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  1. CPU: FX-8300 OC @4.2ghz GPU: Sapphire fury nitro oc 1170mhz core, 510mhz mem. Please add this to the avg leader board. 1080 Score:2680 Fps:64.1 1440 Score:2034 Fps:48.6 4k Score:24.1 Fps:1010 Didn't spent long oc'ing the gpu, but I don't think it's got much more in it HBM crashes if I push it any higher. Mins are low I'm guessing because potato cpu. Any ideas people? I think this is might be all my system has in it, I'm still happy in games with a little tweaking.
  2. I've had a beard since I was about 14, count yourself lucky you don't have to shave twice a day so It only looks like you've been 1 day without shaving.
  3. I was joking, or as in the land of oz 'shit sturing'. A decent keyboard is worth its weight in gold for productive work. I bought a microsoft wireless kit in early 2000 when wireless was all the rage and used it for far too long, really any new cherry switch keyboard will be good, maybe even the knockoff keys I haven't tried any of them. I've been really happy with browns+key dampener rings, I bottom out keys like a bitch though.
  4. Buy a shitty cheap membrane keyboard, use it for 10 years until the plastic is all weird and not consistently squishy, then by a mech keyboard so you can appreciate it.
  5. @AndreLebrao Just don't write anything to the drive in the meantime.
  6. Now I'm getting all nostalgic for my ra celica with a 90's corolla 4agze in it...was a great little car before I put it into a gum tree.... Go with the 1070 unless theres a specific feature you need, or professional drive support for sometime.
  7. The first that was actually mine was a Pentium II 233 with mmx! and 2mb trident 3d card. Family had a commodore and some Packard Bell thing as well.
  8. When I was a kid, one of my first jobs was on a farm, was in the wrong place and had a small tractor bucket dropped on my foot, work boots paid for themselves about 100 times over that day.
  9. Dropped a 1tb hard drive the same day I bought it once. One of the only two hdd I've ever had not work on me.
  10. Usually you can balance that sort of negative effect with case fans, for overclocking in this case the idea is to actively try and cool the socket/mosfet heatsinks, and traces around the socket. Air acts more like a fluid in an enclosed system so it helps to think about it a little differently, what complicates it more is a heatsink also diffuses air
  11. something that blows down is usually better, but the 212 and gammaxx400 are good options as well.
  12. With all the sponsored amd content on ltt lately, it wouldnt surprise me if they did have something for the dna lift, and forget to put it up...
  13. Depends on the version of the stocvk cooler you've got, the older style with the copper slug in the bottom has a little oc headroom, the newer smaller cooler does as well but you'll also need really good case flow, both work better if you ziptie a 80mm case fan to to top. Example: The left is a 125tdp cooler from a 6100, the right is a 95tdp cooler from a 8300. Just watch your temps, with hardware monitor and amd overdrive, overdrive will show you the thermal margin left, hardware monitor should show you socket temp on the board, keep the socket temp under 70c at max. use overdrive to determine the chips temp, you'll usually run out of thermal margin on the socket before the chip on fx 8 cores. I think this is due to the way power delivery is setup and they use a load of power.
  14. kill the steam seerver, webhelp client, then bootstraper, should make steam run an error report then you can open it again. bit of a dodgey way though
  15. Depends if you've a sellers account or not. but yes the fees on ebay hit hard at times, funny they also own paypal. Typo i meant a similar speced laptop here that isn't asus rog usually go for $1200~ new. Rog branded products down here seem to have a silly mark up on them.