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    Scotland, Glasgow
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    Being lazy...
  1. Vague

    Brown switch keyboard

    They have it in stock in a store near me. I think i will try it out and if i don't like it i can just return it. Thanks.
  2. Vague

    Brown switch keyboard

    Okay that Logitech one doesn't look to bad to be honest. What keys does it use?
  3. Vague

    Brown switch keyboard

    Had some Logitech one and it had to much macro keys and couple of other stuff i didn't use.
  4. Vague

    Brown switch keyboard

    Don't like Keyboards classed as "gaming" keyboards. I checked out the DKS 3, it looks cool. Isn't that just a copy of the Filco Majestouch 2?
  5. Vague

    Brown switch keyboard

    Been using the Filco Majestouch 2 Tenkeyless(blue) for a year now and i am looking for a more quiet keyboard any suggestions?
  6. Vague

    Thoughts on the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro.

    I enjoy mines, there fun for the sort of music you listed
  7. Vague

    Need a new Monitor

    Looks cool. reading some reviews on that, also reading on the BenQ XL2411T and AOC G2460PQU.
  8. Vague

    Need a new Monitor

    What do you think of the ASUS VG248QE?
  9. Vague

    Need a new Monitor

    i7 4770k@4.6hz and GTX 780 ti. Anything else you need to know?
  10. Vague

    Need a new Monitor

    So my BenQ XL2420T is broken, sparks are coming out where you plug the power cable in and it has fried it so i am just going to buy a new Monitor. Looking for a 120/144hz monitor, my budget is £250 but i can go a bit higher.
  11. Vague

    120hz vs. 60hz

    Asus along with a couple of other companies are bringing out 1440p@144hz monitors but you will need a good PC for that unless you play CS or LoL
  12. Vague

    What DPI Do You Use?

    Damn. Allot of you guys play on High DPI. Currently playing on 450DPI on my Zowie AM.
  13. Vague

    Gimme a new ROM to try out

    It's okay. I just tried it out for a week or so.
  14. Vague

    Gimme a new ROM to try out

    Damn dude, you have tried allot of ROM's. I've only tried Cyanogen.
  15. Vague

    Good IEM's?

    Thanks for letting me know. I'm either going to get the SE215's