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    cTurtle98 got a reaction from -rascal- in Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac & R7 3800x compatibility   
    so I switched which hdmi port on my gpu I was plugged into and now its booting

    I was using the middle one before
    it used to just output to whatever one was plugged in bot now it only wants to output to the bottom one
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    cTurtle98 got a reaction from -rascal- in Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac & R7 3800x compatibility   
    so I got the system to boot by plugging into a different gpu output for whatever reason
    I an running a `pacman -Su` and its only at 50c
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    cTurtle98 got a reaction from DarkDragon2 in uncut LMG roast vod   
    on wan show this week
    linus said that the uncut lmg roast will only be available live on floatplane
    currently wan show is available live on floatplane but the VOD is only on youtube and not floatplane
    will the uncut VOD for the roast be available on floatplane or will it be gone forever after its streamed and only the edited VOD available on youtube?
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    cTurtle98 reacted to PineyCreek in silverstone or seasonic?   
    Seasonic would be my recommendation.
    As a side note I found this random list with PSU manufacturers and the actual companies that manufacture PSUs for them.  No idea how accurate it is.
    Or get a Corsair RM or RMi when they're on sale.
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    cTurtle98 reacted to ShadySocks in silverstone or seasonic?   
    The seasonic is tier 1, silverstone is tier 2. Both should be good. I recommend saving the $50
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    cTurtle98 got a reaction from dizmo in The cleanup of LTX 2018   
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    cTurtle98 got a reaction from 3 Lions in The cleanup of LTX 2018   
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    cTurtle98 reacted to BubblyCharizard in Other YT creators coming to LTX?   
    nope....they confirmed it on Awesome hardware last night
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    cTurtle98 reacted to Sneaky in Follow Linus Media Group   
    How come there's no official Steam group?
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    cTurtle98 reacted to CPotter in Questions About LTX 2018? AMA.   
    Looping in @AlexTheGreatish, but I think we're still figuring that stuff out.
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    cTurtle98 reacted to AlexTheGreatish in Questions About LTX 2018? AMA.   
    I figured we would use TG Kyronaught, since it is longer lasting and doesn't have the potential for disaster like liquid metal.  We will have some Conductonaught and conformal coating on hand though if you are feeling adventurous.
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    cTurtle98 got a reaction from Beaney9898 in Adding an 4G/LTE Wireless to Desktop PC for Rural Gamers   
    I dont think this is in the correct forum
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    cTurtle98 reacted to LinusTech in Whos going to be a VIP at LTX?   
    It was actually surprisingly not weird last year s
    Everyone who bought VIP was like just a normal, well adjusted dude. I was a little worried people would be like some of the really bizarre encounters I end up in on the street sometimes, but it was fun. 
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    cTurtle98 reacted to Gofspar in What should I review next?   
    More Microphones, I feel like they are overlooked in someones setup but when you are a broadcaster or just even use TeamSpeak or Mumble a nice mic really draws people in.
    Also Windows on a iMac for some 5k gaming sounds really neat. Also very curious about the real world gaming performance of the  R9 295XM.
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    cTurtle98 got a reaction from ArduinoBen in Follow Linus Media Group   
    this needs to be updated...
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    cTurtle98 reacted to Fiat-Libertas in September 8, 2017 - The WAN Show Document   
    People just want videos that seem worth the effort of the 20 (or however many you have) people on your staff now.
    I'm surprised you chose to single out the Hyperloop video, when I personally think the painting over the RGB video was the worst this week (I really enjoyed the hyperloop one). I know it has the most views so far this week for some reason, so you'll probably have no incentive to change, but it was literally just a video of someone painting a PC which destroyed it. I try not to think of the number of hours someone spent hand painting it...
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    cTurtle98 reacted to JonJ in September 8, 2017 - The WAN Show Document   
    Thank you! You're comment on NASA innovation and connecting it to real world practicality was fantastic. Combined with the earlier Elon commentary I was chatting with my monitor saying "Exactly! You get it! Yes!!!!". Maybe a video on real world applications of engineering competitions of the past, NASA might be really exciting.
