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  1. With the filters and detail turned down, you'll probably be able to get pretty good frame rates (60~) Will need to do some stuffing around to see what works, will end up with most of the eye candy off.
  2. Did you factor in delivery? if you really want to save 30 bucks buy a sandisk drive.
  3. Look up a thermaltake x tray. but otherwise a ciggy lighter uses stuff all power. just wire one up with a 5amp quick blow fuse behind it.
  4. Then send some extra and get a 525gb crucial Free delivery. Or 275gb $145 delivered.
  5. That's a pretty good reason right there.
  6. Well that's a good place to start, considering they're cheap. Just get a known brand is the clock and date wrong? 9/10 cmos bat problems reset the clock.
  7. similar here, but my main is a 1440 27" 1680x1050 is just a good res for stuff
  8. I find, stopping and not caring is helpful. as long as nothing is in the way of a fan blade its all good.
  9. It was fine when I had it, full speed up/down, low ping with myrepublic. Now I've moved again for work, and only have net on my little telstra 4gx modem. $7.5 a GB...adsl would be nice if it was available, or other option is dial up atm I'll take adsl nbn can take as long as if fucking likes.
  11. Does your budget get a Korean 27" 1440 panel, I've a panel rebadged by kogan in Australia and it's been an amazing panel for under 300 aud. ips, with a samsung lcd panel in it.
  12. and what is really stupid is the problem will 'fix itself' when economic change causes another iron or aluminum smelter to shut down due to cost. Then every side of politics will sprook how they fixed it.
  13. Welcome to Australia there shit makes sense until it doesn't. Federal government has been blaming renewables for black outs in South Australia. The black out was caused because a storm literally cut the copper connecting power. Meanwhile SA and Tasmania have been buying power from the Victorian/NSW hydro scheme to cover peaks in baseload power for decades. The infrastructure connecting the states is in shambles since it was semi privatised, and when shit breaks because it hasn't been maintained, they use it as a political tool to blame the opposing political ideas. Problem has to the the renewables adding EXTRA power to the system, not the fact the grid is falling to fucking pieces. But in the end, no one really cares, since it's just South Australia.
  14. Well the only problem there is that's what the federal government has blamed for the blackouts. Didn't have anything at all to do with the power lines and major distribution towers falling the fuck over in a storm or anything.
  15. Seems good I'm not the only person who remembers this. Infrastructure changes takes time in oz since no one wants to pay for it, meh most complaints over nbn are from people who don't remember it wasn't that long ago idsn was the only decent net connection in most of oz.