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  1. Pretty consistent with new platform, bios updates will still come out for a while though so I wouldn't be worried for the time being.
  2. I think by this stage I've lost track of the amount of times I've bought AOE games, well played microsoft.
  3. Might need to look for one that'll strip the drm handshake from the ps4 signal can't remember what its called. sure someone will chime in with more info .
  4. That chip doesn't have an ihs, temps are most likely caused by dust give it a blast with a compressor or give it a tear down and clean, repaste etc. Also it is in a socket if thats helpful at all, shouldn;t be unless you need to replace it for something ,
  5. It'll be fine just vacuum the dam thing. Or shake the it upside down. I'd say dont eat around your pc, but then again do what you like too many people give a shit about what others do with their own things its not funny.
  6. added a 1070, and some silly rgb fans for $2511
  7. I use glasses cleaner, then I usually clean my glasses as well.
  8. Don't have any cdma or gsm devices near the speakers at all?
  9. Ideally you'll need a tap handle, I mean you can use a drill, but that's like sticking your dick in chilly sauce, I mean you can do it but it's still not a good idea. Drill size for a 6-32 is 2.7mm so use a 2.5mm bit and a light lubricant, you can tap into 3mm acrylic but with the thread pitch you can strip it out pretty easily, wont be much bite. Other option is drill a clearance hole and put a small nut on the back
  10. you can paint them, personally I'd tap the holes to avoid cracking the acrylic.
  11. Cost is a funny thing, you may not be able to afford 7/14 system. but can you afford for 1 machine to go down and have 14 employee's doing nothing profitable for the n'th number of times the system could crash? In the long run multiple systems is most likely the more profitable and stable business solution.
  12. I usually offset more money yelling at people to turn the dam lights off than I can make 'mining'. Etherium seems more profitable atm, I still prefer folding at home, doesn't make me any money but it at least feels like its helping something for all that coal burning.
  13. Wasn't that long ago (literally months) the best connection I could get at my old place was still isdn.
  14. Why don't your parents get a dedicated phone line for their business internet? Would solve the core problem