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  1. 8700k upgrade path is currently cheaper than Ryzen for me....not sure if this is a good thing, or just how fucked pricing is atm.


  2. Subwoofer

    That's a port, small subs kinda need them not to well sound like arse....
  3. Beginner Violin

    lol now that is fucking hard. I started learning a didgeridoo recently thats been really good
  4. Beginner Violin

    Both are near identical really and will make and average sounding student instrument, probably wont hold tune amazingly. May as well spend the money here and get something meh sounding to begin learning on, not always the best to spend 250-300 for a decent second hand student instrument from Yamaha or similar and not know if it needs fixing or if your even going to keep playing. Both my saxophones are probably the most cherished items I own, even though one of them is cheapish Taiwanese one (even tho that was still more than most peoples pc's) The lower quality of those violins will make it a little more difficult to play, but should be fine to learn on for a while if you get some lessons, pretty dam hard to teach yourself violin
  5. Can 2 6 pin PCIE power a 6 & 8 Pin GPU

    12V 15A = 180W 12V 15A = 180W 12V 8A = 96W 456W Think of the power available like 3 water tanks of different sizes that aren't connected together by pipes, I can't fill the bath since only 1 tank is connected to the bath, the other goes to the shower, the last to the toilet.. Each 12v rail is wired to different 12v delivery items, EPS or CPU power, Peripheral power (molex,sata) 24pin, and pci-e power. Each of these 12v items will need power, but they're all provided by different rails. Now a 6pin pci-e power is designed to deliver 75W, an 8pin 150watt, Your psu has 2x6pin on one lead, so its probably safe to 1 rail is dedicated to the pci-e only. The gpu you're looking at requires more power than that from the pci-e power, now also remember the mobo slot will deliver 75watts as well. So we want 300watts out of the tank, where's it going to come from? if we distribute it over multiple rails, if any 1 rail it at its maximum delivery a good psu will such off to stop your system from breaking, this is because it a voltage regulator sheds extra energy as heat, if it gets too hot it shed that heat and the voltage will spike. The problem with the multi rail delivery here is you can't say where the power will come from at any given time depending on gpu/cpu load in the system (remembering while its small fans/hdd etc use 12v too) -CPU -MOBO -GPU Each of those 3 components would use more than say 100watts at any given time, which means most likely you'll either have the system shutting off for protection, or failing under heat and delivering more voltage than the item is designed for and blowing a fuse in the psu.
  6. which cpu should I get?

    fm2 wont fit. Look at foxconns 785g boards for something that is similar to almost identical and try flashing the bios across, will most likely brick the board but you might end up opening the chipset features fully. Otherwise, brick it have a laugh and an excuse to upgrade or buy a refurbed board for am3 with a full set of features opened, a gigabyte or foxconn one should only be 20-30bucks on ali express.
  7. which cpu should I get?

    Not going to be doing any overclocking with that. settings are locked out and HP is using a proprietary bios
  8. which cpu should I get?

    Yeah wont hurt, looking for something more to go on than the model number, might be a bios on foxconn's website (doubt it though being its a hp and they're dicks like that). But seriously the board isn;t designed to oc, you'd need to mod cooling on the vrm's and the 4pin power is barely enough. Thats most likely why it says only use a 95watt tdp chip.
  9. which cpu should I get?

    Post a pic of the mobo info out of cpu-z
  10. which cpu should I get?

    Mostly likely not, the low tdp limit for the cooler, also being an eom board that probably has the settings locked out. also the power delivery would need cooling and even then probably can't deliver enough power for a stable oc. Might be a bios update somewhere directly from foxconn with a fuller set of features, but screwing with bios might brick the board, or open options that it wasn't designed to do based on the cheaper oem style power delivery. I mean I'd still try a bios hack, even knowing I could just break it.
  11. which cpu should I get?

