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  1. windows 10 host can't have any vm working

    @GoodBytesTHank you for your reply I ended up fixing the issue. ANYONE who has an issue try turning paravirtualization interface to none instead of default.
  2. I have a ryzen 7 1700 cpu with a b350 board. I can't get any virtual machine working. I am a computer science student and a computer tinker as well. I have virtualization enabled in the bio and with virtual box an attempt of installing parrot os and now kali linux is unsuccessful. Alright so both operating systems boot and I have no issue reaching the main menu (where you choose live mode, installer, or etc) But if I try parrot os's the installer I will get rcu_sched kthread starved for jiffies, or something about spectre v2 mitigation, and after trying a few times of trying again I just get a black screen (same with installer). Now parrot os just gives me a black screen after option is selected. Kali os gives me this after awhile of hanging (selected the installer) picture below. Any help advice or anything would be greatly appreciated as I would love to run a ubuntu vm for maybe a website or something (not a fully thoughtout idea).
  3. Voltage problems

    @StarfleetCapI HIGHLY ADVISE against auto voltage. You will ALWAYS 99.9% of the time beable to get it lower (lower voltage generally longer longevity and always lower temps). You should be able to go to the cpu voltage and apply an offset figure that 1.32 volts is stable so try 1.31 if thats stable after xx amount of time of a stress tester lower it again.
  4. Voltage problems

    Can't you just.... do an offset to lower the voltage. (sorry not on intel platform not sure what voltages are good for that clock).
  5. New Ryzen Build, possible flaky parts?

    @TolsoMove your single slot of ram into a different slot most are a1,a2,b1, and b2 if its in 1 then go to 2 if in 2 go to 1
  6. @firelighter487this isn't a manjaro issue its a clamav issue. Trust me its seems like you need to use linux if you're this paranoid about viruses.
  7. New Ryzen Build, possible flaky parts?

    @Tolsoso i dont have the guts or really want to check but im pretty sure one of my ram slots are broken (won't boot with it in it). Try placing the 1 stick into a different slot. does it lock up or bsod?
  8. @firelighter487this is linux alright the biggest thing to remember is that especially with manjaro there are MEGA NERDS who use this (in a good way) they know more than me and you (people always know more) if there were ANY viruses in a fresh install than EVERYONE would know. While it is hard to accept that its a false positive trust me those aren't viruses especially since the type they would be WOULDNT even work on a linux machine.
  9. @razur you're asking too much of the computer. Remember obs and streamlabs obs need a decent amount of gpu to run as well so if you're pinned at 100% just by running the game it means you could easily just constantly drop frames. 8gb I would say is the least bottleneck part of this overwatch doesn't use that much ram neither does discord or stream labs (chrome could). You need a more powerful cpu and gpu and if you are upgrading those you need more ram.
  10. @firelighter487if its old and for windows im sure harmless is so true its almost untrue. Antivirus don't have a huge list of EVERY virus rather they have information about similarities and how they act. Clamav isn't super pro by any means and im willing to bet almost every antivirus on windows is far superior since they need to be. Trust me antivirus on Linux is like wearing knee pads when you go for a walk. Yes is some situations it wouldnt be a bad idea to have it but to think that its NEEDED is wrong.
  11. Laptop so slow and its still new.

    @Mickie Als Open up task manager and then open programs does it hit 100% or near to it. Laptop hdd are almost always 5400 rpm and slow ones at that (to save money).
  12. @firelighter487Not sure if they are only for windows don't know much about specific viruses. But he seems to know much better than me so I would say yes they are completely harmless. They aren't actually that virus its a file that the antivirus believe based on how that file interacts or is written. Trust me you don't really need a antivirus on linux unless you torrent, do security work, have files only on that machine, or do dumb stuff on the internet.
  13. @SauronI made sure that AMD's version of virtualization is on and double checked everywhere in the bios to make sure everything is on.