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  1. Get the G-skill. It has a lower CAS Latency.
  2. Yes, it is. Iike i said, Intel with the stock cooler runs your CPU at 85c, and your rig runs it at 10c less. Also, you are nowhere near the t-Junction (100c).
  3. MCE (Multi Core Enhancement) essentially applies your Single Core max turbo speed to all cores. its like overclocking, it gets you more performance. if you disable it, yes your CPU will run cooler, but you loose that added performance.
  4. true, i am making an assumption on the +12 volt rail. can he take a picture of the label on the PSU? That would be handy for knowing what the thing can actually deliver.
  5. That BenQ one is nice. I did however found a slightly cheaper one that is 75 Hz out of the box. Plus, Ive heard good things from this brand too. https://www.amazon.com/Sceptre-Monitor-Speakers-Brushed-E248W-19203S/dp/B07LG5XT8C/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=1080p+monitor+24"&qid=1566747227&s=gateway&sr=8-6
  6. Go with the 560 TI, its around 50% better.
  7. While i do prefer EVGA, as I have had great experience with them, I have heard the Strix achieves better boost clocks.
  8. I would leave it on. Yeah your temps are a little high, but remember that the Intel stock cooler runs your CPU up to 85c. The T-Junction (max temp) your CPU can run at is 100c so I think you are fine.
  9. Its enough. Im assuming you have 2 sticks of ram and 2 hard drives.
  10. 75c is not bad but the fact that you have an AIO, that is a bit concerning. Can you run AIDA and do a stress test? it would be great to see a screenshot of the results to know what is going on. Also can you screenshot your task manager CPU Tab in idle and load scenarios? Here is a download link for AIDA 64 Extreme: download.aida64.com/aida64extreme600.exe
  11. This is my first time doing a network diagram, and i know it sucks really bad, but here is my Home Network Setup. For WI-Fi, i have around 30 connected wireless devices. (to be clear, all devices in this diagram are hard wired).
  12. Frontier 500/500 Fiber To The Home Internet for $40/mo. No Caps. 33547 Lithia (Tampa) FL https://www.speedtest.net/result/8524525264
  13. The ARP hint was extremely useful to me for another issue, as i had another problem where i couldn't find my UniFi access points, as they wouldn't show up in the DHCP leases, or on the Ubiquiti discovery tool. I saw them listed in the ARP tables and i was able to enter the correct IP's into the controller. I can finally control my access points again!
  14. That's a good thing that i chose Intel for my NIC's. I have two of their gigabit ones. Ill check over my settings and see if I missed anything. Hopefully this is the solution as i want my network to work the way it used to.
  15. After a bit of testing, it seems to work. Im going to switch all my clients off their VPN's that i set up as a temporary fix, and see what happens after a full 24 hours. Hopefully i come back with good news.
  16. Alright, I have applied the changes. The issue is sporadic at times, so I will report tomorrow night if it still persists. Thanks for the response! edit: It still persists, so I went ahead and rebooted the entire box. Hopefully that fixes it.
  17. Here it is. i don't have any system logs as i have disabled the resolver for a while as a troubleshooting step, but i have just now enabled it. Probably about tomorrow i should have some useful logs. Also i have changed the log level to 5 to help narrow down the problem.
  18. I just now attempted to remove it, but Pfsense says i have no packages installed, which I do.
  19. I recommend any MSI gaming laptop (the GS stealth might peak your intrest), as they have really good audio, according to some DJ's I know. ASUS is a good alternative if you don't like MSI.
  20. I updated the title of this thread so it doesn't go dead, as I really need this issue solved. I'm planning to reach out to the negate forums as I really need this fixed.
  21. Here is my services config, if it helps. I have disabled the resolver and attempted to use the forwarder, and even that doesn't solve the problem.
  22. i do not have any VLANS set up, however i do have pfblocker installed. it is however disabled at the moment. i checked the ip list and aswell looked at each device on the network, and there are none overlapping. To be clear, i can access the internet, each computer reports the correct arp table. Its just the DNS server doesnt respond to any request. it only responds if i have the dashboard tab open on any computer. I have tried this, and to no avail. Thank you for your replies, they do help narrow down the situation.
  23. So i have Pfsense as my router of choice for a good 6 months now. Recently, the server has been doing something weird, where the built in DNS resolver that I set up would stop replying to requests, and the only way to get it to work is if i leave a tab open on a computer with the Pfsense Dashboard. Its extremely strange, and if i close the tab, after about a minute it stops responding again. i tried switching back to the normal DNS forwarder, but no use. - Im running Pfsense 2.4.2 (amd64). - i did swap out the old HDD for a new cheap SSD from china, but i highly doubt that caused it -i have a broken UniFi pfsense installation. (even if i kill the service, it still persists) (by broken i mean it fails to load properly and i have given up on it) -internet works fine if i use on my PC. i woudl just rather use the built in one on pfsense to get better latency
  24. I should also add, it needs to be for FreeBSD:11:amd64
  25. So ive been trying to install unifi on my pfsense box, and pfsense doesnt have the repo for OPENJDK, Which i need. Does anyone know the link to the repo that has OpenJDK? Ive been searching the internet for forever trying to find a link.