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  1. Linux desktop? That's taken from my xubuntu install and task manager says the same. What i've taken from this is that android likes to use more ram to keep things speedy but it should lean up when ram is needed. My phone seems to have difficulty doing that hopefully as updates come out ill see an improvement. Thanks everyone.
  2. At idle my s10e uses 3 gb of ram. High ram usage isn't bad in fact it tends to speed up loading the issue is its not freeing up when its needed. The android os uses (says so in dev opt.) 1.8gb of ram usage. When I have multiple apps open they won't stay open when I multitask (aka they close to free up ram). In contrast my linux install on my desktop uses 1.5gb..... with 2 firefox tabs open... 1 being a youtube video. Phones are coming out with 12gb of ram and im starting to see why like jesus android is becoming slow and such a resource hog. Does anyone know why my phone is having issues multitasking (4ish apps). Am I wrong is android leaner its just samsungs ram management and if so can I help mitigate the issue? Conversation and advice are both welcomed.
  3. Do you have two gpus installed? When I ahve two in my system the bios loads on the other gpu not the one plugged it. When you boot to bios it fails because its in the bios? Lets start there.
  4. The psu failing would mean it shuts off and the cpu would be the same MOST likely. Technology is confusing but I just really doubt it.
  5. hardware monitor says other wise as well as other software along with cinebench runs. Its just a quirk thats common I REALLY doubt we will see anything actually at 5.0ghz on ryzen. Ryzen launches close to its peak the 3800x is at 4.5ghz boost meaning max I can actually imagine would be 4.9ghz. At 4.9ghz I still kind of have to dream.
  6. You upgraded from a blue to a black correct? if so that would be two hard drives that are defective from the factory and I don't hear any noise thats abnormal. Don't get me wrong hard drives can be annoying but I don't think there is anything wrong.
  7. if you're gonna give linux a go i'd suggest actually using a desktop. Especially if you're going to develop on it.
  8. Besides monitors and speakers every variable seems to have been changed.
  9. I would choose this one has g sync and is 240hz. It is smaller but imo anything past 24inch is getting too large for a monitor. https://www.amazon.com/Acer-XF250Q-Cbmiiprx-FREESYNC-Technology/dp/B07G3GRFSZ/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=240hz+monitor&qid=1561702496&s=gateway&sr=8-4
  10. Just sounds like a hardrive to me. Remember that disk is moving 7200 rpm thats pretty fast to still try and be silent.
  11. Theres a lot of other sellers selling new ones for 1.3k each making that kinda a scam. Granted these are from not official sellers but on Amazon nonetheless.
  12. There isn't one i'd really say is better. The software for development kinda runs on any you'd actually use. If you're new to linux i'd suggest Ubuntu its in my opinion much easier out of the box. It has the best support in general. Just know if you use wifi it probably won't work until you fiddle with a driver or download one using Ubuntus software updater (additional drivers). Know its not like windows in a lot of aspects expect to need to do some tinkering.
  13. 980ti came out 4 years ago it kinda is at the age it could break kinda shouldn't be. Huge thing I suggest is re flashing the bios on the card. Jays gpu seems like it was broke and it just need to be reflashed. I am not saying this would fix it I would also suggest you make 100% SURE you have the right bios. Prior to this use DDU to completely remove all drivers and install a older version probably a 3.90ish JUST to test. If your issue still persists with different drivers then flash if you are up to it.