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  1. Hey all. I can not make sure what is the cause for the restart. I checked the history for sudden shut down, it did not said anything special. The restart happens while I play, main game is Hero of the Storm. I can not see if there is sudden temp spike. i have 3700x Noctua nhd 15 corsair HX750i - psu GTX msi 1070 gaming x. I have fans running on auto - ASUS AI on MAX ANd yet sometimes pc restarts. When running on full fan speeds, never had this issue accuring. Maybe you have suggestions how to check pc
  2. Hey all. I have an issue with my internet provider, and devices they provide. I would like to test if router loosing connection to the internet, or maybe the router at fault. I am not even sure. I would like to test for hours, if router loosing connection, or not. The only test I know, is too ping to google.com Do you have maybe any other suggestions please ?
  3. Thanks for all relevant answers, and sarcastic as well
  4. When will they fix it Jesus. What is the point in usb 3.1 and 3.2 if it still the same speeds, more or less.
  5. Clouse , write in between 16~60mbs. Which annoys me.
  6. So you saying... I should get a read and write speed over 500mbs?
  7. I would prefer the speeds by preference, in total, what expect from 3.1 , but sure: https://shop.westerndigital.com/products/usb-flash-drives/sandisk-ultra-dual-drive-luxe-usb-3-1-type-c#SDDDC4-128G-A46
  8. Hey, So I bought a new 3.1 usb type-c Flash Drive. And I do not see that of a difference between 3.0 and 3.1. My MAIN QUESTION: PLEASE ANSWER IT! What are the speeds for : Reading from USB (if I transfer a 4gb file from USB) Write speed (When I write / copy a 4gb file to a flash drive) Because, the results I see really bad, and not what I expected. And over internet, I can't find a proper answer for write speeds.
  9. thx, can'\t really see for how far the fan sticking. With glass on it would be much more visible., But thx any way, I really hope in my case it will fits as well with push set up. i prefer not to move for pull configuration
  10. Hey mate, is it possible you have more images of the fan sticking out?! I am buying same case to switch my 760t , and i have noctua as well.
  11. Nothing was good from LG, I went with ASUS
  12. It was not delivered my some delivery sservice, its form shop . Its just the monitor it self,
  13. Hey I got The AORUS FI27Q, and already for second time sending it back cause of IPS bleeding, and dead pixels. I am still interested in the monitor, but if the third one will be faulty, I might actually go for another one. Before that I would like to know, what you think about the ROG STRIX XG279Q ? https://rog.asus.com/monitors/27-to-31-5-inches/rog-strix-xg279q-model/ VS https://www.gigabyte.com/il/Monitor/AORUS-FI27Q#kf Which one is preferred?
  14. Hey guys. Kinda short question. I wanna switch my provider router, to my own. I am debating which one of 2 to take?! TP link : Archer AX50 or Archer AX20 https://www.tp-link.com/us/compare/?typeId=9&productIds=34810%2C36411%2C34812 I do not have a 1gb speed here yet., Max is 100mb/s. But when we will get the Optic fiber then I will at least have a proper router. My question, if with my speed, this routers will work, or maybe there is some requirements for tohues routers?
  15. Yeah i am aware of that, That is why I was hopping someone already have some results on New AMD CPU, so to say. Cant decide which CPU will be powerfull and power efficiant.
  16. The main use is with , word, exel, emails, and our oen made programm, which doest have specisal requirments. Budget would be 1500$ . Located in Israel I believe I said 15 inch laptop, not more or less. (15.6) Budget 1500$ 16 gb ram prefered. Powerfull cpu. and good battery life. ANy specific CPU models?
  17. NO, its not a company buy. We buy as friends. SO i am just looking for some advices.
  18. Hey guys. Long time no see, how COVID affecting you this days? I would appreciate if you could suggest a new laptop i am looking for my colleagues. We looking for a laptop of 15 inch. Not heavy, 16 GB if possible. No games will be played, so GPU no necessary, but can be nice. We are interested to have a battery life while working, but with powerful cpu. Touch screen not needed. Also , a person interested in Warranty which provided by Lenovo, Dell. But if there something else, we open-minded.
  19. if you had to choose, which cable you use? 6-channel or SPDIF Optical? I heard optical tend to lose some sounds, or so.
  20. So when watching movies, i should disable modes? I mean, when they said its for THX movies, to get out of it, it was meant with out the modes active?
  21. I mean, what is he difference then, with sound card on top? This SPDIF Optical and RCA Out Plate Cable Bracket For ASUS It looks so small, how it can provide 5.1 - 7.1
  22. Damn, you right, I didn't notice it, Thanks. This look really, small, will it do the job as intended?
  23. Hey guys. Can someone please explain about the Stereo modes: 3D, 4.1 - what they used for. (I know what each does, but what they used for? I was sure for movies. ) But when watching movies all kind, even Blueray, on 3D mode, and others I dont hear the voices, so If I should guess, its only for music ? Can some one please correct me.