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  1. I am so close to buying the Aria, because i need a new headset, but its always the shipping that puts me off. You may say: "Well, its 220 bucks, do the 19 extra for shipping to europe really make a difference?" Not really, but im always too cheap when it comes to shipping. But i also bought a deck keyboard, soo... And i think feenix has one the best logos out here, something about it makes me really wanna have it. (But my wallet seems to disagree...) PS: Oh, and i have a Sharkoon Headset (yeah, i know), my trusty corsair M65 and a Rode NT Usb mic. So the only shitty platic thingy is my headset....and when i look at the pinewood of the aria....hmmmm
  2. Pre-built rig with a Gtx 760.... was far too expensive and i should have build it myself, but as i was moving and stuff i just couldnt bring myself to it. Well, its better than a potato.
  3. Well, but the real question is: Is it curved? Samsung told me that is the only and ultimate way to have your screen. And they wouldnt lie to me, would they?