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    Linus Sebastion
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    I think Linus is really the bee's knee's.


  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 2600
  • Motherboard
    MSI X470 Gaming Plus
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengeance 3200 8x2
  • GPU
    RTX 2060 Super
  • Case
    Phanteks PH-EC416PTG
  • Storage
    Lots and many
  • PSU
    650 Watts something or other
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    BenQ 1440p 144Hz
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212
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    Logitech 502 Hero is GARBAGE. It double clicks and Logitech knows it's a problem. NEVER using Logitech again. I'm kind of proudly living with a crappy Amazon Basics gaming mouse.
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    Windows 10
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    I have one
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    Apple screwed me over. F them. Galaxy S9+

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  1. But I'm not going to. I admit I seriously thought about it and I know others are too. I feel this is an important topic to bring up. It's a fact people will participate and try to get one to resell but anyone like me who has that thought needs to stay away from it. I was so lucky and got a brand new EVGA RTX 2060 super just before the holidays for $550(Canadian) Considering costs now I'm feeling pretty good about myself. Times are tough and I need the cash so a chance to make money is just that. It would help. Reality is all you're doing is making sure people who need
  2. You are the nicest person in the world today. How that got selected I have no idea. You have the best night ever. Appreciate your time friend.
  3. I've tried searching and can't figure out how to word it to get results. Apparently I don't know how to windows. Out of nowhere anytime I have any file explorer window open I have this large pane on the right that says how many items are in the folder I have open. I can't shrink the bar any more than it is but I can make it bigger. The line to the left of the arrow can be dragged left and right. If I right click in the pane the only option is "Remove properties" but it's greyed out and I can't click it. I've right clicked outside of the pane looking for options, searched menus and
  4. Thanks! Yeah the one thing I dislike about this case is the air intake on the front. Could be a good idea with 3. If you take the front panel off it's wide open in the front with exposed fans. But with the cover on there's a small little spot at the top and a small little spot at the bottom it sucks air from and the rest is closed. It's a quiet case but airflows a little rough. Appreciate the input.
  5. lol you just made me feel dumb. I don't know why I always pictured the air blowing straight down.
  6. So in the picture I drew arrows on fan directions. At the top of the case to the right I drew white lines all crazy. The top of the case has mesh and is open for airflow. So the back of the top has a fan, the rest is left open. I only had a fan in the front and a fan in the back and threw 2 more in today. I'm just wondering if anyone might have a same setup and recommendations. I HATE how the GPU fans blow hot air down. There is room to put an intake fan at the very bottom of the front of the case and am thinking maybe if I lower one of the front fans down there it would help blow the GPU heat
  7. HOW DARE YOU THANK ME! You have no right to do that. It is I who needs to thank you. I feel like a dirtbag coming here sometimes because somewhere on the internet is the answer I need. But to be specific and talk to people about exactly my situation helps so much more than digging and picking something random. In this thread I 100% have all the info I need to be confident in what I'm going to do next. This site has never led me down the wrong path and it's because of people like you who take the time to reply. You've made a lot of posts and have helped a lot of people as has thrash
  8. This helps. I was turning nuts thinking what I need to spend. There's fans on ebay for less than $4 and shipping is free. That seems like a hell of a risk so I'm thinking maybe I need to spend $40 on a fan lol. Someone else said yeah this'll work. I can live with $50, use one or two and have extra fans kicking around for the rest of my life. Try a few configurations as someone else said they do vs what I was thinking. This is decent. Thanks friend! I like this forum today.
  9. I replied to someone else. The PC shut itself down mid game. Went dead but fans kept spinning. I ripped the front cover of the case off and took a house window fan with two big fans and put it in front of the case and my temps stayed cool. Barely felt heat coming from the exhaust. Feeling the exhaust with the big window fans in the front was like AC vs. desert heat. But I like what you say about more exhaust. I don't have a dust problem in my house. PC running for months now and the filters aren't even dirty. Maybe I'll buy 2 fans and try a few different configurations.
  10. It's a cyberpunk issue. Only when I play cyberpunk does the heat get so hot you could fry an egg with the exhaust fan. The PC shut itself down but all the fans kept spinning. Immediately felt the exhaust fan and it was hotter than I've ever felt. I ripped the front cover off my case and have a fan you put in a house window. It has 2 fans and I put it right in front of my case. Room for 3 fans on the front cover so the whole thing is open. Temps of everything with maxed out in game settings and overclocked everything don't go past 70 when I do that. Without it I had to of gone 90+ to have it tu
  11. Having a hard time. I want one more fan for cooling. I've learned it's better to have less exhausts and more intake. I have a Phanteks PH-EC416PTG_BR Eclipse P400 case which is great for me but need to get heat out of there. So I look around and see case fans are a ridiculous amount of money. I don't want RGB. I don't want bells and whistles. All I want is a fan. In Canadaland there are some that are $100 each & reading around I feel like I need to throw away the stock fans that came with the case and buy better ones but that seems stupid. Is it? People on the internet break my
  12. Appreciate it. It could be a lack of interest but I have a really hard time wrapping my head around things like this. I've been trying but I just don't get it. I would of put money down you were wrong. But as I said I trust you people 100%. Appreciate the input!
  13. Updated to an EVGA RTX 2060 super. I have a Ryzen 5 2600. If I update to a Ryzen 5 3600 is it worth it? From what I see I would say yes. Absolutely. But I'm a fool. You people have never led me astray so I gotta ask for a second opinion. Maybe another AMD CPU is the way to go. If it's 10 FPS then it's not worth the money. But from what I can see with the 3600 it could be a lot more. Games like Red Dead 2, Cyberpunk, Fallout 76(hides in shame) Looking at the cost I can pull it off. Just worry I'm wasting money. Thoughts? Alternatives? To make it easy no other components are a factor