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  1. https://www.windowscentral.com/how-clean-and-format-storage-drive-using-diskpart-windows-10
  2. Lol I live in Australia so I naturally pay 80 bucks a month for 40 down and 15 up that is delivered on the absolute mess we call the national broadband network it’s basically chuck some finer here and some copper there and don’t forget the link that suburb up with wireless. They literally blamed the gamers for using all the bandwidth on the network. We know gaming doesn’t use much data but the head of telecommunications doesn’t.
  3. Depending on the size of the building for wifi I would use ubiquity mesh networking and a firewall router for security. In terms of wired devices I would recommend having a router connected to 2 48 port 10 gig network switches. Ubiquity allows creation of guest networks or you could use a Cisco system and use the active directory to control users. The printer should be wired into the network switches and then authenticated through the server so that guests cannot print from it. That’s how I would go about. On a smaller scale I use 3 access points connected to a router that has its dhcp and dns handled by my server and a seperate VLAN for guest networking that can’t communicate with my server.
  4. That pentium processor is most likely the cause of the problem. For a system like that i would recommend and i3-8300.
  5. Absolutely fine for all mentioned scenarios and more. No botttleneck at all.
  6. Yeah that's good sign of a bottle neck. The 960 is a reasonably powerful card so it would most likely be a CPU bottle neck.
  7. Your internet would be fine for 1080p @ 60fps with a 15k bitrate and maybe even 4k @ 30fps if you wanted to push it a little and reduce the bitrate to 8k. I would use nvenc personally for encoding as it puts the load on the GPU and not the CPU. But if your trying to stream a highly demanding game and you have a powerful cpu then sure use cpu encoding.
  8. Go to http://canyouseeme.org on the same network as the server and try for your website port. If your using windows server outgoing requests on port 80 are blocked by default so you will have to add a rule in firewall for that. Also make sure that the A record for your domain name is pointed at your public IP and not somewhere else. Let me know if this helps.
  9. Damn now I feel bad for calling my ISP here in Australia and complaining about my 35/15 connection.
  10. I would try not to use a dual-core CPU if you want any sort of longevity out of it.
  11. I think i understand you question. There will be a slight decrease in speed but the HDD will be the only major limiting factor in terms of speed. About how much space to have free, aim for around 20GB
  12. Reinstall the lenovo companion or get rid of it all together. Personally i hate lenovo software. Also just a thought, check if you are using the windows bootloader and not the linux one.
  13. You can try reflashing the bios but i don't think it will help your case too much
  14. Personally i use the Note8 and the camera is really good. If your looking for a VR headset then don't get daydream get a Gear VR or something else. I have used the Gear VR and its not a bad experience. If you get the note8 you will have the wait for the new gear VR but the current one works with S8 handsets
  15. If you have windows 10 use the built in refresh option to reset windows without losing your files. If that doesn't work then maybe clear your CMOS.