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    Intel Core i7 7700k
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    Asrock z270 killer SLI/AC
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    MSI Gaming x gtx 1070
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    G.Skill - RIPJAWS KM780R RGB
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  1. I can't use an external recorder I need the audio to go to the ipad so notability can do its magic inserting the audio in the notes I need a wireless mic solution for the ipad
  2. I am a special ed student and I just got an ipad pro with the notability app to use for school I've been playing with it watching movies and trying to take notes at the same time to see how well the audio recording works but the sounds of the apple pencil against the ipad glass is so loud in the recording Is there any solution to let me put a microphone on the teachers podium at the front of the classroom for the recording so I can get clean audio of the teacher? I was trying to look for some kind of bluetooth conference call adapter but I couldn't find anything
  3. I am using them for a ZFS raid 10 for storage on my homelab server
  4. so a couple years ago I got a few HGST Deskstar NAS 8tb drives I have learned that hgst went defunct in 2018 on the hgst Wikipedia page it says WD is still selling all the HGST drives but re-branded as WD so what was the drive I bought re-branded as? is WD red a good substitute?
  5. I am going to TELUS World of Science on Friday https://goo.gl/maps/5Vy8Wp9ZPHiBk3Jv6 anyone want to go with me?
  6. it exists in the community applications docker store thing
  7. anyone know if there is a boinc docker image for unraid?
  8. https://www.floatplane.com/video/0ep8gmP7NJ
  9. yes but my question is I know they will be showing it live on floatplane but will the VOD be available on floatplane
  10. on wan show this week linus said that the uncut lmg roast will only be available live on floatplane currently wan show is available live on floatplane but the VOD is only on youtube and not floatplane will the uncut VOD for the roast be available on floatplane or will it be gone forever after its streamed and only the edited VOD available on youtube?
  11. I am confused about what the difference is between this https://noctua.at/en/products/cpu-cooler-retail/nh-l9i plus this https://noctua.at/en/products/cpu-cooler-retail/nm-am4-l9al9i-mounting-kit vs this https://noctua.at/en/products/cpu-cooler-retail/nh-l9a-am4 whats the difference between the l9a and l9i a = amd i = intel is my best guess, maybe I'm overthinking this
  12. will having both the chrome app and the windows app use two of my 5 connections or will it notice they are both the same computer and only one one of my 5
  13. so I just got PIA with the LTT offer https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/pages/download on this page I downloaded the windows app do I also need the chrome extension ? what is the chrome extention for? is it for when you sign into chrome on a computer that you cant install apps on you can still be protected? if I have the windows app on my computer should I disable the chrome app on that computer?
  14. does anyone have experience with the quality of this hakko clone? https://www.ebay.com/itm/FX-951-110V-75W-Power-Iron-Frequency-Change-Desolder-Welding-Soldering-Station/153242665764 its a third of the price so I'm curious where they are saving the money to make it possible to produce for that cheep what are they skimping on
  15. oh wait I have to PM and request the badges, doing that now