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  1. I've never looked into getting a different ISP box, I usually just disabled their WiFi and then hook up my own router. Speaking of bridge mode, that seems like the simplest option available to me at the moment. The Google nest bundle seems like a convenient option for me, Google already knows me intimately so I don't mind having more of their stuff listening to my bizzare conversations. So what's the big negative to the ISP provided equipment? Why does everyone say to get away from it?
  2. Well point me in the right direction so I can look into it more. I can be flexible but I'd rather start off cheap for the moment while I prioritize other projects.
  3. So I was letting YouTube play in the background and the Everything else is BAD Chormecast video was playing. While researching best tool upgrades for my home tools (wanting to go brushless Milwaukee for anyone who cares) I overheard him say "Who uses the one from their ISP?!?" Apparently Riley, and me. When I lived alone in a basement suite I had the modem/router from Shaw right next to my PC and the WiFi easily covered my entire living space. So I never considered a separate router. But my girlfriend and I just bought a house and now I'm curious. Anyways, I was thinking, back in the day
  4. Again, I ask, did you read my post. Clearly in the first line of the 4th paragraph I wrote, "[I've] borrowed an Athlon 200GE..." and further went on to ask relevant questions to my situation. I understand you are both trying to help but telling me all the things I already know isn't helpful or productive. @knightslugger I'm not being 'acidic,' I'm just caught a little off-guard by people glossing over important details of a simple post. Here's where I'm at. Screw the chipset download idea, I have no OS anyways. I'm updating the BIOS incrementally with proper reboots in between each. Ho
  5. Did you read anything I wrote..? I have the CPU. I would like to know about the chipset update process if I didn't plan on installing an OS until I got the 3600 installed and POSTing. I'm assuming Windows will automatically find the proper updated chipset when I install windows on the 3600 CPU. But I was hoping someone here would be able to answer that before I potentially and unintentionally become a mason.
  6. Hey there boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen. Here's the low-down on the ho-down. I decided I should update my now 10 year old system to something a bit more modern. After doing some research I found that the new Ryzen 3rd gen CPU's are pretty kick-ass and seeing how I bleed red (literally) upgrading and staying in the AMD family would be pretty neat. So I bought myself an Aorus X470 Ultra Gaming board, some decent 3200mhz 16cl ram, the CPU obviously and a fancy NVMe SSD (this is pretty exciting coming from HDDs) However, I realized after I clicked the "Send it to me, quick" button