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    Crazy Tech Dude. Photographer.
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    tech, porn, youtube, photography, videography, shiny gadgets
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    UPS Supervisor


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    Intel Core i5 4570S (Quad-core, 2.9ghz, 65W)
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    Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD3H
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    8GB Kingston HyperX 1600 10th Anniversary Edition
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    Gigabyte GTX 770 WindForce
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    NZXT Source 210
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    256GB Crucial M4 SSD, 120 GB Kingston v300 SSD
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    635W Raidmax RX-635AP
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    Acer K272HUL
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    NoFan CR-95C
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    E-Element RGB
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    Logitech G600
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    Sound Blaster Z SBX, Superlux HD681 Evo
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    Windows 10

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  1. Was hoping for a more discrete option where they can’t just take the footage and delete it.
  2. does anybody know of any camera product that has a simple start/stop record system to record interactions between drivers and police for liability reasons?
  3. Not sure which forum to post this in.... I got an email today warning of an attempted login from Indonesia. I quickly changed my password. Later I got another email warning of another login attempt. I have 2 factor authentication so I'm safe for now. But if I'm getting the email, does that mean somebody has gotten to my data/password but just doesn't have the verification code or are they are just brute forcing password?
  4. I currently used the Sony A6300 with the smallrig cage. At some point I might add the Godox transmitter on top.
  5. i have one but it's screen is broken.... is there such thing as a cheap portable HDMI recorder? Black Magic has something bur for like $500.... is there anything that's less?
  6. my plan is to mount it on top of my camera for a first person field of view when i'm doing photography but I don't want something too wide. My budget is relatively low ($200-300) but my priorities are : 1. good field of view that is not too wide. 2. video quality i don't care about ruggedness
  7. Is there an action cam or some other product out there that does NOT have a wide angle lens? I was hoping for something with a field of view similar to a 35mm lens. Every action cam I find has a wide angle..., I don’t want that...
  8. i feel like the only purpose for this thread's existence is for confirmation bias
  9. does anybody have a recommendation for a mouse? I just want something that feels good (similar ergonomics to Performance MX) and reliable
  10. Apparently this is a common problem. When I push down the mouse button it sometime registers the click, many times it would register a double click.. on releasing the button the same thing happens. So I would get double, triple or sometime quadruple clicks when I hit the mouse button. There are videos around saying you have to fix the switch by opening it up and bending a piece of metal inside. Some other people say you can remove the batteries and tap all the buttons until some static discharge is gone and it should work just fine. The latter solution didn't really work for me.
  11. animojis!!!! i can't wait to send people a poop emoji talking dirty...
  12. i use Lexar SD Cards for most of my cameras..., this is a big disappointment.
  13. why is everybody talking about gaming... this is a solution for those who need GPU computing
  14. as i get older, i don't care about showing off my gear anymore. I just want something stealthy and gets the job done.