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Cripple [Crip]

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  • Birthday 1997-05-18

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    Somewhere where 4k is 144Hz and is IPS With 1ms
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    Gaming...yea thats my job 4 Life [SOO THUGGISH]


  • CPU
    i7 3770
  • Motherboard
    MSI Z68S-G43
  • RAM
  • GPU
    AMD HD 7970
  • Case
    Acer Aspire Predator G3620
  • Storage
    HDD : 1TB , HyperX Fury 128gb
  • PSU
    Lite-on 550w
  • Display(s)
    AOC l2269vw
  • Cooling
    Titan Vanessa S
  • Keyboard
    A4 Tech G800-MU
  • Mouse
    CM Storm Mizar
  • Sound
    Sharkoon 5.1
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro (x64)

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  1. E seljacino kad bih ti razumeo da me lik zajebava ja sam to napisao jer sam ga kupio ali je kao morao negde da ide da pitam ponovo da vidim da li je vredno uzimati ili treba da se cenkam ovde na smrdljivom balkanu da bog da izgoreo ceo
  2. I thought the guy was gonna come over here but turns out he had something to do and is fucking me hard so im asking again to be sure since im doubting the deal...
  3. Serbia...yea these fucking faggots out here are charging a GTX 980 for $950 so you see if i can get better...
  4. Ummmmmmmm...the thing is the pc is not a modern day pc you will see what im talking about just look at the pic
  5. Im not being disrespectful im just saying i always hear you can build better of course you can but in the fucking EU if your on a budget used parts or pcs is your solution , he says it like i live in the US "you can build better with modern new gen hardware" where i live new gen is only for the rich
  7. the thing is i dont live in the US i live in EU and here tech is more expensive then a new tesla car...
  8. Is this pc worth buying for $500 and doing some mods? the specs are : i7 3770 16gb ram GTX 660 1TB HDD , No SSD Ugly green ass mobo matx Lite-On 550w its a Acer Aspire G3620 case Soo is it worth buying this and adding a 128gb HyperX Fury SSD , selling the GTX 660 to buy a GTX 680 or a rx 480 for gaming at 1080p high settings 60fps games such as GTA 5 ,Dying Light,CSGO,State of Decay
  9. I personally loved the MX series and the simple G series but when i switched to the CM Storm Mizar it was like a whole other world and i feel in love with it so try different mices going into gaming cafes and trying them out but if you cant find anything that you tried IRL go for another G500 or a G700
  10. Yea you wont see any difference in gaming performance, but just check if your motherboard supports ECC memory
  11. you can also get the LG25UM58-P its a little more expensive but it has 15 more Hz so its 75Hz,while the other one is 60Hz
  12. Nothing , just go for which one is cheaper