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  1. it_dont_work

    Rog strix cards and coil whine

    Give yourself a few years, go to a few music gigs, you'll stop hearing it.
  2. it_dont_work

    Ryzen 7 2700x AIO

    devils advocate, aircooling will be quieter, since no pump
  3. it_dont_work

    Trying to upgrade to play VR games

    Got an FX 8 system better than what your planning on and it's barely (still not really) good enough for VR You're plan will not give you something with a good experience, and choppy/ inconsistent frame rate for vr really screws with the experiences Also the GA board has a slow chipset that's not really meant to run fx cpu's, vrm also not really great (but would run it stock)
  4. it_dont_work

    Motorola announces the Moto G7

    Close to $330 USD, I'm in Australia though so the price conversion doesn't work well.
  5. it_dont_work

    Motorola announces the Moto G7

    So my almost 2 year old moto x4 is cheaper and better speced than a new release ?
  6. it_dont_work

    How professional multi-speaker systems work

    Depends on the venue and what your using it for, most larger venues will use delay stacks, which are easiest these days to setup using a driverack from the primary foh output. if it's not a large live venue realistically most powered pa speakers work fine from a decent mixer and large graphic to tune the room from feedback if its a large venue you'll need to compensate sound traveling, so people still perceive its coming from the same source with delay stacks stadiums gigs probably looking at line array systems while a bitch to setup are a heap of fun to work with.
  7. it_dont_work

    How Do You Make Work Mornings More Enjoyable?

    Everyone gets like that sometimes, for me it's easier to not prolong it -get up,drink coffee,get dressed,grab bag,drive to work all up that's about 50 minutes usually and I really like my job, doesn't mean I don't get a little shitty about having to work sometimes
  8. just leave the side off and say fuck it
  9. it_dont_work

    It is good ?

    Pretty standard, if a little better for spinning rust
  10. No it won't damage anything, but with modern hardware and ssds there isn't really a reason to not shutdown a pc unless something is actively running. boot uptime is really a non issue now sleep will use less power, shutdown less again
  11. Well if all else has been done, only conclusion is board fault. Might be socket or dimms not playing nice
  12. it_dont_work

    Powerline ethernet on different circuits

    Best performance will come from being directly in the wall and on the same circuit in the house
  13. it_dont_work

    Swapping cases

    This is good advice, but check the manufacturer website instead for clearances and ad 3-5mm to make sure things fit. Check you've the mobo headers for everything (depending on the age of your rig) anything less than say 1-2 years old should be fine for headers. If you remove cpu cooler grab some TIM to replace what's there, most likely you won't need to unmount the cooler to do a case swap though.
  14. it_dont_work

    How Many Computers Do You Have?

    5 desktop towers 4 laptops 1 eeepc701 (don't really count it as a laptop more a paper weight) All work, real problem is I only own 2 keyboards.
  15. it_dont_work

    What is this Worth?

    Anything over US$200 is extortion, go for it