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  1. Interesting. Thorium is also an alpha emitter, and it's what's used in old gas lantern mantles and I think atomic clocks(?). Alpha radiation is basically stopped with a piece of paper, so containing it is rather easy, but if a blanket had thorium "infused" into it and fibers/particles got released into the air and breathed-in, that's a cancer risk. Thorium mantles are not common anymore because of this, and there were warnings even back in the day about breathing the dust created by burned-out lantern mantles.
  2. No audio on this computer, do they say what material is in them? Smoke detectors do have americium in them, which is an alpha emitter and relatively safe, but there was the Radioactive Boy Scout, that made a sub-critical reactor (tried at least) with discarded smoke detectors. He ended up getting radiation poisoning, and the EPA declared the shed he worked in and property the shed was on a superfund site. I still wish they made radium watch faces, if workers had not been told to "point" their paint brushes by licking them, they probably still would be.
  3. This, unless whatever cooler I'm using comes with its own. Arctic Silver seems to have a really long service life, even on hotter-running processors I get years of use and don't have to re-apply it.
  4. If it was to be sold, it should have gone through an FFL and not with a third party across state lines. Not going to say this sounds sketchy on their end, but it sounds a little sketchy. Only the actual owner of the firearm should be selling it, not an agent.
  5. When legitimate high-speed, low-latency fiber internet is available out in the small towns around here, I will want to move to one of them.
  6. I think this is no bueno my dude, and by this I mean this thread.
  7. It's classified like a muzzle-loader, doesn't have to go through an FFL/dealer.
  8. You might be surprised at who cares, some people just have a difficult time showing it. Self-interest is ingrained into human nature, someone can at times be self-serving but still have empathy/kindness for others, it's a balance.
  9. You're on a forum, spawned from a channel, that was started by a person that you "refuse to click on any of his videos". What?
  10. Dumbest case of this I ever saw happened to me several years ago. I purchased an antique rifle (made in the early 1890's) on a marketplace similar to eBay, but for that type of thing. By both US and Texas law it can legally be shipped directly to a home due to it's date of manufacture; However, there's still an age requirement and it must be and was shipped signature required. The carrier just dropped it off on my front porch and left, didn't even knock or ring the doorbell. I had been downstairs at the time and heard the mail truck drive off and it alerted me.
  11. I currently have a MSI B450 Gaming Plus, no complaints. I have used plenty of Asrock boards though, and I've always been happy with them. I wouldn't touch a board that new that someone worked on though, someone did something bad to it and it might have stability or longevity issues now.
  12. Between those two, probably have to go with KFC. If for no other reason than Chick-Fil-A has few locations and they are always packed, so I can go to one of the other numerous chicken places around here in the time it takes to wait in line. Golden Chick is better, although I don't know how far their franchising goes from the Austin, TX area. Popeye's is also quite good, their sides are better than most. KFC does have the biscuits down though. What I really wish was that we had a Bojangles here, every time I go to The South to see family, I try to stop in one.
  13. I think the memory controller for that generation of Intel processor is on the chip, so maybe it failed. That hardware is now quite old though, so it could be the motherboard instead. Hard to diagnose yourself without a second motherboard and/or processor, but at this point it might be time for an upgrade.
  14. I used a 7600k overclocked in my main computer for a while, but it's getting obsolete since it only has 4 cores and 4 threads.