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  1. I googled a little bit but i can't really find an answer. the education edition of windows 10 was free for me but i just use it for home use (is this even allowed in the contract?), i know they used to give away windows 7 etc at huge discounts for students so you get bound to their platform and ecosystem. but with windows 10 rolling upgrades that doesn't make sense since i don't get any ads or anything annoying since its essentially enterprise edition. how do they make money on people like me if this will be their last OS? (they said it was their last os right?) that makes me wonder how long my license will last, is there a limit on those?
  2. im starting to see a pattern, i love the dramatic no. (click the video, it starts during the clip where we see the bench saying goodbye before crashing down)
  3. tried it on windows 10 on both edge and firefox(54) all updated and with automatic time syncronization. tried view all notifications and got the same problem, tried clearing cookies on edge and had the same problem. tried it on android firefox, also same problem. im not following the thread or anything, i had like 8 notifications but i already saw them all, only the upper one doesn't add up with time and posting date.
  4. tlink

    Video games and Unemployment

    well thats not really true, video games are part of the problem. the stem of the problem is our own reward center. loads of things can be addicting, some things are made to be really rewarding and thus addicting. like drugs, music, tv, games, casino's. all things exploiting that easy reward for money. i don't think we can pinpoint it on one thing, in the end society as a whole is responsible for the situation because we all contribute to it in our own way's.
  5. yea i know, for some people it kinda makes sense, but it still is pretty gimmicky. but most people have a consistent 9 to 5 schedule. also its better to maintain temperature when away for an hour or two then to disable (for boilers atleast). they are more efficient on a constant load .
  6. normal thermostats have advanced scheduling. my parents have had one for years, program by the minute what temperature you want on what day of the year. cost 40 bucks. and like i said, niche situation. not gonna buy a 250 bucks thermostat and more on wifi cameras for that one or two times a year we forget to ask someone to water our plants or something like that. its a cool gadget, but its totally a gimmick.
  7. in what niche situation would i want to do that and how does it justify the price premium.
  8. that problem was tackled years before any smart thermostat came around. simple RF controls.
  9. remote thermostats have been around for ages, ya know remote control was a thing before wifi.
  10. i honestly don't see the appeal to this over just a normal thermostat that isn't connected to the internet.
  11. windows media player can play blueray's, atleast ripped ones.
  12. the minecraft brand is incredibly valuable, you can influence basically 90% of the kids next gen consumers directly via it.
  13. tlink

    Ajit Pai doesn't want to release the FCC NN complaints

    remember kids, this plan never worked and the FCC overstepped its jurisdiction and thats what its all about. totally not about the way this is done or the underlying reasoning that nobody as far as I've heard agrees with yet. /s
  14. since the software is so specialized they should also consult with the client and ask if they still have a contact with the developer of the software and ask the dev what instructionset it uses, i would still test it on the actual hardware though. just an extra layer of security and dedication that the client notices.
  15. yea, this. if it uses instruction sets that are much better on intel than probably fuck threadripper.
  16. we're not sure yet since it isn't released yet. its just around the corner, august i believe is the launch date. even if the heat output is much worse, it has much much more cores for a lower price. ryzen is the go-to platform for core's, threadripper will be too. 16 core cpu will cost 1000$ vs 16 cores i9 for 1700$. it is probably a little behind in clocks per instructions but the vast price difference should make it worth it.
  17. why do they prefer i9 over threadripper? is it better optimized for intel and single core performance?
  18. by then next gen nvidia will be out sadly.
  19. tlink

    Used GPUs hit the market as ETH price drops

    hoooly shit 2 aorus gtx 1080ti's for the price of 1 new one, 3 years of warranty left. gpu is back on the menu boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  20. tlink

    Changing RJ11 terminals to RJ45

    then gg it worked out, at my parents we had a similar situation but even after tidying up it had problems with packet drops and stuff like that, maybe it was close to a powerline or something.
  21. tlink

    Changing RJ11 terminals to RJ45

    the cables are twisted for a reason, in the picture they are not twisted but in a knot. this will increase crosstalk, especially when they all are in a knot like that, its basically a messy coil generating an magnetic field of cross talk and instability.
  22. youtube subscriptions broken for anyone else?

  23. tlink

    Changing RJ11 terminals to RJ45

    i don't think you will reach 100mbit with that clusterfuck of wires. if you want a good stable connection i recommend running a new proper wire trough it, but maybe this will work fine who knows. those wires look crusty, old and uninsulated unshielded. what does it say on the grey insulation? what cat version is it?
  24. tlink

    Atari’s new Ataribox console

    looks really nice and stylized.