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    Vague reacted to ShearMe in $800 Speakers vs $800 Open-back headphones   
    Speakers are better if they're setup correctly, but if you're talking with friends in voice chat it's best to use headphones for obvious reasons.
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    Vague reacted to Nyxathid in Brown switch keyboard   
    Nice glad we could help
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    Vague got a reaction from joppetie in FiiO E10 Problem   
    Didn't even know Fiio E10 had drivers <_<  just plugged mines in and used it. 
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    Vague reacted to SAV1OUR in Be careful when listening.   
    and the importance of this message was? because right now im thinking you owe me 30 seconds of my life back
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    Vague reacted to _ASSASSIN_ in One+ one?   
    not at all. I'm against the invite system, but we don't know at all how this is all going to turn out. No one can really say how long it takes for you to be able to buy it without invites.
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    Vague reacted to dizmo in its true that oneplus one beat nexus 5?   
    It won't...
    OnePlus has said several times that they're making no profit from this pricing structure. Which, really, isn't what a company should be aiming to do.
    Other corporations actually invest money into their designs. OnePlus simply took a Find 7, changed a couple of internal specs, and made it a little sexier.
    The company can absolutely function this way, but let's not kid ourselves. They're simply "pimping" another companies product. There's no ingenuity here.
    It's just basic Cyanogenmod with a couple of custom apps for them.
    It's honestly nothing really special.
    Basically think of the OPO as a Find 7 Cyanogenmod Edition with a better price, and missing a microSD card slot.
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    Vague got a reaction from nsyedhasan in One+ one?   
    You need an invite to buy the phone, may take up to 2 months till you can buy it without invite.
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    Vague got a reaction from MalignantQuechnitlan in Phone upgrade.   
    I am having fun with it.
    Already sold it sorry
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    Vague reacted to TopWargamer in my nexus 5 arrived, what now?   
    Well, ya, but the only way to buy it is to be invited. 
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    Vague reacted to dizmo in OnePlus One countdown   
    With the invites?
    Or the phone itself?
    Haha, yeah. Like I get that they have limited stock. That's why preorders help you gauge how many to make.
    This is just elitism. It's stupid.
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    Vague reacted to LaoJr in The OnePlus brand smartphone   
    I hate that the only way you can buy it is if you are invited by someone who buys it... Just let people buy it let it be sold out and just make more
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    Vague reacted to Levent in What to do with Iphone 3g   
    edit:updated link.
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    Vague reacted to LaoJr in Phone that you are most excited for in 2014   
    to be it the only reason why One Plus is getting over hyped is because some dude from Oppo made it and they have partnered with Cyanogen that is all basically why ever body is excited about it, In reality I'm excited for it because it's a new company and I want to know how good of a smartphone they can make
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    Vague reacted to LAwLz in What should I get? Galaxy S5 or HTC One M8?   
    Galaxy S 4 vs HTC M8? If they are the same price then the M8 will overall be far better.
    It gets a lot trickier if you meant to say Galaxy S 5.
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    Vague got a reaction from Marko Erbida in What should I get? Galaxy S5 or HTC One M8?   
    HTC One (M8) has a nicer camera? Not sure if serious.
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    Vague reacted to hawaiims in Samsung U28D590D 28in 4K UHD   
    to that I say: gotta love shitty us wages
    you guys have a minimum wage that's 3 times as much as the US and your average salaries are much higher. It balances out in the end. 
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    Vague reacted to ShearMe in Ear buds For around 100$ help? (solved)   
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    Vague reacted to ZetZet in How is this case?   
    Ugly, no fans included, can't fit 160mm coolers.
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811146075 Get this. Or go micro-atx.
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    Vague reacted to Bluuz in Phanteks Enthoo Primo Ultimate   
    looks great but I'm really looking forward to smaller Phanteks cases
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    Vague reacted to Mkfish in [Unofficial LTT] NZXT H440 Owners Club   
    I am totally buying this case the minute it comes in stock in the UK. Please keep posting your builds people. I want as much inspiration as possible. All your builds look fantastic
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    Vague reacted to Toby in Infrared/Lazer/Optical?   
    Infrared is another name for optical, to try and make optical sound more appealing to the "gamerz". Optical is more accurate (more specifically, A3090 and PMW3310 sensors are more accurate, which you'll find in most big-name gaming mice), but optical mice might be fussy about mouse pads with elaborate designs. I'm not really up to date with how much current optical sensors care about that, but decent mousepads tend to be relatively plain anyway.
    Generally there's no reason not to get an optical mouse, unless you're looking for a feature that no optical mouse currently provides. Lasers are still adequate, but just because you aren't consciously aware of the flaws, doesn't mean they aren't interfering with landing shots now and then.
    You looked up some pretty old info there.
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    Vague got a reaction from Paralectic in Need a new mouse.   
    So i am going to look at reviews of the Corsair M45, Steelseries Rival and Razer Deathadder 2013. Thanks for the help.
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    Vague got a reaction from Paralectic in Need a new mouse.   
    I think i will pass on that mouse but thanks anyway
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    Vague reacted to Jogostar in Need best NVIDIA Control Panel settings for high performance! (GTX 780 Ti)   
    you have a 780 Ti for Minecraft? lol.
    anyway, with  GPU like that, just crank up all the setting in the game,
    Control Panel is useless.
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    Vague reacted to MayflowerElectronics in How to become an audiophile. :P   
    Eh, I hate to say it this way but those aren't "audiophile" headphones. They're fashion headphones mostly.
    For that money you can grab hd600's, akg k712, he-400 which are all way better headphones.
    As to read the graph, anything above 0 db is an enhancement, anything below is a loss. The perfect headphone would probably be a strait line and a heartbeat shaped spike in the treble region or something like that, you don't want a completely flat response curve from a headphone.