  12. Im excited to get into it after finishing up these work units. I low key loved stock car brazil in ams1, and kinda wanna give formula vee a go.
  13. Just a heads up, 200 series cards aren't supported in the current version of F@H so it won't be assigned any work units. A sad reality I found out yesterday trying to get some use out of some old GT240s I had lying around. Oh well, still managed to spin up a couple Piledriver machines.