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  1. I don't mind to format, as I do it every 4-6 months as a plan. To keep all secured
  2. Hey all. This sensation started to happen after latest NVDA driver. Don't think it related, but just in case. So what happens, I restart PC or turn it on after complete shut down, and it just won't get to the BIOS start (beep sound). Will give from the start Q code 00. And just will try to turn on over an over. The only thing that helps in this case, is the BIOS reset with the Reset button for bios that I have on MB. And even then it wont work right away. I have m.2 set up as main hard drive system for System, and another ssd. I have literally no idea what to look in this case. But I will be formatting the PC right now, just in case. Maybe anyone have any thoughts?
  3. N O idea.. XD.. as cheap as possible
  4. So if I use NAS, I can't stream from it?
  5. Why in air tight container?
  6. Hey all, What is the best way to store movies? I mean, you have a bunch of movies, your video clips, that you wanna save for another 40 years. What is the best way to do so. While still been able to watch them right away, with out need to download. I was thinkiing about NAS, but at the same time even NAS can die, and kill all the files it had on it.
  7. for everyone who has a website, as per the law that came years ago, every website should be accessible
  8. User1st Ltd. provides a cloud-based service designed, that enables to make any website accessible to individuals with disabilities and compliant with web accessibility legislation without changing the existing code base.
  9. Hey all, I know it is weird, but I would appreciate it if you could check the CV paragraph that I have, and tell if it is sound about right, and understandable? If not, how best to write it. Thank you a lot in advance. Reason for this check, I am interested to look for a job in EU and US regions. User1st Ltd. provides a cloud-based service designed, that enables to make any website accessible without changing the existing code base. Accessibility Consultant and Developer: • Design, prototype and build technical solutions for web accessibility. • Develop and deploy solutions for successful implementation. • Working with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Typescript. • Develop, and deploy solutions for successful implementation • Create mappings to facilitate smooth integrations Installation and maintenance Manager for SAS Intelligence Platform: “Satellite service” that provides a secure implementation management tool that installs and maintains Installation-Manager-based software packages while installing on-premises. Responsible for implementing and troubleshooting Software Delivery Platform. Configuration of software and registry files, for the execution. Working in pure javascript on the client-side, tackling performance challenges, conflicts with the site's functionality, compatibility, etc.