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  1. You should be able to besides scissor or chiclet keys I've never seen a board you can't remove the caps on, I always just used the fingers to pull key caps,
  2. Just get a pair of insoles made by a podiatrist, but to answer your main question I usually buy steelblue boots
  3. Well if this is real I guess I'll have to finally make a stupid Microsoft account and use their store.
  4. I've had good experiences with eBay for hp and toshiba batteries but that was back with their dv series
  5. It's not yours why fuck with it? Your essentially asking if its right to modify a library book.
  6. I usually buy a bigger drive or dump it to my nas.
  7. The easy glide of one definitely helps the rsi in my wrist.
  8. Yea the 4gb of Vram is kinda of a problem tbh, the frame drops I get when my fury starts swaping out to system memory can make some games un playable without lowering settings, not a bad mid range card otherwise better than a 1060/480, not quite a 1070 (close sometimes, pretty far off most of the time)
  9. I've always stressed with prime, recently I've added aida as well. Different stress tests work differently, good to have a mix Good thing is prime is pretty diabolical for heat, good to test cooling under worst case
  10. Wifi for the laptop, Ethernet for the HTPC
  11. Hey whats wrong with the light bar on my landcruiser? I've hit 3 too fucking many kangaroos this year to have not fixed the shitty lights What you mean is arseholes who don't dip their headlights, or use fucking spot lights in suburbia
  12. Which ever actually exists, considering the GTX 1050 Ti would what would hold back performance the most, it doesn't really matter which in the case you've described.
  13. If you absolutely have to stick your dick in it, don't turn it on first...
  14. Depends on the tv, my shitty 1080p tv works great on vga, lag on hdmi is very noticeable though. I'd go with the 1680 monitor 16:10 is probably my favorite aspect ratio. but I'm weird like that.
  15. Have a look at the Ltt gpu benchmark treads and look at the cards ranks.