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Everything posted by Tea1337

  1. Should I get a third 980, or a second 4k monitor?

  2. That moment when your girlfriends dad hires you to work on one of their cars for $75 an hour.

  3. Is a DXRacer chair really worth it?

    1. Lays


      zx-14 with a new chip in it that opens up the butterflies in the carburetor sooner plz.

    2. TheEpicCanadian
  4. Since my good ol ZX6R broke down, I went and test rode a ZX10R, and man that bike is a fucking beast

  5. Bought a Deepcool Tesseract SW as a server case since people can see it and I didn't want to spend $100. And I have to say it's a pretty good case for $35

  6. COD Ghosts looks good in le 4K, if only I had the power to play it on all 3 4K monitors, that would be awesome. But I have to play it on the top 2 1080p ones :((

  7. Decided to spend my paycheck on a new headset, and I am not dissapointed by these Sennheiser PC 363D's. Best $260 I have spent by far.

    1. Lays


      If you decide to return them or w/e u do, if you want an open headphone with good bass + etc, look at the AKG k612 pro. It's a good deal

      It's ~$175 on amazon, then you can buy a mic separately if you want, something like the Yeti / Audio technica AT2020/ modmic

    2. Tea1337


      I'll have to look into that. The AKG's look like amazing headphones

    3. Lays


      The 612 are really good, light and comfortable with a balanced sound signature.

      Good soundstage as well.

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  8. No, it can only be X fired with another 7790, if they are even crossfire compatible.
  9. You should never wait that long to change the liquid. Yes distilled water works perfect, but now you need to remove all the blocks and clean them out to ensure they aren't filled with gunk.
  10. Clutchless shifting I've tried it but i'm not comfortable with it
  11. lol, I wasn't moving. It was after school and I was making sure it was warmed up, little did I know I had a bad crank shaft and it let go.
  12. If it makes you feel any better I redlined my 2012 ZX6-r and blew 3 out of 4 pistons. Times can be tough but you can get through it, if you need a good laugh browse funny on reddit, or browse imgur!
  13. I need a GPU for my new HTPC. IT has a 4790k, but no gpu. And I can't find a good one to use, since it's pushing a 4k tv of my parents.

    1. Yummychickenblue
    2. Tea1337


      I thought about it, I may order one and OC it to see how it does

  14. I don't think it will get rid of dents on your phone screen... BUT I got it for my iPhone 6 Plus, It didn't have any scratches but it's crystal clear and feels just like the regular glass of the phone. And, I used it on a scratched S5 on a friends of mine, and they were no longer visible.
  15. Bought an iPhone 6 plus space gray, 128gb. And to be honest after having it for 5 hours, I love the damn thing. Going to get an otterbox for it though

  16. I am so behind on apple news. I went to go look at the new iMac, and possibly buy a mac mini to use as an htpc, then i see "OS X Yosemite" I WAS LIKE WHAT THERE IS A NEW OS X. So I downloaded it onto my mac pro and now i'm happy

  17. Time to get a new phone. Time to decide between the iPhone 6plus, Samsung note 4, galaxy s5, lg g3, and the htc one m8

  18. come home today to find out something sweet found it's way into my PC, and now it's freaking filled with ants and they keep getting hit by fans. I don't even know how to kill them

  19. http://imgur.com/gallery/Yl95Gl6 Damn, kindof wants me to go into the field of astrology.

  20. I might need a laptop. Unsure yet. But I do need a dual band router, any suggestions for one under $200?

  21. Looks like someone bought it, took the i7 out and placed in a celeron, the returned it.
  22. Thinking about getting a 1999 Buell Cyclone M2. Hard to find a motorcycle for $2500.

  23. Just bought DayZ stand alone to test on the dual 980's. Hope it plays well ;)

    1. Yummychickenblue


      It's DayZ it's going to run bad.

    2. Tea1337


      I hope it doesn't. Even if I get just 45fps, I'll be fine with that.