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  1. I'm back, woohoo!

  2. JackHubbleday

    Server Form Factors

    This is a "U", it is the downwards measurement - all cabinets are standard width and most are a standard depth too, unless you have a like a small network wall cabinet.
  3. JackHubbleday

    Can anyone give me any advice ?

    Create an application that integrates with a smart home device such as a lightbulb?
  4. JackHubbleday

    Should i upgrade anything?

    Also maybe more ram?
  5. JackHubbleday

    Should i upgrade anything?

    Swap out that HDD for an SSd and use that HDD as a asecondary drive.
  6. JackHubbleday

    offsite active directory

    Site To Site VPN is your best bet
  7. JackHubbleday

    Problem after window 10 update

    USB pen, CD, however you reinstalled in originally
  8. JackHubbleday

    Problem after window 10 update

    Failing DDU reinstall windows
  9. JackHubbleday

    £1000 PC?

    BTW might want a secondary mechanical drive if you're gonna be video editing. Try installing windows, programs and storing video files on that SSD, good luck haha! A HDD will cost £40 for a 1TB one most likely, do it
  10. Use separate paper wallets or find one that supports all your currencies.
  11. Okay, you should be able to use paper wallets keys on there...
  12. Do you have a hardware wallet?
  13. Depends on what type of wallet you have. Some wallets allow you to store multiple in one wallet others don't BTC, ETH and LTC are all accepted by Coinbase I believe so try that. Failing that paper wallets are the best way forward
  14. JackHubbleday

    How to create a website and host it on your own server?

    OP If you want help setting up IIS i can help out I can do a start to finish of configuring your domain to look at your server, firewall rules and IIS setup.
  15. JackHubbleday

    3.5" Drive Enclosure

    Appreciated, thanks
  16. JackHubbleday

    3.5" Drive Enclosure

    Hello, I'm looking for an enclosure that will hold 4 3.5" drives and will plug into my PC via USB. Nothing mega expensive and not a NAS if possible. Any idea, thanks P.S. I have the drives.
  17. JackHubbleday

    3.5" Drive Enclosure

  18. JackHubbleday

    How to create a website and host it on your own server?

    If you're gonna use windows, use IIS
  19. JackHubbleday

    can body help me

    It could literally be anything, all we know is that it is a bluetooth dongle...
  20. JackHubbleday

    few days after led strips cannot stick?

    Depends on the quality of the strip if you buy a £1 one form ebay its gonna be crap so in future buy better ones atm use hot glue/super glue.
  21. JackHubbleday

    iPhone 8 and X officially announced

    No fingerpint scanner.
  22. Fair play, but as mentioned previously if OP doesn't have a spare rig with a 1070 in 'lying' around, it's not worth it instantly or even for a while due to start up costs.
  23. But do you make 100% of your electricity back per month?
  24. Unless you have lots of money to start up with cheap electricity then no, not really...