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  1. Probably just a voltage controlled relay on the card, my r9 fury only turns on the fans at 40C, read out says 20% fan speed when they aren't moving at all. If you're really that worried stick your head in the case.
  2. Sounds and looks like you just manual turned off the fan, and the card has thermal throttled to stop itself from dieing. You've reset to defaults and it all looks fine now, no problem no foul.
  3. Which z370 board would you choose and why?

    'Mosttm' boards around this price range are usually pretty good, I've been eyeing off the asrock extreme4 z370 for my next build (unless I put a haltech ecu in my car this xmas) I tend to shy away from msi boards from some bad expiriences, but then again many others haven't had an issue with them (kinda like the the whole seagate/wd debate). Power delivery looks fine for most overclocking on the msi boards, just dont go too crazy
  4. Maybe a decent 20 pin display port cable, but I'd see how the one with your monitor fairs first. It's a little difficult to know what you need until you've put everything together and decided where the pc is going to go. Also I've got that much extra crap laying around I usually have anything I could want, so you might need to buy a couple little things here and there like extentions, or fan splitters, a couple extra satat if you don't have enough on the right angle you want. What you should go and buy if you don't have one, is a decent surge protector. Even if your power is good, its cheap insurance. well worth it. get a big enough one and you can run everything off it.
  5. How can I make money off You Tube if I'm less than 16???

    setup a burner email, and burner P.O box, take all the crappy chinese product offers people get, take them all. Make a chanel about all the crappy chinese products companies are trying to flog
  6. Hit a galah (cockatoo) on the way home from work, classic UT 'first blood!' came out of my mouth. May of played too much deathmatch as a kid.

  7. Hard Drive for Gaming & SSD for boot - Good idea?

    While a luxury, this is most likely my next upgrade, ssd's are not stupidly expensive per gb anymore.
  8. What kind of Processor do you have?

    Currently using on a regular basis -i5 3317u -fx 8300 -i7 2600 -i5 5someting or other mobile piece of shit work laptop -pentium ii 400 -Athlon 1700+ -some arm core thing in my nas.
  9. Anyone know much about this card?

    That's pretty much as good as you'll find a 1050ti in Aus, $220 will get you a galax exoc version with a 6pin. But for $220-250 you should be able to find something better used. EDIT: there's an r9 290 4gb on ebay for 220 shipped atm. better than the 1050ti, and will overclock, nice sapphire card too.
  10. How long have YOU been following LTT/LMG/Linus?

    Three years or so I guess, I don't really watch ltt much anymore, just the wanshow occasionally.
  11. Silicone vs PET or PVC tubing

    Not on my pc, few of the cooling lines on my car I did in silicon hose since it was cheaper at the time, that was 120,000km ago. durable shit
  12. What are your unpopular preferences for tech ?

    CBF reading the thread, FX wasn't that bad...
  13. How old are you?

    Older than a snes, but younger than a nes.
  14. R9 390 for 1440p?

    Yeah should be right with slightly lowered settings, you're looking at similar if a touch slower performance to a rx 480.
  15. What is your future computer build?

    Honestly? Don't know, but what ever I pick now would probably change by the time I upgrade. Why upgrade my pc when I can buy power tools and engine mods.