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  1. Laptops gpu issue

    I highly suggest you reinstall windows (theres a option to reset which is all automated make sure you completely remove all of your stuff). I would assume that its a driver issue or a windows issue. It doesn't seem to be a temp issue. If you want to test if its a driver issue then download DDU and make sure you remove all opf it.
  2. usb 3.0 hardrive issues

    Whenever I used my usb harddrive on ANY usb 3.0 port it will randomly disconnect especially when its under a heavy load. Whenever its plugged into a usb 2.0 port it's fine and works fine under heavy load. I would assume it would be an issue with the harddrive but it NEVER had this issue on windows 7. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Really so let me buy a car and get drunk and crash into people WOW they took away my right to drive I BOUGHT IT LET ME DRIVE IT. This is the same scenario there are rules when you own something if you own a gun you have to follow rules you can't do whatever you want with it. We live with rules your switch has a rule book and an agreed online ruleset that says you can't run what ever you want on it. If they bricked the console I could agree but they aren't there only saying you can't use online.
  4. @HimommiesTheres a difference what you're doing doesn't effect others who bought that tv. If I buy a laptop and hack the us government I shouldn't be stopped because I own that laptop. its the same logic just on a different scenario. If there was a mod that ONLY let you run your own software and never any pirated games or hack certain multiplayer lobbies I wouldn't argue. this is coming from someone with a jailbreaked iphone and a jailbroken ps3 I like doing it but it doesn't mean I can argue against a company getting mad about it.
  5. This is Nintendo's cash cow and any company will protect it. Piracy will eventually happen (even if the bulk of people are against it). Hacks will happen and technically Nintendo is doing best by their customers. By providing a hacker less area for people who play by their rules. I have nothing against this.
  6. usb 3.0 hardrive issues

    So as explained if I connect my external 3tb seagate hardrive to a usb 3.0 port and use to for a long period of time under a relatively heavy load it will disconnect and only will it work again if I unplug the power. When I mean heavy work load I mean installing fortnite or verifying game files. but doesn't ever happen if I am using obs to record a large file aka 2 hours 70gb. It also never happens on a usb 2.0 port OR WHEN I was using windows 7 only on Windows 10. I have no idea what to try anymore. I have disabled power saving features, turned on caching, tried every usb 3.0 port on my computer, and I have it in an open area (so it doesn't overheat). This seems to be an issue with windows 10 (random posts from the internet support this). Sorry If this post is harder to read I am typing it quickly before I go to run errands. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
  7. So Currently i've been recording Fortnite with obs CRF of 12. Inshort the main question is if a lower CRF would be worth it. I have a r7 1700 and a 3 tb hardrive so specs aren't that much of an issue. I really haven't noticed a difference going from 15 to 10 so my question is the gap so small that its hardly noticeable? Would premiere be able to handle clips of high file size recordings with only 16 gb of ram.
  8. The issue has either come back or didnt go away? Either way it seems to happen bearly at all. AKA its happened once since I changed it on Monday. Gonna roll back again to a even older version and see how it goes.
  9. @JSind11I rolled back two versions and so far seems rock solid. (NOTE I have used it for even a day BUT by now it would have freaked out atleast 2-3 times). Thank you everyone it seems that my issue is fixed if it comes back i'll update this thread. Any who has the same or similar issue make sure you use DDU to uninstall your driver and then install a older version.
  10. @Mick NaughtyAlright I went two revisions back im going to install it and see if it fixes it. Thanks for the advice not entirely sure why I didnt think of this
  11. @Mick NaughtyOlder as in one revision back?
  12. Anymore advice from anyone would be greatly appreciated its getting really annoying. I really dont want to go back to Windows 10.
  13. @RedAV8RI completely formatted my ssd and then installed Windows 7 fresh went to the nvidia website and installed the correct driver from the drop down menus.
  14. So I recently switched to Windows 7 form Windows 10 after constantly switching to different stuff. I keep randomly getting 391.35 nvidia driver has stopped responding and been recovered. Every hour or so and it comes back in around a minute the screen goes black and in games it just micro stutters. I'm not sure why its mostly just so annoying since it keeps getting my killed in games. Any suggestion would be helpful.
  15. win 7 vs win 10

    @Jarno.Yeah I always check and it just says I have the most current version never sure if it actually updates or anything. I tried Linux and (other not allowed to say) but with unity game development and gaming I wanted windows. Happy I found a fast os just sad how my relatively beefy system doesn't feel fast on the newest software. Guessing windows 7 is just less intensive making it snappier. ill be sad when 2020 comes maybe by then ill just fully leap to Linux.