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  1. what MB you have ? aura update will take a bit longer for Z170
  2. hi 2 build I did for Asus CES2017 they want RGB Aura software and new Maximus IX motherboard line as main feature at CES First, Dark Aura and second. White Shadow
  3. Sorry @LinusTech had mine at beginning of December for Asus CES2017 Build, you are not the first
  4. some photos of the current client build this one is the second he ordered from me, fisrt was Necromancer he want this one for an HTC Vive and it will be dedicated to this only Parvums R1.0 Asus Maximus VIII Gene Intel i7-6700k Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 32g MSI GTX1080 founders Samsung 850 evo 1TB SSD ADATA M.2 250g ssd EK waterblock for CPU and GPU EK 1080 backplate EK Vardar Fans Bitspower fittings Bitspower hard tubing Darkside LP360 Xflow rad Darkside LP240 Rad Darkside DDC 3.1 pump Darkside White, silver and purple 4mm Sleeving Darkside Modular Led strip (white) and more still waiting for chrome screw for front and GPU water block just love the R1.0, can do a very clean loop, one of my fav Parvum Case will pots a some video really soon (already post painting ram)
  5. Update some final pics of Tenebrae: The Division
  6. side panel and backplate are on primer, tomorrow, maybe the base coat cutting is now done in the Pandora, did a pass-through for Bitefnix Alchemy 2,0 PCIe cable and pass-trough for reservoir and finally cut a bit more for sate and 24 pins just love the shade of orange work on some graphics fans are done, GPU, sound and sli are done
  7. Hi, another personal build, Bitfenix contact me if I want to do a build with their stuff I said yes, another build, why not :confused: you know , every chance to do a build are good :lawl: and I'm just a big fan of the new game "The division", why not doing a build around this game, I just love the color, White, Orange and black and Asus joined the Project, for now I use a Rampage V Extreme but I will have some special items from Asus in not so long Want to say Thanks a lot to Umberto from Bitfenix Italia and Asus Republic of Gamers North America for their help in this project Specs Case: Bitfenix Pandora ATX CPU: Intel I7-5930k MB: Asus Maximus V Rampage (temporary) Ram: 32gb (4 x 8gb) Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 2666MHz C15 GPU: 2 x Asus GTX980Ti Reference SSD: 1 x Samsung 950 pro M.2 250gb SSD: 2 x Crucial BX200 960gb PSU: EVGA 1000G2 SOUND: Asus Xonar Phoebus CABLES: Bitfenix Alchemy cable 2.0 Modular Orange for EVGA PSU FANS: 10 x Bitfenix Spectre Xtreme White Led LED: 3 x Bitfenix Alchemy 2.0 Magnetic (1 x 60cm et 2 x 30cm) CPU block: EK Supremacy nickel acxrylic (white frame) GPU block: 2 x EK-FC Titan X and 2 x EK-FC Backplate Radiator: 2 x XSPC EX360 liquid: Mayhem Pastel Orange, (Mix with little bit of white to have the right shade) Fittings: Bitspower and Darkside hard tubing white Tubing: Bitspower 12mm acrylic for modding I will paint the 2 side panel in high gloss white (base and clear coat) I will put a lot of graphics about "The Division" still mod back plate and SSD like I generally did and need to mod the motherboard tray to fit a E-ATX, the Pandora is compatible only with ATX new pass trough for PCIE cable have all tools now to mod the case will use my new Devil-biss spray gun for first time, done with cheap gun, keep them for primer all cut are done on the case first top rad support , I removed a bit to give more space for top rad port cut the motherboard tray, this case don't support E-ATX, need to give a little bit of space grommet seem to be small but only 24 pins on top one and sata cable on bottom, will use 90* cable I will do a pass-through on bottom for PCIe cable first test fit done, tomorrow, dismantle all again and start painting process but only both side panel in white and some special thing, hope it will work
  8. Thanks, no, its Mayhems X1 oil black with aurora Gold Booster
  9. my latest build: Mjolnir I really love all mat black with gold Parvum Ssytem M1.0 whit triple layer option Intel i7-5820k @ 4.2 Asus Sabertooth X99 16gb (4x4) Gskill DDR4 2400 2 x GTX980 reference SSD Kingston Hyper X 120gb 3 x Seagate 500gb 7200rpm 2.5" HDD EVGA 1050g PSU
  10. yes its a vinyl printer, but you can use any good photo printer , glossy photo paper and glue stick Thanks, my first R40 is in the Hall of Fame on Hex Gear web site, Icy Blue Angel II
  11. yes , its my brand/company, I do this full time, a some other thing I put my logo on cpu block also