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  1. Updated that and have been playing ever since! Thanks for the help!!
  2. Just had 2 cumulative updates for windows. I'll see if that helped at all.
  3. I just took the OC off launched the game and froze my whole PC again after about 4min of play. It's not just crashing the game but basically bricking my whole PC where I cant even force quit the game.
  4. Everything is up to date, secured in my pc, and I only have a slight OC on my cpu.
  5. Everything is up to date, secured in my pc, and I only have a slight OC on my cpu.
  6. Computer will freeze randomly while playing games and it's getting annoying. Wiped all drives and fresh installed windows. Currently trying to play DOOM Eternal and its happening again. Any thoughts? Ryzen 7 1700x, 16gb ram, Rtx 2080 super, 650w psu. Also game is installed on my m.2.
  7. Went to Walmart got one and it works perfect now! Thanks!!
  8. I just put in my new HD 60 Pro cap card, and now I can't run my second monitor because it uses my GPU's only HDMI slot.. Any tips?
  9. I'm building this pc regardless if i'm streaming or not lmao. Why would I want to sell my other pc when I will never get the money I put into it out of it? Maybe I want to use it later for something els? But for now it seems like a nice streaming pc to help with encoding.
  10. @Enderman I play games usually 8-15 hrs a day on my off days, I work Thursday-Saturday 12hr shifts for Amazon. I already have my 2 year degree. and I just turned 22. I don't expect things to take off In streaming overnight. I'm building this pc so I know I'll have a reliable system and quality stream. I'm trying streaming because its something that looks super fun and I enjoy talking to new people. I didn't know you could see how I see streaming?
  11. @8uhbbhu8 It is 500gb, but you're right, I wont keep a bunch of games on it anyway so it really wouldn't be worth it.
  12. @8uhbbhu8 Tired of GPU's being so high priced right now..
  13. @8uhbbhu8 I've been looking at them, I could probably fit one in my budget if I take out like the NVMe ssd I kinda want... I already have a few ssd's though.
  14. @Enderman I understand, But I've already had the AMD build for awhile now. I'm building this new one because I've always wanted a higher end pc. I'm a grown up with my own money lol, I can spend my money how I please. P.S I'm moving aswell and will be getting better Internet also. Thanks for your input though!
  15. @Enderman I have already been planing on building a new pc for awhile, and it's in my budget for what I want to spend. Even if I never stream, I want a nice set up!