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  1. If not, why? Sorry if this is an odd question i was just curious
  2. lmao dude is that an hp pavilion dv6 in the thumbnail? I have the same one lol
  3. Honestly I feel you guys should take your time lol There's more than 3k entries i think it's fine if it takes you more than a week
  4. The contest got more than 3k entries lmaoo I know it's gonna take quite a while to pick winners but is there any estimate of the result date?
  5. Learn in detail about the parts themselves, like difference between the different types of SSDs, etcetera.
  6. I've been watching ltt and other tech channels for like 3 or 4 years now and I still just feel like I haven't learned enough about hardware and everything, and I do want to learn more about it Is there some way to know more about it? Where do you suggest to start?
  7. Please don't remind me of Portal.
  8. Seems pretty good. There is no space for a projector at my house but my friend does have a spot. Res seems fine. Excited level over 9000!!!