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  1. True, I wont use credit cards myself. Only single loan I will get is when I eventually move out, if I can, because its basically impossible not to without living without, or just a small rent with your parents for many years.
  2. In US. Multiple of those things does not affect it in my country. And some other European countries don't even have it at all. I know, but what I wrote was just something I wanted to write.
  3. Mihle

    TSMC started R&D on 2nm process

    I don't think that is possible?
  4. Credit score is much less important, based on less information, or don't even exist, in many European countries. From my understanding, in my country, we do have it, but it's not based on credit card usage("consumtion loan") almost at all. But your salary (both how much and how stable it is), how you pay back house loan for example, and payment remarks (including not paying "consumption loan" on time) does.
  5. https://www.fastcompany.com/90358396/that-major-google-outage-meant-some-nest-users-couldnt-unlock-doors-or-use-the-ac This is why you don't get something that requires internet to even do it's basic feature.
  6. Everything works completely fine for me, I am in Norway. What is "parts of Northern Europe" in this case?
  7. Yes, maybe AdoredTV wasnt correct on that much, only some, but. I dont remember anyone that said Epic Zen 1 would be 4 desktop chips before he did, Or anyone that said there would be an IO die and Core chiplets before he did. Ayone know if any rumors/leaks existed about that, that was before Adored, they can link to? He was correct about that.
  8. I bet E3 will be more focused on Navi than Ryzen.
  9. Mihle

    Nvidia trying to trademark..... numbers?

    There is another part to what AMD is doing than trying to have higher number than Nvidia. And that is to have something that fits better with their CPU naming scheme. For example R5 3600 with RX 3070. OEMs could even call that AMD 3670 if they wanted. Not saying it's good or bad, but it might also be a reason.
  10. A lot of that is that there is so many years ago since Last light came out, and over the years more have gotten last light post launch. There was also much more advertising on it than what I can remember was on Last light. There are very many factors at play.
  11. It's better than just accepting it. Epic store is utter shit.
  12. He most likely means he ignore Epic exclusives and rather wait for them to get on other stores, like I do. I vote with my wallet.
  13. From articles I have looked at, it will not affect already sold phones, just ones sold in the future.
  14. Mihle

    Tech support asking for Windows Password

    From what I have been told from other people, in my country if you send your phone or laptop or whatever in to support, and they need to access some software at all, it's common practice to just wipe it/factory resets it without even asking about it or anything. (They do usually say you should back it up when you send it in tho)
  15. I personally switch with Nokia 8.1 there maybe
  16. Mihle

    Google Wing enters the drone-delivery race.

  17. Mihle

    Titan keys have been called back by Google

    If I was an engineer, I would never have used Bluetooth for something that had to do with security...
  18. Mihle

    WAN show May 10, 2019 - Autism

    @LinusTech I bet tagging him probably doesn't make it more likely for him to read it, but why not. OP. Good Words.
  19. .... Would you notice the difference between a phone with s Snapdragon 710 and one with 845? If you don't play games but mostly use the phone for surfing the web, utility apps and communication. An did not now, would you in 2 years? Can't decide between Nokia 8.1, 8 Sirocco or OnePlus 6.
  20. Mihle

    In a real world situation....

    From what I have read, GG 5 is not more scratch resistant than GG 3 at all, it's just more impact resistant. Nokia says 2 years for main updates and 2 years or more for security. I want fingerprint sensor on the back, not in the screen, and a headphone jack. Therefore no 6T. OnePlus is about 150€ more than the Nokia. That's why I really have trouble deciding. If they where the same I would have just gone OnePlus. OnePlus 7 is supposed to come next week, maybe wait and see if the price drops then?
  21. Mihle

    In a real world situation....

    Thanks for the info, Nokia 8.1 is a year newer than the OnePlus....
  22. On laptops there are very very many different ones....
  23. As I said, it's related to the quote you posted. But not really directly to you. I just have something I wanted to vent basically. It's more aimed at those that think that you could remove all opinions for everything and still run a country on that. The thing is, you can not. Even if you take away feelings, there are a lot of people, on both sides that have an opinion but says that opinion is a fact because it's based on a fact, but is not in itself one. And lot of problems society has, has multiple way to be solved/improved, that all have some negative or positive factual outcomes. Different people can value those differently and therefore wanting the different solutions or even not wanting any of them because the main problems don't affect them. That is in my opinion what opinion is, how much you value some outcomes or things based on others. How much you value something is somewhat based on how much you know about it, but it's not everything.