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  1. Still running a Radeon HD 7750 and struggling Gibe nao pls
  2. Lots of people prefer low fpi rads so they can run fans at lower rpms, achieving quieter operation. If you don't care about that then great but I'd say don't worry about the fpi too much, anything in the 10 to 20 range should be fine.
  3. A keycap set typically costs about USD 20 to 30 so that's like 170 to 250 SEK. They can also come with all sorts of other benefits like cool looks, more durable materials/printing, etc. I have a custom keycap set on my Ducky Zero just for the aesthetics, so I'd say find one you like and go for it.
  4. Any case with ATX case with dual 140mm + 120mm rad support will work. PCPartPicker has a pretty accurate compatibility checker, if you add the H110i GTX and MSI card to your part list and then try to add cases it'll only show those (it thinks) are compatible with the cooler. Some options: Fractal Design Define S, ~$80 Phanteks Enthoo Pro $90-100 NZXT H440 ~$100 Any good brand 550 W or more power supply is fine. Seasonic G 550 W (~$80) 80+ Gold XFX XTR 550 W (~$80) 80+ Gold Corsair CS550M (~$80) 80+ Gold EVGA SuperNova 650 W (~$70) 80+ Bronze
  5. Basically you're looking at an i3 and not much else. http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/part/intel-cpu-bx80646i34170 If you can find a cheap i5 on a deal or something that would be great, but for 100 GBP that would be pushing it a bit. Cheapest one on PCPartPicker is 144 GBP http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/part/intel-cpu-bx80646i54460
  6. Are you recommending the Xeon for hyper threading? I don't know if that's worth the $70-90 premium over a cheaper Haswell i5 with a similar clock speed.
  7. It's a fairly simplistic view of the matter. It might seem intuitive that store B, with a smaller marketing budget, can offer a lower retail price while taking similar/same margins. However, this situation also implies that store A has larger volumes of the product, offering them better bulk deals and allowing them to lower retail prices too. Going back to supply and demand, more marketing -> more customers -> more quantity demanded (QD). Greater QD -> potential to lower product pricing. It's a lot more complicated than this and I don't have a strong enough understanding of economics and business to give a good answer, but basically the situation you proposed may work in theory but in all likelihood is not the case. As for your original question I'll think about it some more and get back to you if I can.
  8. There's no way you as a consumer can calculate what companies like Intel are going to be charging for products, especially highly complex ones like cutting edge CPUs. Generally you could say that BOM cost + RnD cost + margin + miscellaneous (eg. marketing, IP licensing) = MSRP, but manufacturing itself can be far more complicated than that, and you have to account for the margin that other members of the supply chain expect to be taking (eg. the retailer). Basically it's not as cut and dry as it seems and that's why entire financial departments figure out how much products should cost. Laws of supply and demand apply too, as Enderman said. Higher price -> less demand, but also makes suppliers more willing to make more, so a balance (equilibrium) needs to be met by price and demand/supply.
  9. Since his pc is infected and corrupted already, might as well turn it off and unplug it from the network. Try your best to backup what you can on your PC to an external hard drive or something, and make sure that hard drive doesn't connect to the network afterward. An antivirus doesn't hurt but tbh they don't work too well most of the time. Aside from that there's not much I can think of off the top of my head, good luck
  10. Perhaps, it'll be waiting at least till the second half of the year though.
  11. Looks good, the Nano S isn't a particularly small ITX case though so if you want to go smaller then something like a Node 304 would be good. If you don't mind the size though then the Nano S is fine. Nano S supports bigger CPU coolers (up to 160mm) so you don't have to go with the smaller NH-C12P, but 160mm is still very very tight for most tower coolers. NH-C12P performs well anyway so eh. Also Nano S only supports up to 160 mm PSUs and the GQ650 is 165mm. Whether or not that'll really make a diference I don't know, but they also recommend even shorter than 160mm for cable management. Perhaps something like this might suit you better (140mm, 650w, 80+ gold).
  12. I have a Gigabyte P34Gv2 with similar specs albeit slightly older. i7 4710HQ, 8 GB DDR3, GTX 860M CPU and GPU are similar but slightly older so the Lenovo should perform about 10% better. I can play older AAA titles like AC4 Black Flag at 1080p low settings solid 60 FPS, and ultra can maintain 30 FPS. Newer games will be harder to run ofc but 1080p low to medium should definitely be playable at 30 FPS or above.