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  1. I've been playing like a mad dog for about 4 hours. I get on to just about every server. I only had problems with a couple. One of the problems on one server was I kept getting booted out. Just a black screen on all three monitors. I had to go back to my games and start from there to get back to the multiplayer. Oh yea, I'm on the east coast USA.
  2. Respect fully. Congrats on your hard work and making the build of the week. ;)
  3. Sorry it took so long to reply. I wasn't trolling. My statement about this rig needing more work was empty but that's because since you are the builder you need to come up with ideas on how this could improve. You did a rush job and some of the finer details show it. The work you did on the etched mid plate was awesome but the lighting is still not right. And the holes for the tubing to pass through the plate just don't seem to fit with the traces to me. The 90 degree fittings you selected look terrible. I think if you could have bent the tubing better you wouldn't even need 90 degree fittings. And what's with the open vented spaces in the front and back of the case, alot more things could have been done with that. Those vents just allow dirt and dust to enter the case. I'm sorry if you feel like I'm picking on your build. It is pretty good but in my opinion not awesome. It kind of baffles me how it was selected for the WAN show. Yea, I guess I'm jealous.
  4. Not interested. I see to many things I don't like about it. My honest opinion this build still needs a lot of work.
  5. The NSA and gov't can do whatever they want to the internet. I'm tossing all my technology when I retire in ten years, moving away from people, and becoming a hermit. I've lived long enough now that I don't like the world as I see it anymore. I wasn't raised to believe that people were liars and greedy crooks but that's primarily all I see anymore. Nasty attitudes, quickness to jump to anger, selfishness. You all can have your mess I don't want it and I'm checking out. I want to enjoy my old age in peace. You can talk about this all you want to but the truth is it isn't going to get any better. If you believe things will get better you're idiots.
  6. Modding is about building rigs using you creativity and talents. Nobody can give you a dictionary based on that concept. I think it's best left up to the person interested in modding to do their homework to figure out if their idea is going to work like the rest of us did. Of course one can always ask questions in forums.
  7. I would never recommend PPC. They obviously don't check the items they ship before they ship them for damage and when you file a claim for RMA they act like it's something you did. If you ever do file a claim with them be careful what you say to them or they will cut you off. I would recommend when making a purchase from them you do it through your credit card so you can get your money back that way if you do receive something buggered. The only good thing I can say about them is they have a lot of the stuff builders want and they ship fast but they act like children when it comes to customer service.
  8. If you are going with a basic pump and not planning on getting a pump top or mod kit then at least get the pump that accepts G1/4 fittings. The basic pump with the barbs is crap because you have to really stretch the tubing to get it on the barbs and you only can direct your tubing straight out from the pump. at least with fittings you could use angles off the pump if needed.
  9. This is the first time I've actually seen a sleeved set of GPU cables organized and looking neat. A lot of other builders should follow this example.
  10. So, I think we are missing something here. You're building your girl a computer that's not for gaming using a Sabretooth board, and pink paint. The Sabretooth is a gaming board and a military base theme. How does that match up with pink? I think you're just throwing this board in her build so you can get the board you really wanted for yourself. ;) Smart man.
  11. I thought the small peak-a-boo views would be a way for me to charge my friends a $1 to open the door to get the full view. :D I had a full window on my last build and it was distracting because of the lights. This build is even brighter. I mostly use this computer in a darkened room and while gaming I can't be distracted from the battlefield.
  12. I have both and the quality is night and day. The Caselabs are thick heavy aluminum with tapped threaded holes for mounting. The Silverstone's grills are cheap plastic and if you're not careful when mounting then the screw will eat right through the plastic. Believe me Silverstone's do not even compare.