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    Ottawa, Ontario
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    Gaming, anime and Tech
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    University Student (Comp. Sys Eng.)


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    Intel i7-6700k
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    Asus Z170-A
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    Corsair LED (white) 32 GB (4x8GB)
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    Asus Strix GTX 1080
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    Phanteks Eclipse P300 Tempered Glass
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    Samsung 960 EVO M.2 250GB
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    Corsair CS550M
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    Asus MG248Q
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    Corsair H100i v2
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    Corsair Strafe MX cherry blue
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    Corsair M60 FPS RGB
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    Corsair Void USB
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    Windows 10
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  1. phoon

    Cloned boot drive not booting

    I use to have this problem. I do a lot of cloning so I think I know whats going on. There are certain system & Temp files that do not clone very well while the system is active. My solution if you have a laptop or another PC clone you drives using another device with a HDD enclosure. I'm 99% sure that should solve it. Try: 1. Turning off your PC 2. If you have 2 external enclosures then clone the SSDs directly - If you have 1 enclosure create an image and then restore it to the new one - If you have none then I suggest you get one. 3. Put the new SSD in you PC and it should boot. Good luck!
  2. Hey guys, I have 2 laptops, an HP x360 w/ AMD A8-6410 and an ASUS X541UA w/ i3-6100U, I thought that my AMD processor would be stronger turns out that its much weaker. So I decided to switch over but all my programs and data are on the HP SSD, while the ASUS laptop has an HDD. So obviously I wanna put the SDD in the ASUS laptop. But from simple observation like the HP boot up logo I don't think I can simply take the SSD and put it in the ASUS laptop without changing anything. So my question is can I just put the SDD in the asus laptop and windows will take care of everything. Thx in advance. btw I have too many programs to transfer over its not as simple and quick as you might think...
  3. phoon

    Custom refresh rate

    If it was in the advance display settings then it definitely won't require a custom resolution. If windows can detect it then the graphics drivers will as well. There should be an option for that
  4. You can get any PNG image or even draw one than move it. But I think you should invest some time in getting to know After Effects. You develop a skill like that now you be able to use it later and build more KNOWLEDGE(*Then you'll have a Lamborghini in your garage*). Or you could just ask someone to do it for you...
  5. phoon

    Custom refresh rate

    Then its a bug. Rollback or try reinstalling the drivers. Just because you created a custom res doesn't mean its displaying correctly. Can't run 1080p 144Hz over hdmi or anything near it.
  6. This might sound sketchy but...bear with me here...powerpoint. Take any image and text then animate it then record the animation. I think powerpoint might have an export video option. If that's not good enough then adobe after effects take minutes to learn try any youtube video.
  7. phoon

    Custom refresh rate

    I'm pretty sure you're using HDMI and an old revision for that matter. Use a Display Port cable. If I'm wrong and you're already using a DP cable, then it's probably a bug or gpu limitation.
  8. phoon

    Gaming PC to art machine

    Yeah you should be fine, but don't use your brother's shit without his permission XD!
  9. The backplate is just there to hold the cooler in from behind. Your best solution is plastic washers and a nut, don't use metal washers because the are conductive and might fry or arc something back there.
  10. Why is windows taking 45 GB of my SSD :(...This is a laptop, I need my space. Windows use to take 20 GB at most 27 with the new update reserved space. Can anyone halp me with this? Windows is practically man spreading on me here...
  11. phoon

    PC randomly freezes for a short time

    I might be late srry not always on but reinstall OS?
  12. Long story short I installed Windows XP on an old computer that I found and I wanted to use it as a NAS system. So this computer only had an IDE port for an old hard drive and so I bought a PCI sata card to install an SSD. I installed Windows XP on it and miraculously it worked and the SSD was detected. Installation went well and everything rebooted but when it booted up for the first time I had this screen. Anyone know why this is happening? A few things to note. I tried to play around with the monitor settings it's not the monitor. The windows boot up bar seems fine. The picture might not show well but it it's seems like it's showing a very zoomed in login page as well as the words being very pixelated and eaten up. Thx in advance.
  13. phoon

    DC Solar power systems?

    Yeah but as I said our current technologies are much more efficient and safe to use as they are. I get where you're coming from. Good topic though
  14. phoon

    one speaker quieter then the other

    I don't think there is a video for your set of speakers you should find the source of the problem and hack and saw your fix.
  15. phoon

    one speaker quieter then the other

    Well it might be faulty. If you don't want to return them and you're using it on your PC, change to 'PAN', you know the more sound to the left or right. Good Luck! if its not stereo then you should probably RMA or Fix it yourself (might be a wire slightly lose, or the inside speaker needing replacement)