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  1. Been wondering of buying an iPhone (probably 12 or 13) from the US and if it would work in the Philippines as I have someone who would be traveling from there to here in the Philippines. Question is, do they have any region locking in placed? Iirc, there are usually restrictions to stop (such as people like me) from cheating in getting lower prices from other regions. As to why, the thing is that iPhones are far more expensive here. About 10%-20% more usually. An example, buying an iPhone 12 64GB (unlocked and sim-free) would cost 729 USD in the US, but in the Philippines its 879 USD (44,
  2. Update, seems I was able to fix it. Hard reset (tho still broken here still), then I connected a Bluetooth device then somehow that worked and I could hear again. Right after whiles still connected with bluetooth, I went to the Device Manager then under 'Sound, video, and game controllers', go to Properties and 'Driver' tab and I pressed 'Roll back driver' then restarted my PC and somehow it worked? At least somehow
  3. https://youtu.be/4bmp_jlmjmQ The issue started off one night as I basically was heading to sleep and closed the laptop but left it idle, but then i decided to check up something but as I opened it it hanged then a blue screen error happened It tried to boot again and got a blue screen and so i just slept over it and woke up to try to fix it but same error on boot, tho windows automatically did a auto repair and it booted fine but the audio didnt work and a notification on the lines that it rolled back an update to make it work. Despite things seemly seem fi
  4. Ah right my bad, but its an RTX 2060 so doable. Mhm... The Quest 2 really just sounds too good that it makes me worry if I'm missing something that makes it bad aside the FB thing
  5. I already use FB a lot so I don't really see much of a problem here tho. They've already gotten a lot of information from me at this point
  6. I hope this isn't an over asked question as honestly I'm very new to around how VR space. I've been thinking of getting a VR headset (ideally at least with controllers already) to finally try a new experience in gaming. I've gotten burn out on just staring into a screen for all my years of gaming and wish for something new to try out which lands me on VR. The Oculus Quest 2 has caught my attention for a good 'all in one' set that doesnt require any external trackers to function properly and not to mention being affordable. Although for my case I have a gaming PC (Gaming Laptop specificall
  7. Now that you guys brought up the power settings. I just remembered I had my fans at Max Speed. I was gaming before I had it closed and the fans still at Max for some bit of idle time which then I benched then inserted the new RAM which then by when it restarted, the fans were on Auto. Turns out its just Turbo Boost acting up AHahaahhahahahah! I was able to get the same score again! Thanks nonetheless guys. Good thing it was just some simple boosting feature.
  8. Now that would be an issue as I ordered this all the way from the US to here in the Philippines hahhahaha Tho does the different timings causes an issue? Iirc the lowest RAM with the timings would downclock to a higher timing to match the higher timed second RAM?
  9. EDIT: Turns out it was Intel Turbo Boost that was bumping up my score for my Single Channel benchmark as my fans were running at max fan speeds. Now I remember why reviews have bad taste for Intel Turbo Boost. For some odd reason, my scores a significantly lower with now having a secondary RAM, 2x 8GB RAM, on my laptop (Acer Nitro 5 AN515-55-50S0 (i5 10300H, 1x8GB RAM, 512 SSD, 1Tb HDD, 144Hz). I attached photos of the specs specs of my laptop bellow. From 2102 pts to 1306 isnt nothing to pass on. Mhm... Havent tried using CPU-Z to compare. Would be a hassle to reopen the l
  10. Some background first. I just bought this Palit GTX 1660 Ti last week on Friday. I then had it inserted to my brother's PC that I built for him. Played some Rainbow Six Siege here and there and maxing out the settings. I pretty much leave the PC on and idling standby when I am off to work till I return. Barely made an hour of gaming honestly, but my brother would occasionally play and browse the internet. No form of OC done at all. So the problem. Just today (Thu), I was just starting out The Division 2 as I bought it last night. I was just setting up my character then maxing all
  11. Hate to say this, but have you tried restarting your PC?
  12. Edit: Never mind. I thought when it said "Uplay account has been renamed" I thought it refers to my username being changed. Just a misunderstanding. I got quite worked up about it when I got this message; thinking I was hacked. A friend, whom I shared this to as well, pointed out the misunderstanding. From: news@news.ubisoft.com Subject Title: Uplay Account becomes Ubisoft account I am not sure why and how I got this message, but now I'm paranoid. Not sure if I was hacked or this just a mistake to inform people about the free giveaway of Blood Dragon o
  13. Came to thought, why not try running all of them simultaneously?
  14. Update: Finally fixed my issue! What I done is that I rooted my phone and then installed "Memory Manager" by JRummy. After that, I ran it and set the preset to "Ultimate". With that, my phone has finally stopped auto killing apps in the background! So I can now switch between several apps with ease.
  15. 64bit is now a days needed by a lot of demanding games. So if you choose 32bit, you won't be able to play 64bit games. So you miss out