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    St.John's, NL, Canada
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    Anime, Youtube, Programming, Computers,Space,Gaming and MUSIC
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    Engineering Student @ Memorial University of Newfoundland
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    Landscape editor, story editor and animator in Dextrax Studios


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    Nvidia 940Mx(2GB VRAM)
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  1. I see!! This is COOOL!! I mean, this is obviously out of my budget range, and I might look into the mighty, that looks cool, and also looks like it could be useful while running and stuff, so that's nice!! Thanks you guys, Imma look into this !!
  2. I want to use some kind of dedicated hardware for two reasons: 1.Spotify takes up a huuuge amount of space on my phone 2. I used to love having an mp3 player on the go, and would love that experience back
  3. Okay, so this is something that I've been thinking of recently, ever since I got spotify premium. My phone is getting filled with offline songs, so, I wanted to get a dedicated music player to take with me on the go where I can use spotify. Problem is, that spotify doesn't run on any normal mp3 players on the market. I don't wanna go down the apple route, cause frankly I don't like their products and they're priced really high, so, I was wondering if there was any music player on the market which runs on android. Since that is the only way I can think of to use spotify the way I want.
  4. Nah man, I am clueless here, maybe wait around and see if anyone else replies. I'm sorry my man
  5. According to Gigabyte's website, 1 long and 3 short beep means a GPU error. Try reseating the graphics card, if that doesn't work, try a different PCIe slot
  6. huh, that is rather weird. I used to have a problem like this, but only during windows 10 installation. I tried different slots for my RAM and tried to reseat the SATA cable. but they didn't work, so, I asked my friend, who also had more or less the same specs as me to lend me parts for troubleshooting, and I realised that I had a bad HDD. I swapped it out, and my computer has been running smoothly ever since. If you have a spare HDD or have a friend who would lend you one, you could try that out, but I can't promise anything
  7. To be honest, it all depends on your own preference. If you buy the computer on Amazon, you will have a singular place where you can contact to get warranty or replace the machine if it doesn't work. However, when you build your own system, you need to own up and be prepared to deal with any number of different companies in the case of product failure or warranty. On the other hand, if you build your own system, that brings joy and fun along with it. I cannot recommend what to do, however, if you want the experience of sourcing everything, piecing everything together, troubleshooting, and then finally seeing your computer turn on for the first time, go for a DIY system. If you want no hassle and good customer service, go with the prebuilt. In the end, it all depends on you. Now, a reason for not building your own PC at the moment would be GPU and RAM prices, and for things like that, companies like NZXT has their BLD which sells components almost at MSRP. However, the fun and the thrill that comes with building your own computer cannot be topped by anything. That's all I can say to you my friend, in the end, it all depends on you. Hope you figure it out.
  8. Ayyy my hypothesis was pretty correct, eh?! That's cool, I suppose
  9. huh, well, this is something I never really thought about. I don't know for certain, but what I think happens is that new information is provided to the kernel which decides the privileges of the user. I am pretty sure that a separate partition or anything is not created, but the user files. such as the documents, the pictures, and stuff get created and might be hidden to the operating system when accessing it as a user. like, the kernel decides, which user information the operating system can see. Now, I don't know for certain, as I said, this is just a hypothesis that I am coming up with as I am writing this, so, I very well might be wrong. That said, I would love to know more, so, if anyone can clear this up for both @TheGermanEngie and Me, it'd be great
  10. Take something that you hate. Take a verb ending in ing(A gerund). Take something that you love. Mash them all together. Example: Lizard Eating Chocolate DRM destroying Games See? EASY!!
  11. Oh man, I'm sorry that THAT was your first encounter with the forum. I've been here for a while, and though I don't post often, the community is really good, well, mostly. Anyhoo, welcome, and I hope you make some new friends here!!
  12. Honestly, that's so true, when I moved here for university, (cause that's cheap) and when LTX was announced, I was like, "YEAHHH I couldn't go last year, but I'll surely go this time!!" and then I checked the ticket prices online, and honestly, the price of a round-trip air ticket is the same as a one way ticket back to India. Lmao!!! airfare prices are crazy from here, but anyhoo, thanks !!
  13. Hey, so, I wanted to know if anyone here is from St. John's, Newfoundland, and/or attending MUN. Idk, I wanted to see if anyone from my university is a fan, and if so, then idk, we could be friends??
  14. Original Article here: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2017/04/google-burger-king-feud-over-control-of-the-google-assistant/ So, Burger king used the "OK, Google" feature and kind of hijacked the feature to their own advantage. There was a TV ad which was fifteen seconds long and it exploited the fact that anybody could trigger the "Ok Google" feature on an android phone. Here's the ad which was used. It's sure to say that Google was not pleased with this, and has issued a server side update to remove the Burger King recording which the assistant would read out (Which would include the ingredients from the Wikipedia page, which of course people tried to vandalise, and some were even successful to an extent) According to the article, now, the ad would still trigger the Google Home but the assistant would not trigger a voice response, instead it would just go back to sleep. However, if an user asked specifically what a whopper burger is, it would still give a voice response. Idk, what do you guys think about this whole thing?