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  1. So my little sister keeps occupying my computer to play Sims 4 so I decided to have steam running before hand and streaming a game to my windows 8.1 tablet and using my controller to play it on the tablet, but if I alt-tab on the host computer, the remote computer also alt tabs, so is there anyway I can stream the game and do something else on the host computer? Thanks.
  2. Found it, That chick right there by Kardinal
  3. Yesterday, and it was like one of those stations that play like the top 40s and some time older hits from 2-3 years ago
  4. Nope, the hold up only happens once every 20 seconds or so in the chorus
  5. Sadly none of these are it, i heard it on the radio if that helps narrow it down.
  6. Nope, the hold up was not being said more than once at a time, it was much more autotuned too.
  7. So I have been trying to find this song for a whike now but it sounds generic so it was hard to find, its kinda like hip hop techni beat but the most noticeable the part is a guy shouting hold up in autotune, kinda like t pain, anybody know what it is? edit: Found it, That chick right there by Kardinal
  8. Alright, so I just reinstalled windows and just formatted and repartitioned my SSD, all my D drive stuff is intact. Thanks
  9. So I am reinstalling windows and I have two drives, one SSD © and one HDD(D), if I just delete the partitions on the SSD and reinstall windows on the ssd, will the d drive get formatted too? Or is there a way where I can keep all my data on the D drive? Thanks.
  10. Didn't do anything and it's happening on all browsers, are you sure its malware?
  11. So my google search is being all weird, its the same on chrome and firefox, for example its displaying images next to search results and I cannot use the built in widgets in chrome anymore like the calculator or currency conversion, heres how my search looks like right now
  12. Tesla is good and innovative but nowhere on the sales and experience level of BMW, Audi and Mercedes
  13. The luxury car market will still have better cars from companies with decades of experience like Daimler, BMW and Audi