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  1. Does that mean I would still get PCIE 2.0 x4 speeds even if both m.2 slots are populated because the 860 evo would use SATA interface? If thats the case then it would still be worth it?
  2. There's an m.2 version of samsung 850 evo but it's the same speed as the sata version. And Im using it as boot drive
  3. I was planning on buying the Adata SX8200 but i found out that my Sager Laptop only supports pcie gen 2 x2 and x4. I already populated the 1st slot with a Samsung 850 evo m.2 probably running at x4. So if i connect another one itll both run on pcie 2.0 x2 speeds Would it still be worth it if i bought the Adata 480gb m.2 or should i just go with WD Blue m.2? Also how hot does these two m.2 drives get?
  4. From Taiwan? I read that pc stuff are actually more expensive in that place
  5. Forgot to tell I'm from Philippines. Do they not allow m.2 SSDs or Thermal Paste for hand carry?
  6. My sister is on a Vacay there for a few days, I think I could get her to buy stuff I could only point her to the right place. I plan to buy an Adata XPG sx8200 and Gelid GC extreme. You guys have any suggested stores?
  7. I'm choosing between a Freesync 144hz VA Panel 27" 1080p($250) or 1440p($300) I have experience on 1440p gaming but only 60hz IPS Panel. Im pretty okay with it. Then I sold it and game on a 32 inch 1080p TV temporarily and I was pretty okay with it. My plan was to buy a 27" 1080p 144hz monitor and supersample my desktop to 1440p for real estate and then game on 1080p natively since i wont be going for anything above gtx 1070 or vega 56. Could you give me reasons on why I should consider the 1440p route?
  8. i thought of that as well but the 1st gen doesnt have integrated graphics
  9. Sorry it's a unit ive built for my brothers out of town. So my access to that pc is very limited. But I installed Win 8.1 and 10 64 bit myself. I havent tried the linux live boot. The Bios can read up to 12gb with 3 sticks but OS just does 3.99GB usable. Ive tried Memtest86 as well, it detects 8GB
  10. Ive tried looking for that, i dont think the early mobos had that feature