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  1. o I am looking at upgrading to some new monitors and was looking at the PD3200Q but I remember these had some flickering and display issues that never got properly fixed as of this post in 2018 Has it changed since? My presumption is not as its because of a faulty chip on the panel its self. If its not fixed what are the best alternatives? 32 inch and 1440p, the only other options I know of are the Acer EB321HQU and Asus PB328Q. One obviously being considerably more expensive than the other.
  2. Well since we already have a large screen we were thinking just use that, we have a video switcher we can use and I have a reasonable idea of how we'd go about making some graphics Yea this was also why we wanted to keep it at a low cost, about a tenner + a bit for food and drinks for a night out playing and watching people play video games with the potential to win a £50 steam voucher or whatever seems like a fair deal
  3. Yeah, I think we probably will actually. It also makes it more open to kids as we as a venue couldnt let them play games they arent old enough to buy. And as we all know kids have way to much disposable income
  4. Cant belive i over looked this! Theres about 50k people within 15 mins of the venue and 250-500k within 30m to 1hr I suppose those are good points, I'll keep them in mind
  5. I think it depends on the level, locally there are probably loads of people who are 'good enough' to want or feel they could enter a competition. Or at least that was my thinking.
  6. Unfortuatly we are quite a trip away from Canada... Whats a gaming bar? Never heard of this before, is it essentially a room full of PCs, like a LAN party but with the PCs being permenant?
  7. Hi So, I work at a local music/events venue, and one of the things we do is cinema screenings. Because of this, we have a large venue Christie projector and a massive 24ft (ish) screen. We also have a huge 60kW PA System to go along with it (this is usually used for live music and stuff on the stage). Me and a friend who also worked there had a few hours spare so plugged his Xbox into the projector, we subsequently decided it was awesome playing games on a massive projector screen and wanted to explore the idea of running a gaming night. Our concept at the moment... Have 80 'Competitor Seats' on the Sofas, this will be something like £8-12/Person. These will be for people competing in that nights competition. There are also 200 ish seats at the back which spectators can sit in, we will probably sell these for £1.50-4.50. There will be space for mech stands or sponsor areas and we have multiple additional breakout rooms if we wanted to put other things in them (eg VR experience or demos from sponsors) There is also a bar and kitchen that can serve food so we are sorted from that end of things as this would likely be a 3pm to midnight type of affair. The competitors would compete either in teams of 2 or individually in different game types. For examples, 2v2 on CoD, fastest time to do 'xyz' in a game etc. What I'm here to ask is, do people like this concept and what ideas do you have for it?
  8. I know this isn't strictly programming but I feel like the folks here should be best equipped to help me with my question. So I have compiled Darknet with CUDA and have tried running ./darknet detector demo cfg/coco.data cfg/yolo.cfg yolo.weights in the terminal. It shows a window with my webcams output but I don't see any bounding boxes around any objects. If I put in -thresh 0.01 I do see a grid of bounding boxes labled "person". These don't move if I move around the frame, just stay in a fixed position. If I try just running it over one image - I tired the default dog.jpeg image that is included - I still get not bounding boxes. If I compile without CUDA and OpenCV I get the expected 3 boxes around the dog, car and bike on the default threshold. Any help with sorting this issue would be greatly appreciated - Oliver
  9. Hello all, I need to install openCV on my Ubuntu 16.04LTS machine. I need to get it working with Yolo on Darknet (https://pjreddie.com/darknet/yolo/) I have followed this https://www.learnopencv.com/install-opencv3-on-ubuntu/ tutorial and it appeared to install correctly but Yolo is still throwing an error saying it cant find the openCV install I really need to get this working ASAP so any help at all is hugely appreciated. Thank you
  10. It is definitely for the passenger and not the driver, I wouldn't want to have to explain that one to the cops if. You make a good point about the airbag, it can be disabled in our car and it will all be low speed ciy driving so I'm not excessively concerned about the reduced safety of the car.
  11. That would be quite a good solution, but unfortunately the headrests on our car are built into the seats so that wouldnt have anywhere to mount thank you for the idea though
  12. So I'm currently about to start some computer vision research around self driving cars testing some neural networks I am going to train. My plan is to have a PoE industrial camera (probably a Blackfly one) mounted on the roof that'll feed data to a computer mounted in the boot (or trunk for you silly Americans :p) This is all super easy, however the one difficult part is mounting a couple of 21.5 inch vesa compatible monitors in front of the passenger seat for monitoring while driving. I aren't able to install fixed mounts or do anything that will in anyway irreversibly damage the vehicle so i need someway of temporary mounting them. I am compleatly open to any and all solutions so long as it doesn't damage the car or cost a million pounds PS I have a mate with a welder and he has done a small amount of metal fabrication so that is also an option
  13. is there any way to MQTT without a broker? We need this because our robot swarm has to be compleatly decentralised.
  14. Hello all So this project involves having a dozen WiFi enabled robots. They all have ESP8266 WiFi chips on them (They are all based upon LoLin NodeMCU v2/v3). What I need to for one robot to be able to send a message to all the others, am I right in thinking this can be done with a UDP broadcast and how to I implement that in code? Also if there is a better option I would love to hear about it. As well as this I need all the robots to be in a mesh network as the project requirements dictate there can be no central control elements to the swarm. How to I configure this? Thank you for your help