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  1. Thanks for the post and all the good info. Currently have a gtx 970 considering sli or possibly just upgrading to the 1070 and this post was a big help in getting some additional info on pros and cons of sli
  2. Imo portability exclusives ease of use and small form factor are what consoles are best at. 300$ a tv and 2 wires and your good. I love my pc and while you can generally download a game and start playing right away it usually takes me about half a day to get all the settings dialed in fix any small issues and get everything the way I like it.
  3. I dont know what the used market in your area is like and if you are ok buying used but locally in texas i have seen gtx 970 going for anywhere from 100-175$ usd. Could be a good upgrade if you can find one around 120-150
  4. I dont have bf1 so i dont know how well it runs but i would say if you notice a cpu bottleneck in other games you play and you think its worth it then upgrade. 6700k vs 7700k would mostly depend on price. Both are more than enough for gaming but kaby lake should have higher stock clocks with better efficiency and 5-15% overall performance increase. Im currently waiting to see price and performance on the i5 7600k and i7 7700k to replace my i5 6500
  5. Locally the 970 strix in my area are going for anywhere from 120-200 usd Id say 150-175 usd depending on condition.
  6. Currently have a strix gtx 970 that has so much coil whine I can't even play without a headset on it sucks cuz I spent all my budget trying to get a nice video card found it on sale for 250 figured it was a good deal. I would love to get rid of it and try an amd card for the first time. Good luck to all and thanks for the chance!
  7. You are correct but i wanted the option to upgrade to an unlocked cpu in the future. And i think it looks badass
  8. A big thanks to the OP from a newbie for this help thread. Havent built a pc yet about to start in a few days but its good to know if there is a problem i have lots of good info and recources here to utilize.
  9. Finally got everything ordered. Should all be here by friday, decided to go with a skylake build and the gtx 970 strix http://pcpartpicker.com/list/3YXZLD
  10. Also the 970 is just to start gaming for now. I would like a 1070 but im impaitent. after the new cards finish dropping i will probably upgrade around christmas
  11. Thanks for all the advice its much appreciated i will have to look over a few components. Definitely going with a better psu and ssd. Havent given much thought to skylake figured the i5 4690k would handle anything and if i need to i can add a watercooler and overclock.
  12. First i would like to thank LTT and everyone on here that help newbies like me. Being relatively new pcs can become overehelming. Im hoping to get some advice this pc will only be used for gaming and probably going to stay at 1080p. Can anyone tell me if this will give me any problems with newer games like doom and fallout 4? http://pcpartpicker.com/list/cfVWZ8