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  1. Hi, I'm going to be college student in the next School year, what laptop can you guys recommend? I plan to enter Computer Engineering course. the laptop should be able to handle the basic requirements on this course (Although I still don't know what are those requirements), and to do light video editing. I don't plan to play high end games on the laptop. My budget is around $750, or $800 at most. and as much as possible, Easy to carry.
  2. Thanks for the Suggestions gonna take the 202 with 450w psu
  3. Any suggestions for smallest Mini Itx case? but not too much expensive. around $100 probably
  4. I wanna win linus.. Help me.. Im using samsung core2 duo smg355h
  5. So i have cheap a4tech mouse and keyboard.. homemade mousepad and also cheap non-branded headset x(
  6. give me one pls i need one... just to upgrade our shitty geforce 210 1gb.. sometimes it wont work and its very hard to play LoL when i only use our geforce 7025 nforce 630a pls i need one i cant afford some of the entry level graphics card and no repair shop are available here to fix my 210
  7. GUYS I NEED HELP! I want to upgrade our computers here for something like League of Legends/Dota 2/GTA V, can someone tell me what to upgrade. Our PC here was Amd Athlon II x2 250 2gb of ddr3 kingston ram Palit Geforce 210 Graphics card EMX-MCP61D3-ICAFE motherboard 600w PSU 500gb HDD and random case PLS HELP ME. I HAVE A BUDGET OF $250 PER PC. THANKS
  8. This will be a perfect Projector for visual aids in their reporting like here in the philippines, where we report the lessons that the teachers must've taught us first