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  1. That's.. fair, but well - it's not a smart idea for anyone that wants to upgrade now to choice for Intel. You won't be able to upgrade your CPU next year with the new Intel CPUs come out that need new motherboards. AMD will keep the AM4 platform for ~5 years, meaning that you can upgrade to Ryzen 2/3 or whatever they'll name it in 3 or 4 years time if you want. I am not sure if they'll upgrade the chipsets on the AM4 platform to keep up with the time, but well for now. It's just not very smart to buy Intel. You spend equal or less money for less performance.
  2. If you are from the US. Amazon does offer a fair amount of options here! https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=red+crystals You can also simply google and see what pops up, it's not too difficult to find something.
  3. Come on, don't be so rude and not include links! @Slick help us out here.. This was the best I could find. Amazon: Crystal Allies Materials: 3lb (1.36KG) $14.99 I believe this is the one that Luke ordered. eBay: 5KG (11 pounds) Tibetan skeletal $199.99 excl. shipping Fairly big ripoff, but closest "raw" crystals that I could find after a quick search. This does look freaking amazing! Well done Luke. I personally would consider to paint the case in some way, perhaps sprinkle it with soft purple as well. A subtle change to the silver would look amazing? I'm sure tha
  4. Sapphire Nitro @ Eteknix Total system: 336W (during bench (no OCing)) PowerCooler PCS+ @ TechPowerUp Total card: 323W (after OCing) HIS IceQ X2 @ TweakTown Total system: 470W (after OCing) Max 750W is a bit on the high side. You're completely fine with a 550W as long as it got enough Amps on the 12V rail. 600W is you want to be completely save.
  5. Now that I think about it.. I should really apply for Valve!
  6. I honestly, do have a couple things I could update.. but I prefer to make my next update the finished build. Hah, I am sorry. I will simply put it. Because of personal issues I lost a lot of my motivation for this build log. Maybe in a month or so I can get it finished. I am indeed playing CS:GO a bunch, but also am very busy with work. Work from 8 till 8 today so.. yes. I keep looking at my PC every day and know it is not a lot of work anymore, I only got 1 big issue with the PCI-E power cables. Once I plug them in.. PC won't boot. So I have to get this fixed, I allre
  7. Great video Edzel, obviously you can improve with the way you talk it feels like you don't get to much.. enjoyment out of it, are nervous? You aren't like.. giving out your feelings to well, obviously you need to stay objective, but you can give you feelings about parts that you do or didn't like. Aside from that, love how you talked about some pro CS:GO players and their feeling about Logitech their mouse. Also I caught that shot that you fired towards *cough* flusha *cough* . Sadly your intro.. started a debate in the YouTube comments about LoL vs Dota HAH! You monster.. Can'
  8. Amazon UK! Depending on what phone you got that is.
  9. How do you search on the forum? O.o I am looking for the topic for TechQuickie suggestions.

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      Top Right corner below your username there's a Search vis Google option


      you can use the forums search engine : http://linustechtips.com/main/index.php?app=core&module=search

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      Wow, talk about reviving dead threads..

  10. I will place it on my desk! It can admire my 2600K for a little while..
  11. @MattWakey You are correct about the CPU and RAM. However, a remote workstation - depending on the actuall work that he needs to perform, is something you want to have an i7 for. It really all does matter what kind of work he does. So perhaps the i5 would be indeed a better choice. @Rexchaos The only difference between an i5 and i7 is hyperthreading. They both have 4 cores. I am pretty bad at using all the correct terms, but i'll quote a part out of wiki. "Hyper-Threading Technology is a form of simultaneous multithreading technology introduced by Intel. Architecturally, a p