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Everything posted by Sernyhough

  1. Sernyhough

    Alerts about performance

    Change your colour scheme to basic. I used to get that a few months back when my PC was performing as it should in tasks (Games, Benchmarks etc. There is a proper way to stop it appearing but i cannot remember how.
  2. Sernyhough

    PC reboots on games

    Buy something 80+
  3. Sernyhough

    If only the Amazon echo really did this.....

    This is the best video i have ever seen.
  4. Sernyhough

    project cars keyboard steer?

    If you don't want a wheel, i'd get a gamepad. Keyboard steering sucks in all racing games.
  5. Never heard of them. Good ones are: Cooler Master Corsair Silverstone Be Quiet! And EVGA.
  6. Sernyhough

    Purpose of an HTPC

    I use mine to stream movies and tv shows using XBMC from my custom nas.
  7. Sernyhough

    GTX 980 8GB worth waiting for?

    > 1440p yes.
  8. Sernyhough

    It's seriously come to this. . .

    I have played FC3 on my PB278Q (1440p, 60hz) and on my friends VG278HE (1080p, 144hz) and i can honestly say playing it on mine after his, was the worst gaming experience i have ever had.
  9. Sernyhough

    will it bottle neck?

    Still, probably.
  10. Sernyhough

    will it bottle neck?

  11. Sernyhough

    Lenovo Yoga 2?

    Macbook Air? Seems perfect for your use case. If not, just get this.
  12. Sernyhough

    is this $70 cooler for $25 good?

    HYPER 212 OVER THIS ANYDAY! The only round Zalman cooler i ever used shredded my hands to pieces.
  13. Sernyhough


    Is this a serious post?
  14. Ah, The Z77 days i was rocking a 4170. :D Never got the pleasure to use any of Asrocks older boards.
  15. I'd be more concerned about a 4-pin on a Z77 Board. Personally, i'd get this. Solid VRMS and 8-Pin power. Dispite ASrocks bad rep i have been delighted with my Z87 ASrock board and it has not had any problems dispite it being on 24/7 for over a year. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Z77-Extreme4-Motherboard-Supports-CrossFireX/dp/B007KTY4A6/ref=sr_1_2?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1413757630&sr=1-2&keywords=z77+motherboard @Shalashaska
  16. Sernyhough

    Acrylic Tubing

    i don't see how to could with those barbs
  17. Sernyhough

    CPU for thin devices

    yup... https://www.pro-star.com/index.cfm?mainpage=productdetail&model=P570WM
  18. Apart from the CPU (obviously) i did not have to change any thermal pads/paste
  19. Sernyhough

    Recommend me a LGA1150 motherboard

    Has he never heard of a USB Hub?
  20. I painted my Z87 GD-65 Gaming with plasti-dip and it survived benching a 4.9Ghz 4770k for 72 Hours. So i'd say its fine.
  21. Sernyhough

    Intel vs AMD

    Intel destroys in single core performance in comparison.
  22. Bought: http://www.scan.co.uk/products/alphacool-hardtube-13-10mm-plexi-clear-40cm http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=WC-186-PM They will not work with eachother the fittings are way too tight on the tubing and they will not move, dispite both advertising a size of 13 Outer 10 Inner. Where have i gone wrong? and can someone please link me to some tubing or a size of tubing that will 100% work Thanks
  23. Sernyhough

    Choosing cpu for $120

    the highest end intel you can get for $120 or like a AMD FM2 CPU
  24. Sernyhough

    Wireless headphones Yay or Nay?

    For what you're doing, just skype and videos. I'd say yes.