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  1. Finally asked an xcom 2 modder directly. I hadn't thought of that lol XD No you can't just open up. You need to open up the .upk file, which contains the .SkeletalMesh and then export as .fbx No idea why But, that being said, the file I was working on, I get this error msg (I redacted the path name for ease of reading): Unable to load package (REDACTED PATHNAME BattleDroid.upk) PackageVersion 845, MaxExpected 845 : LicenseePackageVersion 120, MaxExpected 108. EDIT: I have messaged the original modder of the mod, so we'll see what he says
  2. No. From the mods via the game itself. The ones from the mod community. But, I assume they probably are from the Nexus XD I was looking at something (just started), and there is something called MK9 .SkeletalMesh... so maybe that's where the tool is from? As for unreal, I couldn't find any plugins thus far.
  3. I can't seem to import it either. Says the .SkeletalMesh type is not supported
  4. I was hoping I wouldn't actually need UE for this The last time I installed it, some idiot tried hacking my password like a bazillion times. It's not as if I had anything in my account. I am working on an Xcom 2 mod that was released by someone else. But he only released it for the WOTC expansion... so it would only be fair we get it on the vanilla version (assuming I can get it there XD ).
  5. I didn't find a suitable subforum (so feel free to move it where it needs to be). I was wondering if any of you knew how to open a .SkeletalMesh file. I tried Blender and another programs... to no avail.
  6. lol. Wish I could do that honestly.
  7. That's fair. The only thing about creating X account is always the "please provide your number"... which annoys the crap out of me. I have only used my number for my gmail business account lol, but if you give it out once with FB (I would assume - but correct me if I'm wrong), you can't use it for other accounts. I have tried using burner numbers because I hate companies thinking they should have access to my number. I am glad I never had to give my number to Google though, except for my business account (which at that point, I don't see it as a personal phone for that matter). I have hea
  8. Two of those people, honestly, are just not worth listening to because they think they're just better than either of us. I'm just gonna ignore them (I mean legit ignore, as you can press an ignore button lol). People like that are not worth our time, imo. I have had some good experiences here, but there are some people that just aren't worth the effort to argue with.
  9. Da hell... I do that, it works fine. Now I log back in normally, and it works? Ok LOL. Thanks for the tip
  10. I will have to give it a try, and post my findings about that later.
  11. Uhm no. I never said anything about not having an FB account. Assuming you log in with your FB account for the VR device and allow FB to use your data like geo stuff and what not, what are you doing at that point? Giving them your location, the time spent where you are, allowing them to also get information in terms of the games you play and God know what other information we are unaware of.
  12. I use Vivaldi and sometimes Palemoon. I seldom use Chrome (but my wife does... so you know). Mouse clicks are fine, but if I touch ANY keys anywhere, it just closes. It doesn't crash, it just closes the exe file as if I had never opened it. I have already: - Cleared the Chrome folder - Uninstalled Chrome - Re-installed Chrome - Disabled every single module in my AV/Firewall (and I mean every module) I have never seen anything like that with ANY browser, ever. I am going to bed, so this is no rush tonight for me to figure it out... I just don't want to forget posting
  13. Thank you. The worst part is that I actually spent time posting a comment (an extremely valid one). So, even though you're not the OP, I will take your acknowledgement.
  14. Instead of sarcastically speaking in my back (while my concerns are valid), maybe you should directly respond to me. Here is a simple example why you should NOT trust FB with your information (also, if you don't care about big companies getting YOUR info, maybe you shouldn't be in tech OR learn about the dangers of YOUR info being out there). https://fortune.com/2018/04/06/facebook-scandals-mark-zuckerberg/
  15. It should be fine. My current setup is a 32 inch monitor. I use my old one for other stuff.