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  1. Haeking


    So far I have ans = "y" while(ans == "y"): taxable = input('If the item is taxable please enter t and n for not taxable') payment = float(input('Enter the price of the item')) and Im still going on from there
  2. Haeking


    I was wondering if you guys could help me break this down, understanding how to write the code in and out I'll write the code and variables but would you help me fix the micro errors
  3. Haeking


    Mind sending me your discord through dm
  4. Haeking


    Would I be able to sit with someone in discord experience with python to do programming with to prepare for my finals ?
  5. Haeking

    Key Caps

    I was looking for some sturdy and long lasting PBT keycaps around for the keyboard I'm building and most likely will be mass producing after its prototype is approved If you have any information on Translucent Varmilo PBT Keycaps or just some really quality PBT keycaps that you would recommend that would be amazing :)
  6. My loop wasn't properly written in the situation, and my defining variables wouldn't have shown up since the lines in a way conflicted If that makes sense, Is there a website you'd recommend so I can teach myself python and get better at the program ?
  7. understandable with the for loop is there any way I could fix the formatting on this for columns, in the simplest fashion you'd know without over complicating it
  8. I can use a while or for loop in this either one is acceptable
  9. could you explain why you'd use the for loop in this situation
  10. would there be a way to write the while loop in simpler, or should I use a for loop ?
  11. S_bal = float(input("How much money is your start balance ? $ ")) monthly_dep = float(input("How much additional money will you be putting into your account ? $ ")) int_rate = float(input("How much is your interest rate (1.75% enter 1.75) " )) years = int(input("How many years are you going to invest? ")) rate = int_rate / 100 months = years * 12 m_int = S_bal * rate / 12 E_bal = S_bal + m_int + monthly_dep S_bal = E_bal c_mo = months + 1 while(c_mo <= months): m_int = S_bal * rate / 12 E_bal = S_bal + m_int + m
  12. Haeking


    Thank you so much This is helping me a lot more than before
  13. Haeking


    Ahh okay, Im getting more of an understanding since of the pseudo code you sent me Its a lot more split up and to the point then the way he was describing in class Still is a little bit blurry in some areas
  14. Haeking


    I was wondering if someone could explain this python coding to me in detail, Im having a hard time understanding it What would be the simplest way, to get to the final solution, and why ? So I can understand the thinking pattern of someone
  15. That's the tough part I was looking to try out the BeagleBone Black, the ATMEGA328P-AU, or the Arduino Uno R3 USB Microcontroller Hard to find the best one to fit the job