    Don't get me wrong, the 6 core phenom chips are pretty dam good, oc'd even better. I love cheap bang for buck upgrades, and trust me I've looked at my sf HTPC which has a i7 2600 and 8gb of ram in it and thought 'if i just took the angle grinder to it i could fit my fury nitro in it piggyback an old psu in and have a better system than what I'm running now lol.
  12. which cpu should I get?

    The x6 will, turn off Anti-Aliasing, filtering, balance texture and lighting detail settings and it'll look pretty good and play with a decent fps. Online you'll want to extra threads of the 6core. I'm presuming you've a HP tower what model is the hp/compaq? /Rant Money is a funny thing, (I'm working with AUD here). If you have a case/hdd/psu, then a G4560/4gb ram/1050 2gb is $350 and you've got a system that'll play a fair amount of newer stuff and most older stuff well. Then there's the 'its just a little more' mentality people will push for, extra $50 and you can have more ram, another $50 and its a 4gb 1050ti. The $350 build is now a $450 build, and guess what another 50-80bucks and you've got an ssd as well! Now we've spent $530. Then the other option, look for a secondhand business tower, ell etc, pick up an i5 2/3 gen and a 1050ti, ypu've just spent $350 and have some ram from your current system to chuck in. and if you're lucky the system came with an OS. Then there's the other option (and my personal bias) Buy the cheapest bang for buck upgrade ($50-100) what will be worth it for my use case, either save the extra $150, go out for dinner with my wife or otherwise by something for the family. /End rant
  13. which cpu should I get?

    Yeah you'll be able to run black ops easily enough mediumish settings, as long as the gpu isn't too old. There might just be better rounded place to spend money on a system upgrade, it just depends what you've already got for a case, psu, hdd, gpu etc. If its only the cpu you need to upgrade, hey 50bucks for the 4-core and just be done with it is a good option. If you need a cpu and new gpu, and a new cpu/mobo/ram/gpu is only a little above your current budget if you're getting a newer gpu anyway might be more options. Really just sits with what do you have that can be reused, that mobo is standard atx, so at the least you can reuse, the case,psu and hdd with a 1050/ti. and then its say $200 or less for a mobo/g4560/4gb ram. So how much do you want to spend? and what exactly do you already have in the tower?
  14. which cpu should I get?

    Well what are the specs or system you're working with now? do you have a cpu etc already?
  15. which cpu should I get?

    The x4 chip runs 3.3ghz locked on 4 cores - temps and voltage from will be more predictable, and sort of has a clock advantage for games (limited realistically). Also does something funky with l2 cache. The x6 chip is the 'newer' of the architectures, 2.9ghz on 6 cores boosts to 3.4 on half its cores if the other half are idle (idle cores drop to about 800mhz). You've got the benefit here of lightly threaded applications being about the same performance as the 4core variant, yet with more pipelines for tasks. Given if a game is using 4 threads, the os and other background apps will benefit from having a couple more threads to use more so than clock speed; as the cpu is spreading the load slightly more evenly. DX12 and windows 10 will easily benefit from higher thread count. Given my experience with the FX platform, (given this is a 4modul/8 thread cpu) turbo boost can lead to odd performance issues, stutter, sudden low fps etc. when it has been enabled. This is probably due to the clock speed jumping around, and possibly the FX platforms power saving features (not present in the same implementation on the other socket). Cost wise, the x4 chip is about $50 secondhand, vs the x6 being about $100. Both being put to bed by a cheap Intel Pentium, upgrade wise there's better places to spend your money and the hp board is limited in the bios on what you can do( you're not going to be ocing). So the question really becomes, do you have only 100-150 to spend? and is that all you've got to spend for a fair while? if the answer is yes buy the cheaper chip, maybe ebay some generic ram and upgrade that as well. If its a matter of saving for a couple months, maybe look at never gear. I've an older system, and fx8c with an r9 fury and 16gb of ram. The performance is pretty good after some overclocking and optimizing, but its not the kind of performance cpu wise I'd pay for today even secondhand price wise.