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  1. No it's a btx case, yes if your handy with a grinder
  2. I've been using a small powered usb hub. two leads on the back one to my main machine, the other to my work laptop and just switch plugs. EDIT: just thought about it, since when does a kvm switch need a driver? none of my old ones ever did, they have a god dam switch on them.
  3. Life is hard sometimes, bought a new lawn mower instead of pc parts.

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    2. it_dont_work


      ...Cracked block my friend. I've the new motor just not the time to reco it and stick it in.

    3. UglyDuckiling


      I enjoy gardening, good investment.

    4. it_dont_work


      I usually do as well, but when it's my own, I've had to move into a rental because of moving jobs. Not so much fun maintaining someone else's garden but has to be done


  4. 52% ipc increase over fx. So basically (very basically because it doesn't work exactly like this) a fx 8 core @6.08ghz, would be equivalent to a ryzen at 4ghz. It's all about how the silicon works together.
  5. Head to the uni bar and pick up a chick that lives on res.
  6. Is it sad my currently 6-8 year old system is kind of my current dream build? I mean I don't have have much of an imagination
  7. I enjoyed the new deus ex games a fair bit, Mostly because I loved the first game when it came out, hell even IW was alright besides the shitty control system.
  8. Guess I'll give qemu a go after I get my nas up and running, it's spent 10 hours now copying video to the dam thing.
  9. Well that's good enough for me, also hardware is capable. Virtual box work fine for this purpose?
  10. Yes
  11. I've been looking at switching to a linux distro for my main os for sometime now, and using hardware pass through for gaming. How good is the general info to get started and what distro would you guys recommend, generally I'd just use ubuntu when in need of an os quickly but I've never stuffed around with vm's much and could use a recommendation. Or if I should just not bother and dual boot, vm passthrough is mainly just because I'd like something new to tinker with.
  12. Going by age I would doubt it, pentium d probably, c2d most likely not at all. Can't find my info from a quick google search either
  13. What he said, reduces noise a bit if you bottom out keys. I also found it made my typing less fatiguing but I slam on keys pretty hard when typing.
  14. Just use a powered hub, I've always just used used one with 5.25 burner since I don't have an external for my laptop. Christ the dam things run off usb2 with an extra power plug. odd dont require much power.
  15. Just buy a couple usb3 adapters, although I am curious as to why you would need to burn 6 discs at once?