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  1. http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answers/id-2620399/flickering-bad-anti-aliasing-entire-household.html This thread perfectly describes the issue that affect us but he is unfortunately closed. All devices are affected(PC, TV, Smartphone...), I have this shit since 3 years (installing a GTX 970) and I found no solution despite the purchase of a new PC and TV. I also installed an inverter but that didn't change anything. I hope a genius will solve this issue. (sorry for my bad english)
  2. ok Thanks, I think I will buy MSI B350 :http://www.materiel.net/cartes-meres/msi-b350-pc-mate-141332.html withAMD Ryzen 1500x
  3. How to know if Ryzen is compatible with my motherboard pls? My motherboard is a MSI B85M-G43.
  4. Hi Lordante, is the problem still present on your ps3?
  5. Thank you very much for your return but I will wait for confirmation from other people because I have already spent a lot of money for the purchase of new pc.
  6. Read this: https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/831430/geforce-900-series/pixelated-shadows-texture-popins-gtx-960-970-980-ect-/70/ The problem started on my TV one week after the issue on my PC. I'm sure evrything is connected.
  7. I have exactly the same problem as you. I think all my electrical system is infected because all devices are infected (TV,PS3). I maybe calling an electrical specialist but i'm afraid that he can't find the source of issue. I'm pretty sure that buying a new processor will not solve anything.
  8. Hi, for me also the problem has appeared after the change my graphic card (r7 265 to GTX 970), I then bought a new laptop with GTX 980M but the issue is always present. I feel that the issue is of electrical origin because my tv is also affected. I think that NVIDIA is guilty for this problem but how to explain that the issue is also present on other platforms?
  9. What surprises me is that an UPS stabilizer doesn't change anything.
  10. I don't know how to fix it, I bought an UPS stabilizer on which I connected my TV and my ps3 but it did nothing solved. For me the only solution is to change house because I think the whole electrical system is infected (sorry for my bad english).
  11. What you say confirms that it is probably an electrical problem (bad tension ...) because the concern is present on all platforms
  12. I really doubt that the problem comes from the processor because the issue exists on all platforms (PC, TV....).
  13. Welcome to the club, is the problem also exists on your TV ? (sorry for my bad english)
  14. I have a question, have you noticed the presence of the problem on your TV or on your different consoles (ps3...)?