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  1. So I've been using 1440p monitors for about 6 years and while I love their resolution over 1080p, my first impressions of 16:10 is making me think of going full 16:10. Right now I use a Dell 2516D 1440p and a Dell 2415 1200p monitor. For some reason looking at a 1080p monitor just disgusts me. It seems like the image is out of wack; probably because I've used 1440p for so long. However looking at 1200p the image just feels so much nicer to look at especially for gaming. I really wish they made 1200p 144hz monitors but I know it will probably never happen. I think I'm going to sell my 1440p soon for another 1200p 16:10 monitor.
  2. The Dell monitors are 1440p and 1200p. I could care less about 144hz because I chose to stop playing competitive fps games a while ago.
  3. I'm not sure about the cooler yet, the 303 won't fit the nhd 15. Suggestions? I don't really want something that blocks my ram.
  4. I'd love to keep the Silverstone but it's been buzzing lately
  5. So rather than selling all my parts to build whole new PC from the ground up, I decided to upgrade some parts from my very first PC build in 2014. Current PC : https://pcpartpicker.com/list/KcZFhq Planned PC : https://pcpartpicker.com/list/g3tNhq For the new PC I will be getting fractal design 120mm air flow fans for the rest of the case; the pressure ones are just for the cooler. For those of you interested in my old build log here it is : https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/200382-empirical-by-darkmatter/ Let me know what you guys think!
  6. Max wattage is about 800W, fully modular, efficiency greater than gold and less than 170mm in length Powering 1700x + 1080ti water cooled system. Also if anyone knows the difficultly of their wire management on the cables that would be nice for custom cables.
  7. Planning to build a water cooled PC in the Fractal design Define Mini C. I have set in stone that I want a 280mm rad in the front and a 240mm rad in the top. The two 140mm fans in the front will be intakes but I am not sure for the rest. I can either have the two top 120mm fans (radiator) as a intake with a 120mm fan in the back for exhaust Or the top fans (radiator) as a exhaust and the back 120 as a intake (fan only). I think I like the first option more. Tell me what you guys think!
  8. Today I received my AudioGD NFB-11.28 through DHL. Imgur Album: Unboxing the AudioGD NFB-11.28 Sound review coming soon!
  9. Two year old system still holds its own! Benchmark: Fire Strike CPU: i7 4790k @ 4.00 Mhz default GPU: Dual EVGA SC GTX970's in SLI GPU Core: 1,367 MHz GPU Memory: 1,753 MHz Score: 16,261 3DMark Link: http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/20409105 PCPartPicker Link: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/KcZFhq
  10. Oh cool. I find that 25in 1440p is much easier to look at than 27in
  11. Do you have the UP2516D? I just got this one about a month ago and its a huge upgrade from my old asus PB278q
  12. IMHO 27in is too big for 1080p. Idk your experience with 27in monitors but they are huge. I had been using dual 27in 1440p monitors for years and I just recently downgraded to a 25 and a 24in from dell. Right now I have a Dell 25in 1440p in landscape and a Dell 24in 1200p in portrait to my side. I was getting sick of turning my head a lot with massive monitors on my desk. The Dell 25in is a amazing panel and the pixel density is better than a regular 1440p 27in.
  13. Possibly the last intel platform enthusiasts will buy. I wanted to move toward your cpu/mobo setup but now I might opt for amd
  14. Is this what you are talking about? http://www.audio-gd.com/Pro/Headphoneamp/NFB112014/NFB112014EN.htm Their product looks really diverse! More diverse than schitt products. Is there a reason behind this? It looks amazingly high quality
  15. sorry I typed that comment fast. Meant to say that I had heard that tubes where good for mids. What would you say is a good option to deliver that "power and slam"? Gosh I don't know what to pick haha. I love analytical sound too but I also love my punchy bass from my lower toned music. TBH i don't think I wanna deal with tubes just because of the whole "gamble" you get with every tube, if that's true or not. I think what I will do is purchase a quality amp and dac that can deliver the "power and slam", I really like that definition. Also I will upgrade to some larger speakers that can deliver punchy bass with emphasized mids. Any suggestions you guys? You all have been so great!
  16. Heard tubes were better for mids Thanks for the input! Tubes, a nice O2 upgrade. but I don't know much about them Yeah looking at the Asgard 2 and the valhalla 2 now. Doing more research. Really just want a setup where I couldn't say that my amp/dac limits the performance of my headphones. At least to the point where I'm close to diminishing returns
  17. Okay so I am just thinking for the future right now; window shopping I guess you could say. I own a pair of AKG K712's with a O2 AMP/DAC combo and a set of M-audio AV40 speakers. I plan on purchasing a pair of Fidelio X2's and new speakers in the next couple years. Would upgrading to this AMP/DAC setup be noticeably different than running them on my O2 AMP/DAC? I know that it will make a difference but I wanna know if anyone can tell me how much. You guys have been such a great help these days!
  18. Well I only have experience with AKG reference sets, Q701 and K712. Given what I stated in the original post what would you suggest for that sound range?
  19. I've been using my shure se215's for a while because I traveled a lot. I think my vision is clouded lol. Idk with the 712's the bass just feels absent and airy while the mids feel slightly lacking.
  20. The bass is just not pronounced on the 712's. With my speakers I feel like the bass is directed towards me and with the 712's is feels quiet and not restrained. It's almost like there are speakers all around me but they are pointed away and their volume is on low. This makes the low end feel absent and the mids slightly washed out but still really accurate.
  21. So I'm looking to purchase new headphones pretty soon. I currently own a pair of AKG 712 pro's and from the moment I picked them up I loved their clarity and ability to separate the instruments in music. To me they sound great for every type of music but they fall really short with the bass and certain mids. But recently I have not preferred them much and I have been listening to music through my never aging M-Audio AV40 speakers. This is mainly because I don't really play fps games anymore and having that huge sound stage is not that needed. So I picked the Sennheiser HD 650's and the Beyrdynamic DT990's from popular opinion here on the forum and I wanna know what you guys think. I listen to all kinds of music in the ranges from the low bass to the high end of mids. Popular genres include Classic/indie/electronic/punk Rock, Pop, Rap, and lofi hip hop. So basically I would enjoy flushed bass/mids with the ability to separate instruments and not have shitty highs at least. Any and all suggestions welcome!
  22. Not in the EU, but I am looking to sell
  23. oh no like I hurt my actual ear drums. My left ear especially is very sensitive