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  1. You would need two adapters: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/USB-3-1-Type-c-to-Aux-Sound-Card-Adapter-USB-C-External-Stereo-Cable-for/32796786645.html?spm=2114.search0104.3.2.S0RTvj&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_4_5460015_10152_10065_10151_10068_10173_10326_5470015_10084_10083_10080_10307_10082_10081_10110_10137_10111_10060_10112_10155_10113_10114_5540015_10154_10056_10055_10054_10312_5490015_10313_10059_10314_100031_10099_10078_10079_5380015_10103_10073_10102_10052_10053_10142_10107_10050_10051,searchweb201603_16,ppcSwitch_3&btsid=391169b3-2cf0-4901-9d9c-fd703b501ca0&algo_expid=edec6ca3-4b0b-48c6-b1ab-be3cc5b9b480-0&algo_pvid=edec6ca3-4b0b-48c6-b1ab-be3cc5b9b480&transAbTest=ae803_3 and https://www.aliexpress.com/item/dodocool-7-in-1-Multifunction-USB-C-Hub-with-Type-C-4K-Video-HD-VGA-Gigabit/32793397293.html?spm=2114.search0104.3.3.tJv3CU&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_4_10152_10065_10151_10068_5490020_10173_5380020_10326_10084_10083_10080_10307_10082_10081_10110_10137_10111_10060_10112_10113_10155_10114_10154_10056_10055_10054_10312_5470020_10313_10059_10314_100031_10099_5460020_10078_10079_10103_5540020_10073_10102_10052_10053_10142_10107_10050_10051-10050,searchweb201603_16,ppcSwitch_3&btsid=d312c928-7e49-4147-b295-a0d47a58ff1f&algo_expid=964bccde-f66a-4ae4-801e-e2a81f288b7b-0&algo_pvid=964bccde-f66a-4ae4-801e-e2a81f288b7b&transAbTest=ae803_3
  2. Set everything to stock in the bios and start working your way up, first ram, then cpu, gpu. Run some tests after each adjustment. Also make sure to disable any power management in bios and in windows. Even at stock speeds you should have better performance than that. Maybe there is some setting holding you back.
  3. did you try aliexpress? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/14-Key-Caps-Multicolor-ABS-Mechanical-keyboards-Keycap-with-Key-Caps-Puller-Remover-Tool-For-Cherry/32793953208.html
  4. force update the firmware?
  5. yeah, dont do it. Save a little more and buy new or find a better deal.
  6. I see, well if you have one of the newer ones it should be placed at the top of the case. btw, I did take the picture. having leds all around the window does make a difference in lighting.
  7. the sleeved one, but I got the longest which is 2m. I dont think it is that dim, at least in my case. I'll take a picture once I get home.
  8. The nand shortage became worst when ryzen and the new iphone came out. Expect another year of overpriced ram kits , SSDs and even GPUs. https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/ram-prices-are-increasing-until-third-quarter-2017/ https://www.pcper.com/news/General-Tech/Well-thats-not-good-VGA-RAM-prices-spike-30
  9. Have you done any testing with a different set of ram/ psu? We need to rule out that possibility. If your ram and PSU work fine in some other rig, then your motherboard could be faulty. I had a similar issue when I was in Tech support. We got an HP workstation that kept rebooting and stuff. First time it was a dead stick of ram. We removed it and it worked fine for a month. Then it started acting up again. All memtest, prime95 , etc. came out just fine. We tested the psu and ram separately, they worked fine, but sometimes the pc would reboot itself or display a bluscreen. Long story short, the motherboard was killing the ram, one stick at a time. Im not saying that your motherboard is DOA, but it might be damaged somehow(again, assuming your ram and psu work fine).
  10. Im using the NZXT led kit and it is long enough for a full loop around the edges. I looks fine and you dont even notice the dust when it is dirty.
  11. You forgot to mention if you are on air cooling or watercooling. Anyhow, if your room temp is really that low, you need some insulation for the pc at least. Get some foam and try to place it inside the pc case. http://www.campervaninsulation.co.uk/product/6mm-self-adhesive-closed-cell-foam-soundproofing-thermal-insulation
  12. Cherry MX Speed have the shortest travel distance (1.2mm). Sometimes it annoys me that the slightest touch will register as a keystroke. You dont need to hold down the key that much so you should really consider them if you have rheumatic issues.
  13. Oh so you think C-states only work when the pc is in sleep mode? Have you tried using non-haswell ready psu with a newer system? This is what happens: By the way, thats my current build. I was using a 700w toughpower( from 2008 I think). I was really naive just like you, and I thought any psu would work. Older PSUs cannot handle the low power draw, so when it drops below 0.5A , the psu thinks the pc is shutting down and it powers off.(newer systems can handle 0.05). From corsair website: Besides, why would anyone recycle such old parts for a new killer build? The psu is one of the most important things in a system. Doesnt matter if you are on AMD or Intel.
  14. it supports them... unofficially. You can fit the x52 at the top depending on your ram clearance. You can fit any of them at the front, but you might need to remove the drive cage.
  15. You DO NEED a neew psu if it is 6+ years old. Remember that Haswell introduced new psu requirements. So your older psu might not even boot your new system.
  16. Masterkeys lite L is a good budget combo.
  17. it could be a driver issue. Maybe your bluray is detected as DVD drive? Make sure it says BD-RE next to the drive letter. For movies you do need special software such as powerdvd, but you should be able to read the file system of the disc.
  18. it is worth it if you need a new computer asap. Otherwise wait for coffee lake.
  19. GTAV is cpu intensive. So thats about normal. A core i5is the bare minimum to run this game at 60+ fps. You could improve performance by disabling windows dvr (windows 10)
  20. That post has some useful info: ^so no actual measurement, only predictions, hmm... in other words, there are no players in my skill level/ping so it expands its search ^I have never seen this. lol what?, If I get matched against a group of players called: [TROLL] Number1 [TROLL] Number2 [TROLL] Number3 [TROLL] Number4 [TROLL] Number5 [TROLL] Number6 It is pretty obvious they are together.... I am by no means a great player ( only 1 month playing) but I can manage myself. Some matches are really good, I had one last night with a 1-2 min overtime(we were attackers with a payload) and we won. Other matches are really bad, with a-hole teammates(usually mei player puts ice wall at the exit of the spawn point) so natually we lose without even getting to the objective. I really want to enjoy this game, I love the character design and system performance, but this matchmaking thing disappoints me every time.
  21. I just started playing Overwatch a month ago or so. I only played vs AI until I reached level 10, but now I mostly play in quick play. I noticed that I get matched against high level teams (by high I mean 100s, 70-something players, etc). Of course we get trashed in a minute or two even if we have counter heroes. So, is matchmaking broken? Out of 10 matches, I win 3 , maybe 4 at most.
  22. maybe I did not explain myself, I never meant that at all. No one should be bullied over poor grammar or a badly written question. What I meant was, a stupid/ simple question should not be allowed in the first place. If someone ask "what is Ethernet?" and I post a reply with the google definition it should be fine. I DO NOT condone trolling.
  23. @LoGiCalDrm is right, you need a valid question to get a valid answer. I have seen many new users that post spammy questions all over the place. Sometimes it seems like they just want to raise their post count. Questions such as "what is Ethernet?" "how to restart windows?" should not be allowed in the forum( but they are, I have proof). A simple google search can answer most of those questions.