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  1. Rog rig reboot is the most borring content on ltt each year. 

    1. minibois


      This time there wasn't even an Amish kid, smh.

  2. name-pc usually. except the nas which is named Nassy
  3. Bought thousands from them over the last decade, never had a problem with legitimate claims for warranty, little silly to expect a replay so soon, its only been 1 work day since Friday (Tuesday is a public holiday in vic) Call wednesday and ask, accc is just going to tell you to try to work it out with them before they do anything, you need to gain some sort of complaint number or acknowledgment from pccg before they'll take action, by which stage they'll probably have gien you your money back. Unless you just returned something and changed your mind, then under consumer law they've no reason to give you back store credit. Most of the time I just use PLE or MSY, price is usually the best returns have been a bit dodgy in the past.
  4. sometimes they make noise, sometimes they don't, some are consistently noisy, if smart is all good id not worry about it past annoyance. I had two identical 4gb drives years ago one studily noisy which funnily enough lived much longer
  5. Sounds like a hard drive working normally
  6. Under 24" 1080 is fine, over and I wouldn't buy something less than 1440, refresh rate is mostly a personal thing, I can't tell any difference between 60 and 144 or higher. Pixel density and colour reproduction is higher on my list.
  7. Just buy rbg strip lighting and run a cable out of your system
  8. Seriously feel sorry for the lmg staff who have to watch and judge these videos
  9. For such a small cost (yes its 300~ great scheme not much) it'd cost more in time and stuffing around to initiate and pursue a small claim, and since it was completed by a professional shop, worked when it left for some amount of time looks like the balance of probability is not on your side. Send a letter of demand, if your told to bugger off see what canadian consumer law can get you. a claim seems like a waste of time though.
  10. Hon Peter Dutton MPAustralian Minister for Home Affairs NOTE: this photo was (be it accidentally) released by his office.
  11. Omg editing client side and not affecting anything else!
  12. In no particular order. Deus ex (whole series) Duke 3d Portal Red Faction II and gorilla Fallout II Fallout New Vegas Age of Empires II The Stanley Parable X wing alliance X3 AP Doom 3
  13. Just the username installed by the default acer image, also renamed the drive label. Rest is probably just part of some acer bloatware backup utility