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  1. Oh sorry I haven't seen your reply sooner. Thanks :)
  2. So as the title suggests I'm trying to set up voice meter and virtual cable to rout my sound for streaming and recording purposes. I want my Discord audio to be routed through virtual cable to hardware input 1. I did that and tested out how it sounds with a music bot in a server and it sounded really compressed. Like talking over the phone. I've completely reset and even reinstalled both drivers. Nothing worked. I've looked at the control panel that virtual cable comes with but there's one window that allows me to change the latency and frequency of samples taken. I tried changing that but it didn't work. So now I'm asking you guys. Does anyone know how to fix this? Also for some reason, I can't use my Voiceemeter AUX input. VAIO works fine but the other one just plain doesn't give me any signal. Here's a screenshot of the window.
  3. Because my main monitor is a 1080p panel and I want to match the number of pixels on the Y axis. I use Blender a lot and I like to strech it over all three monitors. But right now the upper part of the window get's covered up because the monitors are different.
  4. I know what you mean. But I specifically want to set it to 1350x1080. Which is not on the list
  5. Yes. But I want to set a custom resolution of 1350x1080. It's not on the list.
  6. I can't set in there. I can just choose an already existing one.
  7. How can I set a custom resolution on my third monitor? I have it connected to an old Radeon HD 4600 that works as a display adapter because I don't have an adapter for display port to DVI. This means that Nvidia control panel doesn't recognise the display. What I'd usually do is change it through the Nvidia control panel but since that's not possible here I guess I'll need an extra program for that. Are there any free options? I don't need any special features. Just the option to set a custom resolution.
  8. So I've been experiencing this for a while now and can't seem to find the cause. More than that. I have 3 videos. All of them are over 40 minutes long with a whole shitload of still frames that would annoy anyone watching the video. Sooo the second thing I would like to know is if there is a program that removes these still frames automatically since I don't want to go insane while cutting one by one out of the videos.
  9. I've noticed that Premiere is using 100 percent of my CPU while playing video. Even simple blur effects make the video stutter so I can't preview it even when I drop the resolution to 1/4. That would all be well and good if my GPU (750 ti) wouldn't be sitting idle. I've enabled GPU acceleration in the settings and it still doesn't use it. My drivers are all up to date. MY SPECS: FX 6300 (4.4 GHz) GTX 750 ti FTW
  10. 550 W. I'm pretty sure it's not maxing out since the fan is barely spinning. Anyway I'm not gonna say I fixed the problem since I'm currently testing some GPU overclock settings because prior to that most games would freeze due to an unstable overclock on the graphics card. CPU however... I was running Prime95 tests all week, trying to get it stable and bumping up the voltage bit by bit before I got it to run for 12 hours without errors. I got the VCore set to +0.260 V in the BIOS. I guess I've reached it's limits. It needs an absurd amount of voltage to run stable at 4.4 GHz and I really don't want to push my luck since I have a low end mobo with only a 4 PIN CPU power delivery connector. In conclusion. I experienced one total freezeup of the system while basically idle. I'm not sure if it's the GPU or the CPU. Both had stress tests running on them all night and showed no sign of instability so I'm not really sure what to do.
  11. Okay. Let me list the things I know and all the specs. SPECS: CPU: FX 6300 (4.4 GHz) GPU: GTX 750 ti (from EVGA) MOBO: Gigabyte 970A-DS3P RAM: 2X4 GB (1866 MHz) OS: Windows 10 Pro This has been happening for a while now. I first thought it was the VRM heating up too much so I lowered the clock speed and VCore voltage. No effect. Then I took out some LED lights (now the only lights are on the fans) and now it takes longer but the PC still freezes. There is no error code, no blue screen. Nothing. No matter how long I let it turned on. Only the sceen goes black. Then I reset it and everything works fine. I haven't noticed any performance degradation in any games. Also I've let it render a a scene in Blender on the GPU for the time I was in school and when I came back it was still running. I guess that eliminates the chance of a bad power supply since it was running on full load for a few hours. I overclocked the CPU back to 4.4 recently and when I tried to test the stability with Overdrive it freezes in around 30 seconds. I've read that this might have something to do with RAM timings and frequency so I'll include a screenshot of that from Speccy.