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  1. Yes can confirm the one tube is very hot and the other relatively cool. So I've resorted in bumping the rad several times and its seems the CPU temp dipped instantly! Its at about 71 celsius now running the aida64 CPU,FPU stress test. Imma keep hitting it seems to be working ? But yeah wtf?? The temps dropped almost instantaneously while stress testing!? Also feels like more of the rad is being warmed up. Very wierd, Could've have been a airbubble?
  2. So I've had a Corsair H115i 280mm for about 2 years now cooling my i7 6700k. I don't know what is causing the cooler not to work correctly. When on load the CPU reaches 100 Celsius and rad itself about 60, but the fans are running at max speed. Firstly, does anybody know if the whole radiator is intended to heat up, because i can only feel heat at the beginning of the rad, the area where the warm flow of water is coming into the rad to circulate and then has to return to the CPU. The rest, about 70% of the rad is not warm at all. And i mean its gets REALLY hot at that 30ish% area. Could the water in the cooler be blocked by something? Or what can it be because I've had it with the sh*tty rad. I'm almost on the point of just buying a new one. I'm really frustrated. A few other things that I've made sure of: I have checked the mount, it is properly fastened. Thermal paste is of good quality and there is enough on. All cables are connected. Pump is running on max RPM and fans. What can I do? Thanks!
  3. Are both tubes supposed to be equally warm on my CPU cooler? Im not really a boffin when it comes to liquid cooling.
  4. Only the one tube is really warm, other one is cold, Feels like ambient temp. I can feel a little bit of vibration. On my liquid cooled 1080 the tubes are equally very warm and i can feel them vibrating.
  5. On idle about 34 degrees. During testing temperature varies on the duration of the test. BUT I have been able to test it. When @ 80 degrees.The Radiator is at 48 degrees. This when it has ran for about 5 min.
  6. Ok, my CPU has been overheating countless times while playing games. Skylake i7-6700K @ 4.0Ghz (Because its overheating, used to be able to overclock to 4.5Ghz) CPU COOLER: Corsair H115i, Water Cooling, with 2x 140mm SP140L Fans Thermal paste: CoolerMaster MasterGel Pro MOBO: MSI Z170A GAMING M5 I have a Corsair 760T and A LOT of airflow. My Cpu idles on 30-40. But when stressing it with cinebench instantly jumps to 85 degrees and then a few seconds later hit 99. It is natural that the temps jump like that? My Liquid Cooled 1080, when stress testing it, gradually climbs up to a max of 60. What could it be? On my iCUE settings my radiator pump runs at 3200RPM. I've also made sure that it has enough thermal paste and that is securely fastened.
  7. When I hold my hand on my 1080's liquid pipes. I can clearly feel it vibrating. But on my H115i almost nothing.
  8. Hey man! Well in my iCUE software it tells me that the pump is running at 3200 RPM. Would that be trustworthy to tell that the pump is running? Or how should I check it?
  9. I want to delid my CPU, but dont want to buy the delid gadget. Also can i use my CoolerMaster Mastergel Pro on my CPU?
  10. Well it's just boosting to 4.2. I can remember I could overclock it to 4.6 and it wouldn't go over 70 degrees, that was about 6 months ago.
  11. Hi everyone, I've been having alot of overheating on my i7 6700k. it hits 99 degrees on max load. Let me explain this better: My CPU idles at about 25-35. But for example I used Prime95 for this test, It would instantly jump to 80 and then in a few seconds hit 99. What could it be? I have a H115i Liquid Cooler and LOTS of airflow. I also use CoolerMaster MasterGel Pro which has a Thermal Conductivity of >8 W/m-K. I have also made sure that it is well spread. My liquid cooled 1080 doesn't go above 60 degrees on full load and its overclocked. Motherboard: MSI Z170 Gaming M5. Can anybody explain what is happening here?
  12. Holy shit, what luck I found a person with a similar setupI have to ask you then. How are your temps now?? before and after What CPU are you running? I want to compare. Thanks a billion!