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  1. Will i5 2500 bottleneck GTX 1050ti?

    Rarely, I've that combo in my htpc, but the 1050ti. If you can find one at a good price it's ok, but as always price
  2. Your setup now compared to 5 years ago?

    I'm more surprised how we've come so far, yet printers and scanners are still what most end users have trouble making work properly.
  3. Intel Core i7 8086K

    Old case turbo button and your set.
  4. Help for any car experts here

    Yeah that's what we've called it in Aus for years. Fair few models of ford/holdens you can use a screwdriver...couple where so shit you could start them with the dip stick. Also @enocadrian13 if that's your and you need a replacement don't put the new one back in without orientating to steering lock to match, fucker wont go in otherwise.
  5. Show off your latest purchase!

    Bought an induction cook top, fucking awesome little thing. Also I wont be taking a photo since its a fucking stove.
  6. NBNCo CEO announces departure

    What was that 2020 something? Oh sorry you meant 2020th century, technology might be a little out of date by then though.
  7. NBNCo CEO announces departure

    The bloody technology originally promised didn't even exist, the lovely idiot we called Rudd had his arse saved be csiro for that one. Bloke had a pretty hard time as CEO, it's not like it was easy to run nbnco through two changes of government and 4 leaders. Doesn't excuse the breaches of consumer law or lack of service under his watch, or the attempt to have the service split and sold to telecom companies to help absorb the cost blow outs. Personally though, I don't particularly care, would be nice if they fixed the broken connection to my property, but the telecom ombudsman already awarded me a refund for the 90 days without service i had to pay for now. I seriously miss my bonded idsn connection, and I can't believe I said that
  8. Will be an issue with OS, the size limit is somewhat arbitrary (for Dell) but for easy installation of OS's like windows, it'll be a limit imposed for page/swap file space. Install windows with 25gb of RAM, will try to setup a 256gb pagefile reserve, with a 256gb SSD/HDD the installer wont let it install without some modifications to the setup. If your workload used 256gb of ram, a larger pagefile can help with stability when litteraly gb's of data are being swapeped
  9. I still usually use and require optical drives for work. So I still have atleast one in my systems, next system might end up using an external one though.
  10. Yea, I didn't bother checking, the clear white led's look ok I guess. Might be louder, but the pw kinda just cough air with a filter, was more thinking the p300 looks somewhat restrictive in the front.
  11. corsair sp140's black pwm, would be what I'd of gotten now, or corsair ML140 but they're a little pricey
  12. Cheap Windows OS on Ebay?

    Just install w10 and dont activate it if its really that much of a money issue. Only downside is a watermark and some cosmetic stuff
  13. Got 4 of them in my be quiet! 800 case and they could be better, I'd probably go for something with a slightly higher static pressure in the P300. Nice and quiet tho, just not that great with airflow
  14. Will fx8350 bottlneck gtx660ti sli?

    ^ this, and your original question, yea it will.
  15. R9 fury, stuck at 300mhz

    1185mhz on the core at max voltage and power, memory crashes anything over 520mhz. sapphire nitro, can do 1200 if the core temp doesn't go over 60c, but that isn't exactly stable Much more stable at 1150. Not that oc's help me outside of benchmarks with an fx cpu. And a fresh install would of probably fixed it, like i said cant be bothered with that atm, if i couldn't get it working I would of just opened something in dosbox lol.