    Thanks guys!
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    cTurtle98 reacted to dfsdfgfkjsefoiqzemnd in September 8, 2017 - The WAN Show Document   
    If @Slick is out of the country, can we have the WAN show with @LinusTech and mother Lafreniere next week?  I have a feeling that would be hilarious. 
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    cTurtle98 reacted to BoredErica in September 8, 2017 - The WAN Show Document   
    My thoughts on Linus and Luke's criticisms or their criticisms:
    -The entire hyperloop project is still tied to Elon Musk. This is a guy who promises a lot, delivers on some. Yes, Elon got somewhere with Tesla on taxpayer's dime and getting this far is very impressive... but the fact that we had to pay for it for this company to remain unprofitable is still something. Yes, Elon did land rockets back down, but his failure rates were/are still pretty high (something like the Facebook rocket blowing up had nothing to do with the landing). It's not like satellites were not being sent into space before he came along and that's why we never heard about rockets exploding. It's because other companies got it right.
    Elon is a guy who either exaggerates or has strong opinions depending on who you ask, and probably a mix of both. His cult of personality is something like Steve Jobs because it has some sort of reality distortion field around him and his products. I have a coworker who thinks Tesla is going to take over the world, so he recommended me to buy Tesla stock more than once. Maybe they will, but I don't think he's aware of the financials and other less pretty aspects of the company. Or how Tesla will stand to make a profit from these low budget cars, or how there will be enough lithium for his electric car revolution. Things like Tesla's self driving car DLC or probably crazy dashboard on the Model 3 should give people pause.
    My convoluted point being, Elon has a cult of personality. News headlines LOVE to talk about sensationalist stuff and skip the caveats. There are subreddits like r/Futurology where people keep shouting about how the latest breakthrough will fix everything. It probably won't. Luke, you say you have a science background. Then you should know that science is a graveyard of dead ideas. We always have to be realistic about the challenges of doing things nobody else could ever manage to do and the probability of success. When the media constantly hype things and nothing ever comes of it, people will lose trust in the media... or worse, in science. This is what I think some of the people yelling about 'HYPERLOOP IS FAKE NEWS' actually meant.

    I don't actually think the world needs more people who want to prove other people wrong by doing things other people said can't be done. I think the world needs to be more realistic about the difficulty of good science, so they should be reminded of that.
    -Linus: You keep talking about how there's nothing to review. You talked about how you would be bored to death covering many items people want you to review. Obviously you speak the truth there, that's your opinion about your own interests and temperament. But saying there's nothing to review I think is just wrong. The fact of the matter is people still ask questions all the time in forums like LTT over and over again because there isn't enough good information out there. Even if there is, there isn't anybody to sort through the crap. My opinion is that as a reviewer and a tech Youtuber it's literally YOUR JOB to FIND things to talk about by finding things people fail to think about when purchasing items.
    Let's talk about motherboard reviews since that was the example in this week's show. You can check DPC latency, post times, and various ways to improve post times (disabling uefi stuff that's not needed and secure boot). You can measure the audio performance of the onboard audio. You could note that a codec is just a codec. An audio chip is just a chip. The way it's implemented means a lot too. I've seen people do RMAA testing but nobody has done something arguably more important, which is testing of the output impedance. Or even just how much voltage/power the dang thing can output. If you can be the one tech Youtuber that cuts through the mystical audio bullcrap and actually do the tests where it counts? Then you'll gain several levels of respect in my eyes. Or, the intriguing new trend of having less dimm slots to improve maximum ram overclocking. Gimmick or not? How much benefit does it really give us? This is not my job. I don't spend that much time thinking about this but I could already come up with all these things.
    You post half baked reviews like the embarrassing delidding video where you found no difference or the original 'ram speed doesn't matter' video. Meanwhile der8auer's out there trying to delid Threadripper because he can, and delidding soldered 1800x because he can and doing testing on that. Let's be honest Linus, the way you are perceived by a lot of people is you do ridiculous things for fun/attention/money but you're light on actual serious tech content. Which is fine if that's the audience you want to attract and the content you want to do, but I understand why people are upset. And the dumb thumbnails or titles are just concrete things people can point to instead of abstract things like having a different focus, which is why people lash out.
