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  1. Depending on the outcome. an extra $800 is certainly a LOT, but I may consider custom loop as a future upgrade. Especially if I can re-purpose the same loop for future builds ( albeit I'll have to change the blocks, but do the expensive parts function years into the future ? ) Custom Cables are a must if I may say, Thanks for your input, I'll be sure to consider parts of both of them
  2. Thanks I kind of regret setting the $1000 mark, as I really have no issues with going over it really. I certainly love the white color ! I'll consider your parts, thanks a lot!
  3. I'm shipping overseas. Though most likely I'll be getting the parts in 2 shipments. May use older parts to get the build initially running. Will see how the wraith holds up before changing it for something better, Thanks
  4. Hmmm certainly ! I can see the circling lightings coming off of it, I'll consider that. Thanks a lot!
  5. Well, IT's certainly better than looking at a completely closed small form factor case with NO aesthetics whatsoever. Will consider the other parts you mentioned, thanks a lot!
  6. Why do you regret it ? and Photos please ? Thanks a lot!
  7. Hello I want a build that goes wild visually. I have a full time job so money is of no issue, to an extent of course. I'm not sure if I'm willing to spend money on a custom cooling loop though. I understand the aesthetic pump it will add to the system, but I reckon it's not worth the cost. Still, I will consider adding it up on the future. My requirements are: - Ryzen R7 1700 - Proper cooling that's quiet and allows for overclocking - GPU is not included, as I don't see the need to upgrade mine, at least for now. Budget, let's say ... Up to $1000 ( Case and build with no GPU) can go up if it's worth the visual pump That's all. I need parts that look RAD! I need something that looks breath takingly beautiful! Color schemes are open any thoughts ?
  8. Well, i know you're tempting to give me the projector of last week, which would go well with a new AMD card. Would probably give it to an old friend who can't afford to buy stuff on his birthday though, sharing is fun.
  9. Give me free stuff, please. I know you won't. It's okay. I'll get over it. I think this is a cool projector,though it looks weirdly deep. A design with a console like dimensions would have been better looking, like Sony's project in E3 2013 or 2014 was it? That shit was 4k too, but at a hefty price. --'