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  1. Hi, Im searching for a Software, whitch can controll my RGB Stuff. Or a was to Mod asus Aura to let it controll my razer Stuff or otherwise with croma. Also a way to controll normal RGB 4pin LEDs, with a comon PC Software, without Aura Hardware. Like a USB Adapter. Kg. Pixel
  2. Can i use a RGB case fan - and mount it on my CPU cooler? its a non K i5 so it shoulnd need that mutch air pressure
  3. mb, i dont focus the prize of the cooler just the performance. i dont search a cooling monster - just something - good looking could i just pick something like a 212 evo and put a RGB 120mm fan on it=?
  4. Im building a pc for a friend. the main focus is good looking, with medium PC power (i5 6600 + rx480). the mainboard is a Asus B150 with AURA RGB + the asus rx480 ROG also with AURA. because its a non K i5, he dont really need a diffrent air cooler then the intel box cooler. but he wannt a better looking cpu cooler. SO HERES MY QUESTION: is there a good looking AURA comp. CPU air cooler? budget cooler? if not a good looking budget cooler with better looking then performens. stay RGB glossy! Pixel
  5. I have a ATI 5000 series it's so old that the driver can't find out whitch 5000card this is, yeay. So gime that card pls, do it! Do it now!