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  1. Well, it seems I was wr Well, I tried that, and it seems to do the trick, atleast in rust. I ran furmark aswell but it did not go over 80c and it went smoothly. This is seriously starting to wreck my brain... If this is the problem raising the fan profiles seem to be a temporary solution, I dont want a card that seem to crash at 80C obviously
  2. Well, it seems I was wrong about the temp thing, at 80c I start to see artifacts and it soon crashes, this is however new, the card did not get this hot in my old build.
  3. He meant that aswell I think, freaky thing is, I took the card out, put it back in, and Rust did not crash, gonna do more testing tomorrow. Dont want to get my hopes up just yet!
  4. Yeah, if by resetting you mean deleting the drivers with DDU etc then yes.
  5. Yeah, well, thing is, I donw know if MSI Afterburner clock is actually taking, since the numbers are not changeing after i press "apply"
  6. Yeah, I used DDU the temps are fine, monitoring with MSI Afterburner Yeah, thats where I am at basically, hoping it wont come to that. Yeah, il check it now. Well i kind of failed to mention that the game always crashes and some small artifacting can be observed right before the crashes. Thanks, been watching Linus content for a long while, figured I could get some help here.
  7. Hello guys! I am a swedish person(excuse my english)who considers himself to be quite handy when it comes to computers but I am at an impass with this problem, so I need your help! I recently upgraded my computer, and when I say that I mean I bought everything except a new graphics card. Details below: CPU: i7 6700k with corsair H75 MOBO: asus z170 pro gaming RAM: Corsair vengeance DDR4 2x8GB GPU: geforce GTX 770 gainward phantom PSU: Fractal Design EDISON M 750W HDD's: Samsung 120GB SSD and a 1TB drive Windows 10 Now, it seems that anytime I do anything thats "graphic intense" such as witcher 3 and Rust, yes I know, but not CSGO or dota. I will get a message saying the graphics driver has stopped working and been reset. I have tried everything I can think of, completley wiping graphics drivers, downclocking the card(worked on my old rig when I was playing rust)made sure the drives are ok aswell as RAM to be sure. So here I am, a lonley swede who might be on the brink of a serious meltdown(which means hitting my pillow and not talking about it alot in swedish) So please some kind soul, help meeeee! Thanks, il provide any info you need if I missed something. EDIT: new to this site, did not know what topic to put this in so if its in the wrong one, im sorry