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  1. Hi! I’m planning to do a montage of some of the cars in nfs heat. I’m just wondering would i need a capture card for my ps4 pro to get videos and pictures from the game?
  2. Hi! I’m currently in the search for a nice pair of speakers for my samsung tv. My purposes are to watch movies and listen to music. I have a smart 55 inch samsung tv. Wired or wireless, doesn’t matter. Choice of speakers and why. Thank you. Budget is up to $200 cad
  3. Hi so i have a samsung smart 55 inch’ tv model: UN55NU6950 i’m having issues on what kind of speaker to buy coz i don’t know what is this. It says digital audio out (optical) what does it look like? Coz i’m thinking of buying speakers for it because i don’t know what kind of speakers to buy. Any help is appreciated thank you.
  4. I was able to go to windows and etc and when i started downloading games i started to noticed that i’m lacking storage when i checked only the ssd was shown i tried to fix it using linus tips but i guess it was an old video. It kept on saying
  5. Do i have to put thermal paste on a stock cooler if i’m gonna put it on another motherboard? Coz i bought a new motherboard from msi and this is my first gaming rig didn’t work as i expected. Everything was lit but keyboard and mouse are not working besides that no cignal on the monitor so i had to issue an exchange. And i can’t reach the bios smh.
  6. Keyboard and mouse are not even turning on or they are not functional
  7. 55098567338__C3AFE204-2677-479A-9250-E842D09CE875.MOV
  8. Only 1 and yes i’m pretty sure it’s plugged in