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  1. I've had some packages get mis-delivered by USPS over the years, one of which I finally received a month later. Call your local office and see if they can get a hold of the driver, maybe they stuck it somewhere inconspicuous.
  2. AR parts are so ubiquitous now, and the pressure/metallurgy testing and staking that Colt used to corner the market on, are fairly standard on any reputable rifle these days. No reason to spend extra on a Colt, not with the dozens of quality receiver manufacturers and hundreds of armorer companies making them now. Building a quality AR yourself is nothing these days as well, with a few tools and an hour or so of time.
  3. My motorcycle has been my daily hobby lately, but I like tearing into stuff and repairing it or making it better; Cars, bicycles, firearms, computers, and etc. I just got back into TI calculators and programming on them recently, but that's more necessity for specific tasks at work than anything else. When it's not 100+ degrees I like to dabble in photography. I want to get some basic B&W developing equipment soon and try that out, but I have an older DSLR that I use more than anything.
  4. I have a Prism cooler on my 2700x, and it works fine but it's louder than a cooler with a larger fan. It also has a constant mechanical sound at higher RPM, the bearing they use might be very durable but it sacrifices in terms of noise. That said, the idea of a downdraft cooler blowing over the VRMs directly is better than many tower coolers, especially since my chip is the highest TDP one offered so far on AM4. The lower TDP on the 3700x may allow you to lower the fan curve though. I wish there were more coolers designed like the Wraith/Prism coolers that had a larger fan that was a little more quiet.
  5. I like having a graphing calculator that I can use for bracketed math equations, a regular Windows calculator just won't do. My old Casio's screen failed so I picked a TI-92 up for less than $20 on eBay. It's not in hand yet but on the way.
  6. I honestly wish these and the boards they went in were still available. I need to build a new file server for just a few people in my office, and one of these would be perfect for the task.
  7. Depending on how the end of the year works before holiday break, it could be paying the rest of my motorcycle loan off. Currently though it was the few parts I bought when I went Ryzen in my main system: -2700x 50th Anniversary (discounted and free shirt) -MSI B450 Gaming Plus -2x8gb Corsair 3200 DDR4 Roughly $430 shipped from Newegg right after the Ryzen 3000 launch.
  8. Medieval Times in Dallas? Edit: As far as tech stores, there's a Micro Center there as well.
  9. KFC had a harlequin romance novel they released for a promotion several years ago, something like 'Tender Wings of Desire'.
  10. Pentium III? Now that's a name I've not heard in a long time.
  11. I've had a P3AT forever, not the best nor worst, but it's always worked. I managed sales at an FFL for a while, and convincing people of something sensible to carry was always difficult. Yeah, a fullsize seems great and generally fits a hand better than something small like a J-frame S&W or a P3AT, but no one seemed to realize how much a good concealment holster cost, and the amount of effort it took to carry something like a G22 or a 1911.
  12. Haven't you always wanted to conceal carry a boat anchor?
  13. If you managed to plug it in and it works, it'll be fine. The connector should straighten it out enough that it's no problem. If you look real close on a fan connector, there's a small fillet on the plug to align a slightly bent pin if necessary.
  14. Hadn't seen this thread until just a little while ago, lots of posts. Anyone gearing up for various hunting seasons happening right now?
  15. I went to pick my friends up at one of their houses to go to high school senior year. Walked in the front door and everyone was glued to the TV, the plane had hit the first tower. Not wanting to be late, we all got in my car and drove the couple miles to school. Parked, walked in the front door and a buddy of mine was freaking out saying a plane hit a tower in NYC. I said that we saw it on the news a little while ago, but then he told us the second tower got hit. It was a rough day, someone in one of my classes had a relative that worked in one of the towers and she was too upset to stay. I never definitively heard whether or not they made it but she missed a few days so I'm guessing not. Some other people and I left for lunch and got approached by a local news channel, gave a 15 second blurb on our viewpoints of the incident, but we were just high school kids so I'm sure we sounded oblivious. We were in shock and wondering what other events would happen, then we heard about the other plane going towards the Pentagon later in the day. The days after as the initial shock wore off, people I knew started to realize that we were all turning 18, fresh meat for a draft if it were to happen. Was this going to turn into another Vietnam? Were some of us going to get swept away to die in a desert somewhere far away? I remember there being a lot of hate, lots of people had disdain for those in the Middle East, even though we were not informed enough to even know who to be mad at. I also remember a lot of scared high school students that didn't know what was going to happen.