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  1. Joystick for elite dangerous that won't cost me a kidney?

    x52 is good in vr, identically to the model in the game. throttle is a little bit of a shitty shape though, but thats mostly personal opinion.
  2. Regretted PC Part/Peripheral Purchases

    Pentium d laptop.
  3. Do smartphones need more than 4 cores?

    more ram makes a bigger difference, apps (at least with android) use so much god dam ram its not funny
  4. Gaming less as getting older? :(

    Nar just observant, most things could make a good noose.
  5. Unless you've got good xfire support in games, the 6990 is slower than a 1050 today. And most likely the thing got to dam hot, I've had two 6990's fail in a similar way, one after a couple months of purchase, another years later with an arctic cooler on it. It'll make a good desk ornament now
  6. Hi guys, just want to know if my potato will bottleneck my carrot, I'm not buying yet buy have to go shopping next week

  7. Looking for a new game

    Go download daggerfall and dick around for a while https://elderscrolls.bethesda.net/en/daggerfall its freeware now.
  8. In today's crazy gpu market, is a 290x a good buy?

    290x is still an alright card if you can find one with the higher vram, the 390x with 8gb usually out performs the 580 as well if you can find them cheap.
  9. what was your first graphics card?

    1)Trident tnt 2mb 2)voodoo2 3)another voodoo2
  10. USB.3 front panel

    Pretty sure it does,
  11. CPU-Z for stress testing CPUs

    I usually use prime and aida64. If it passed both your system is most likely rock solid, passing aida from my expirience will usually still fail prime 95, but prime95 is somewhat unrealistic CPU-Z is good for working out if the system has at least booted somewhat stable
  12. Case fan speeds for best noise/cooling ratio

    No you wont see much if any difference in temp.
  13. Mid/late 2000's Video Games - the golden era?

    Nar 98/99 was the epic year, all downhill from there.
  14. Case fan speeds for best noise/cooling ratio

    I use speed fan and just have the case fans ramp up with the gpu. It's not so much a temp thing as a noise annoyance thing.
  15. Am4 rgb cooler $30-45

    buy an rgb fan, and stick it on...