    You are going around plastidipping PCs when there's actual real stuff that still needs to be tested. There's an opportunity cost here that just hits me in the nuts every time I see a video like that. You have a giant team but I don't think the information has gotten better. The fact that your automatic approach for improving the WAN show is to buy better gear just highlights the problem. I don't sub for good gear, all flash and no substance. I sub to be educated, and that involves reviewing topics before covering them on the WAN show. Yeah, I know WAN show was never a super serious thing for you guys, but it's the show that got me to pay attention to the channel and to ultimately sub. And sadly now I have unsubbed. (I still come back weekly for the WAN shows and only the WAN shows.)
    Not to say that all criticisms of you are valid of course. But I think some of it is pretty damned valid, despite the fact that listening to you and Luke talk it's as if your detractors are all morons. If doing dumb things like '10 Gamers 1 PC' or plastidipping pcs is what you want to do, so be it. It's your time, your money, your channel. But then our criticisms stand.
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    cTurtle98 reacted to Daniel644 in September 8, 2017 - The WAN Show Document   
    wouldn't mind a PROPER revisit of these videos where you actually test the delidded 6700k OVERCLOCKED with liquid metal from a GOOD BRAND and not just replace toothpaste with slightly better toothpaste then show a real world testing of that with an AIO, not a crappy stock heatsink, if you aren't pushing the thermal limits like you wheren't when running at stock you aren't going to see the true delta, I say this simply because the the HUGE temperature delta's we see from so many online when you didn't get like any notable change, we need to push the limits to verify which methods are correct, yours or all those other people, you already have the 6700k, all you need is a 20 dollar tube of liquid metal to go between the IHS and Die.
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    cTurtle98 reacted to BoredErica in September 8, 2017 - The WAN Show Document   
    A revisit is good. Now with a delidding tool delidding is pretty safe. The razor method now seems so archaic. Linus did revisit the 'does ram speed matter in gaming?' question with a more recent video some months ago that was closer to the mark. It still did not go anywhere near the depth I wanted, but still quite a bit better than the original.

    Of course, we know how a revisit of the delidding video would turn out. But even then I think there are some nuances there that can be teased out: Which delidding tool is best? A history of delidding and various methods and how they worked or failed to work. Why do we use liquid metal under IHS and usually not over IHS? What is 'liquid metal' and why are its constituents the way they are? Was it ever really the "gap under the IHS" causing the thermal problems or just the paste, or a combination of both? Should we ever care about the thermal conductivity rating listed on the box? What really is the benefit of having lower temperatures anyways? (Does it allow CPU to accept more voltage? Do more with less current?)

    Side note:
    Having spent a brief time under intense public scrutiny for an event I won't detail, I've been on the other side of the discussion where I was the one being criticized... sometimes fairly, often unfairly and by people who don't know me. So @LinusTech, I do to some extent understand that it's tiring to have to deal with criticism all the time. Hell, even totally valid criticism is just a pain in the ass. But, I'll let my word choice stand... they do reflect what I truly think.
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    cTurtle98 reacted to dmaes in offsite backup nas at grandparents house   
    I'm not sure, but if you host a vpn at your house and you connect your NAS to that vpn, you should be able to access your NAS. I will try it in a few hours and let you know if it works.
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    cTurtle98 reacted to Pastouris in September 8, 2017 - The WAN Show Document   
    Is it possible to upload the WAN Show's audio on Spotify, now that podcasts are available there?
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    cTurtle98 reacted to The Sloth in Laptop for Grandpa's Taxes   
    yup, throw in 8 or 16 gb ram and an ssd. 
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    cTurtle98 got a reaction from leadeater in apache2 virtual host reverse proxy   
    ohhhhh thats what the orange box thing is. thank you