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  1. Just buy a new card. keep it for the next build and use it now. Your experience will be much better and a good improvement, still held back by the other hardware, but a load better in comparison
  2. @4.8ghz probably not much in gpu focused games/apps. 4.55 if its rock stable will still give you over 60fps average but your min's will be pretty low at times should still be playable on the most part. Online on the other hand will be a strugle with the extra calculations of where people are/ammo etc.
  3. Well moral grey yes, no issues legally in good old land of oz More fucking around than its worth for the money saved I'd say
  4. If your near Sydney check gum tree, he usually tries to flog the stuff off there after he's done
  5. The main reason is the difference in computer power and how they compute. A cheap graphics card has more raw computer power than most cpus for graphics acceleration
  6. 4 hour drive for a job interview...fuck the size of Australia.

  7. casio m-10
  8. The sweet spot from my experience is still 2/3tb, read/write spewed on the inner part of the platter is still decent and if 1 fails its cheaper to replace and I'm not loosing 'that' much data. 6/8tb is a lot to loose at once.
  9. Unplug your pc and turn off the psu. Then unplug the hd audio and all your front panel connectors inspect the cabling and make sure nothing is shorted or bent. Grab the mobo manual and double check everything as you plug it all back in.
  10. About average I'd say compared to most peoples results here.
  11. So you need a TRRS to TRS and TS cable? at least I think that's what your getting at. Got a picture? if you can't find a replacement making one will be rather easy, also usually the cable and core is fine the as it's mostly likely the break is at the end, just shorten the cable a little and solder a new jack and your ready to go.
  12. Is it overclocked also what gpu do you have? It'll help vastly with a decent overclock, but even that said it's not as bad a chip as everyone keeps making out, the main down side is they really hurt your frame rates under load at times, and in big multiplayer maps you really start to see the lower performance. Balance out your game settings on high/medium and turn down some filters to low, even better if you have a high res monitor run at native res, give the gpu more work and slow down the frames its pushing. I had a 6100 at 4.4 and it was honestly a good chip for gaming for 6 years or so, It's only really with the last generation or so of games like bf1 that get un playable without tweaking game settings, 60 players at once on a map is a lot of calc for the cpu. If your studying and money is tight, might not be a great option to upgrade. the system is fine for most school work you'll need and if it's something more powerful for editing or compiling/programing what ever just book at lab pc at your college/uni.
  13. Commodore 128 used with a video mixer.
  14. I guess that depends if I kill myself going choochoo on the track this year.
  15. Was looking at ryzen for a new pc...6 months ago so I spent stuff all and traded some gear to upgrade my existing platform and I'm happy with performance. Now ryzen is coming out, and it cost money, but I'm happy. TLDR: Going turbo my car instead.