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  1. Hello, so recently (I unfortunately cannot pinpoint when this started) having random stuttering in COD Warzone, Modern Warfare & Cold War, I also tested on BF5 and didn't seem to have the same issue, I had some stuttering but I believe this was from first time using DX12 and loading a map for the first time (this I believe is a well known downfall to running DX12 in BFV) Anyway, so I recently clocked my ram to 3200Mhz, and enabled Smart Access Memory, to then realise a few days later I was getting stutters inside of Warzone, and further testing the same happened with Cold War
  2. After a long awaited upgrade, I'm finally planning on getting a new TV considering the new recent additions to LG's line up! I've been looking at the LG OLED55BX6LB which supports the main two features I'm looking for which is 100Hz refresh rate, and that sweet sweet HDMI 2.1 Now I've recently put together my new PC, and the Mrs is going to be looking into getting an Xbox Series X when they're more readily available, my problem is the location of where the PC is, The Xbox is just within 5m cable length which will be fine, however my PC is just over this 5m length, by about another
  3. I'll probably go with the H80i, it should be sufficient enough, and there isn't a lot of room in my case, so having the heatsink up higher might help me a little
  4. The D15 is £78, and I get get a Corsair H80i V2 120mm for £77.99, so would I most likely be better of with that? And it looks cooler imo
  5. This is fine, I thought this much, Guess I'll have to put the I5 back in for now, I'll grab the other cooler, and if the temps are still bad I'll ordered a AiO
  6. Hello, I used to have an I5-4460, paired with my GTX 980, 16GB etc, on the i5-4460 I used to use the stock cooler, I recently did a trade at work with some cash for an I7-4790, now, it had a cooler with it, however I didn't think to bring it with me, however I can get it on monday. With the I7, its running the stock cooler and when playing BF1 reached a temp of 100oc, is this most likely because of the cooler? I've tried reseating it twice, to no affect.
  7. So, I know this is a tech forum, but had a lot of reliable answers from this site, so thought it would be a good place to ask. At work, as I'm 18, the shop I work at does 8 Hours days (Is currently 9 but dropping lower) Is it legal for me to not take a break? My employer has stated I'm allowed an hours break, however, I'd prefer to work the full 8 Hours to get the extra pay, is it legal for me to do this if it is at my own will? I know you're entitled to certain time breaks depending on the length of your work, I'm wondering If I can still work the full day without a break if I cho
  8. Do you think this has been caused by the latest update? I got my first BSOD the other day as well, however it happened after the latest patch, and at work some of the machines at work had been doing the same? I ran Windows defender and it came back with nothing. My PC also just did something new, and it completely froze the m controls par movement, while the pc kept running, ctrl+alt+delete snapped it out of it
  9. This is very strange a 2nd PC restart fixed the problem, I've scanned through my programs and there were a few things that shouldn't be there but not necessarily viruses, I'll run an AV just too make sure.
  10. So, literally got on my PC tonight, went to right click to close something in the notification area in the bottom right of the taskbar, and windows explorer hangs and then restarts, if I go into the start menu,everything is greyed out, nothing can be clicked on without cause it to hang and restart, trying to go into any folder does the same? I'm really confused.
  11. Honestly, I don't recommend these devices, I own the Razer Tartarus and there simply isn't enough keys for the majority of games I play, also they often need rebinding for most games for a comfortable use, which can be a pain. After buying one I used it for a couple of days and then went back to just KB+M having a much larger range of keys helps a lot, especially with Photoshop considering the amount of keybindings that can be utilized. I also find that the ergonomics are different and don't feel comfortable compared to a keyboard.
  12. Simply put, Windows Search safety has been using up to 40% of my CPU usage, I need a fix to this? Anyone have a solution? I5-4460 GTX 980 16GB Ram Windows is on a 320GB HDD, with everything else on a 1TB HDD.
  13. I've heard very positive feedback from both displays, the refresh rate would be nice for CS/Six Siege/Fortnite but as said I won't be playing many if any games in 4k
  14. So, soon I'm going to be acquiring a PC again, spec'd with: i5-7600k (leaving on factory clocks for meantime) Gigabyte G1 GTX 1060 6GB 16GB DDR4 @ 3200MHz Now I can't decide on a monitor (other suggestions are welcome, just bare in mind I have a limit of £250 including shipping) I've seen many second hand sellers for the PB spec monitors, going second hand allows for me to afford one within my budget. I'm unable to decide between the two for a few factors: - 4K @ 60HZ Vs 1080p @ 144HZ - Windows Scaling In terms of the debate between