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  1. I have not heard about this site before, so judge it as you will: https://www.hwcooling.net/en/what-s-the-best-position-for-your-ssd-m-2-en/ Aka, it says the exstra airflow from a GPU is a bigger positive than the air being hot is a negative, therefore it actually being a better position than for example right above the top GPU, where there is less airflow. Different parts might change things like for example different CPU cooler might make a difference. I would personally just put it together, then stress the hole system including CPU, GPU, and the SSDs and then just look at the temperatures and see if something have to be done.
  2. If your GPU is not blower style, and you CPU cooler is not one of those that push air straight at the mobo (think stock ones), a NVMe is actually running cooler if it's under the GPU (or behind it, sort of between GPU cooler and mobo) than if it's between the GPU and CPU. People have tested it. Reason is that even if the air the GPU push out hot air, it's still better because the much much better airflow there than right above the GPU. You can probably find the article about it being tested if you search online enough.
  3. When things seem too good to be true, it usually is. And in this case it obviously is.
  4. Definitely not me. I also never get in to a habit of waking as early as I have to. I am a very heavy sleeper and it's hard for me to wake up, no matter if my alarm is the exact same time every day.
  5. What I mean is that, on real world difference in OS, games and programs eight now, there aren't that much difference between NVMe and SATA? But do you think for example programs and games will change in the future, so NVMe speeds is used better and therefore there is a larger difference between NVMe and SATA? I am talking in for example 7 years or more. Another question, how much more would you pay for an 1 or 2 TB SSD if it was NVMe over an 2,5" SATA SSD?
  6. I actually have the same problem on an Asus mobo, just DC controlled fans, but I didn't bother doing anything with it because temp was good enough. (I know higher rpm case fans would probably have caused lower rpm GPU/CPU fan, but I did bother). And at this point I am soon upgrading anyway.
  7. What would a good fan configuration in Meshify C Mini be? (Any number of fans)
  8. Almost all movies I saw in 2019 did not come out in 2019. But I have to say: Joker
  9. Maybe try to(don't know if it works, haven't done it before personally): 1. Move everything above for example 400 GB to somewhere else, another HDD or something (or delete it but you probably don't want that) 2. Make the partition windows is on 500 GB or less. 3. Then try to do it
  10. On computer there is a program called Cold Turkey, that block things and you can not just turn it off while a block is on. On phones I don't know It's helped me little bit but not enough tho.
  11. Unraid cache drive can usually also be used for a place for dockers and VMs to store non media data if you want that (for example temporary files or files for the dockers itself or whatever), that is usually not much, but the HDDs will be used less.
  12. I do little bit, but not much of photo and video editing, but not very much. (want to do more, but knowing me that probably wont happen). (Not any 3d rendering or anything, just 2d video from camera). That mobo is only 10€ cheaper, will Google it tho. I forgot about ram. Was looking at both 2x8gb 3600 c16 and 3200 c15 really. Also forgot I plan to get new/add some fans for the case. Only one of those that exists in stores here that I saw, is Adata, and it was like maybe 5€, and internet seem to say Crucial is better.
  13. And in all of Europe except older electricity network in Norway, you can get 400v three phase in to the house, but you get one phase and neutral in all sockets but different sockets is on different phase. Some places like UK, often that split happens out in the street somewhere.
  14. So I want a new computer soon, this is list of what I have nailed it down to until now: CPU: Ryzen 3600(x) 221€/260€ or 3700X 363€ CPU Cooler: Included one, OR some not too expensive air cooler, not decided yet. Free or sub 40 € ish Mobo: MSI B450M Mortar Max 120€ (Some people have told me to stay away from MSI but this is what seems like the best mATX B450 board that is guaranteed to have bios for Ryzen 3000) GPU: RX 5700 XT, either Asus ROG Strix 496€ , Sapphire Pluse 446€ or Powercolor Red Devil 507€. Case: Fractal Design Meshify Mini TG 97€ (was also considering Phantecks Enthoo mATX because it looks amazing but it seem to be discontinued and the store that still has it have put a high price on it) Storage: Crucial MX500 1TB/2TB 130€/270€ OR Corsair MP510 960GB/1,92TB 160€/312€ PSU: Not decided yet
  15. And go through AMD settings and see if some settings is forced on/off instead of letting the game decide. Also see what happens if you change the setting for sharpening if that makes a noticeable difference to you in either direction (better/worse)
  16. MSI laptops. The one I got had utter shit build quality. (I was stupid and only looked at specs/price when I get it tho but still, that laptop should not have existed)
  17. Also, most likely not coming out before the end of the year anyway, you really want to wait almost a year?
  18. Canon DSLR with actually good video features? Wow.
  19. Will there be a B550? If there is, releasing them the same time as the desktop APUs OR wait for Zen 3 would be the most logical.
  20. Both WD and Seagate have bad and good models. (Bad as on many fails).
  21. GPU would be the limiting factor in that case.