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    Ryzen 9 3900x
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    ASUS ROG Strix B450-F Gaming
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    36 GB 3200
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    500GB SSD 1TB HDD
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    650 Cooler Master
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    Artic Liquid Freezer ii 240mm

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  1. When ever I try to open up file explorer it just crashes while it was "working on it". The only fix I found is temporary and its to restart the computer. I've tried changing what File Explorer opens to, clearing file explorer history, deleting the cache, and rebuilding the search index. Do you guys know of what else might be able to fix it? I did also make sure it was on the latest build for windows and all the drivers are up to date.
  2. Crazy how you say it's bad but VRM temps never go above 55C during aida64, maybe it is that feature Artic designed to specifically cool vrm. But again this isn't to do with VRM temps, it's to do with the temps of the actual cpu.
  3. You're supposed to be able to get decent OCs from this board. Vrm cooling is adequate and the Freezer 2 has a fan built into the block to cool the vrm as well. But I'm not trying to do any overclocking at the moment anyways. It is the Rev 1 of the board, but I don't think that would affect the actual temps of the cpu. HWinfo gives the same temps as HWMonitor.
  4. I finally replaced my 1600x with a 3900x. The 3900x will idle around 55C usually and max out at just about 80C on stress tests. I haven't done any manual overclocking but its running at 4.26GHz. I have an Artic Liquid Freezer 2 240mm. I know these temps aren't that worry some and I know that it would run hotter than the 1600x (that was around 35C), But i thought they would be a bit cooler, and this doesn't leave me any room really to put in a manual overclock. I've tried reseating it and even getting the fancy Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut, but it hasn't changed temps at all. To read te
  5. Desktop Windows Manger uses 30% of my 2070S and kills fps in any games I play. I have my drivers and windows to the most recent update. I've disabled hardware acceleration in windows but that makes my computer stutter and lag like crazy.
  6. These are cable extensions to plug into the existing cables on your power supply. This will work with the RM1000X, just do not plug them directly into the power supply.
  7. idk I've just seen some threads online, i don't have the game
  8. I want to note the new watchdogs game is apparently running terrible on a ton of systems at the moment.
  9. I'm using a 2070 Super and a 1600x at the moment. I mostly game (at 1080p) but do stream and video edit from time to time. I'm not sure if those extra cores would be really beneficial too me.
  10. 144hz at 1080p. I have a 1600x and 2070S currently.
  11. I'm using a 2070 Super and a 1600x at the moment. I mostly game (at 1080p) but do stream and video edit from time to time. I'm not sure if those extra cores would be really beneficial too me.
  12. I know this is complete speculations because the 5600x isn't out yet. However my friend offered me his 3900x for the same price as the the 5600x is going to be ($300). I have a b450 board so I would have to wait till January for the 5600x anyways. On paper it looks like the 3900x is still better, same base clock but more cores/threads, but i have no idea.
  13. Is it an amd or intel cpu? did you make sure to release the bracket
  14. Yeah I was using 8x2 at 3200mhz before but I guess I was trying to push it too hard to do 8x4 3200. I'll definitely look into a 3600 or 3600xt for prime day coming up or black friday
  15. I have 32Gb of 3200mhz ram right now with my 1600x, but I can't get to the full 3200mhz speed with my current cpu. I've been told this is because of limits from the first gen ryzen cpu so was wondering what I should up it to to get that full 3200mhz? I know the new gen is being announced super soon so I wouldn't get anything till after that. I prefer to stay ryzen because I don't want to have to get a new motherboard too. Mobo is a ASUS ROG Strix B450-F Gaming cpu is a Ryzen 5 1600x ram is 32 (8x4) of 3200mhz corsair vengeance RGB