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  1. r7 1700 for 144hz

    Thanks for all the feedback.
  2. r7 1700 for 144hz

    Overall I was worried as I know that pubg techinically uses 6 cores but I heard its really reliant on one of the 6. Thanks for all the feedback and I believe ill go ahead and get the 144 hz monitor (currently my gpu isn't fast enough but this is planned for the future)
  3. So I have a r7 1700 at 3.6ghz in short can this cpu with its lower ipc get to 144hz in games like pubg and overwatch? I fear getting a high refresh rate monitor if I will never hit that max framerate it can handle. I can oc to maybe 3.8ghz but that's the max my cpu can really do. My ram is 3200mhz flare x at 14 14 14 34 which i've heard helps.
  4. Washed out colors, need some advice

    What are you plugged into? If its a hdmi to display port or something that can cause an issue. TBH Glenwing has the main answer I would have said.
  5. I had this weird issue to when I first built my pc. It also caused some random lag in windows I concluded that it was ram.... it wasn't not I do have a nice 3200 mhz flare x kit 16 gb for my r7 but ultimately it was the sata port my ssd was plugged into. I would suggest changing what port the ssd is plugged into and testing it.
  6. Bad bad screen tearing

    I had this weird issue to in some of my games it was just terrible. Riva tuner actually made it worse it was slightly above the middle of the screen... even in youtube videos.... I went to my nividia settings and set v sync in global to fast and since then the problem has gone away. NOTE I have reset my computer and theres a change it only helped in game and not overall.
  7. First time ram oc

    @Ebony FalconPersonally I would look up a guide for your kit. That's what I did. I found a reviewer who tightened it to 14 13 13 33 from 14 14 14 34 Which did improve latency a decent amount but as I said the clock wasn't really worth it. I have it in dual channelso if you're isn't then it might help. I see you reacted to my post about the same topic. Ram isn't one of those things that really speed up a system it can slow it down or not bottle neck something that's about it.
  8. Coil Whine from GPU

    @DeagleMaster69Alright you have a gold psu so its a little less worrying. What exact gpu do you have? Might need to google search for any others who have coil whine
  9. Coil Whine from GPU

    @DeagleMaster69What is your pc's specs? Have you changed any hardware recently? what psu do you have?
  10. Coil Whine from GPU

    wow wow wow if this is just starting to happen then something could easily be wrong. Gpus to whine can be common overall but i don't think they just start to
  11. First time ram oc

    @Ebony FalconSo I have a r7 1700 and 3200 flare x ram.... I made a post yesterday and it was pretty much decided that 3200 is the sweet spot and any real performance benefit isn't really there. it's one of those things that if its a bottle neck its bad but once its not there isn't much improvement. Kinda of like a faster cpu for gaming were the gpu is already at 100$ your 0.1% lows and 1% lows will be higher but not really an average.
  12. Coil Whine from GPU

    Thats coil whine. Annoying but not really a bad thing. I have heard that caping the framerate to 60 fps can help in games. It's generally only when the card works really hard (if thats forma gpu)
  13. Nvidia adaptive sync: any screen tear?

    Personally the best v sync option imo is fast. It is like v sync but allows the gpu to go past your monitors refresh rate. Granted you are only seeing 60 fps yet you are seeing newer frames compared to older ones. Along with the benefit of a higher framerate. Its pretty awesome because I notice screen tearing really easily but like the smoothness of a high fps.
  14. GTX 1070 Low GPU usage in Overwatch

    @ElfmanHow long has this been happening?
  15. This isn't a powerplan issue at all as even at power save it will act entirely the same.