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  1. It looks super cool, it's small and you can bring it anywhere. It would be perfect for an Home Cinema Set-Up that i'm currently planning.
  2. Yes, i know FreeNAS uses all the drive space for itself, i was just unsure about it speed and reliability. From what you've said i'd go straight with an USB, but from what djdwosk97 said i simply can't if i wanna use Skylake. And yeah, i've put freenas on a VM and used for a while, that's what made me chose it, i like it a lot and it's great and simple for what i'm doing. Thanks a lot for answering. Thank you really much for the time you spent to answer this. And you configuration is really great, it's 200€ less than what i did, but it's still badass. I might go with Haswell then, i would save up a lot of money and still get great performance. I stil have one small question, so putting five 3TB drives in a RaidZ2 array is a good thing? Or maybe it would be better to get four 4TB drives?
  3. Hello Everyone, so, i am planning to build a new NAS for my personal use and install FreeNAS on it. I've already built some computers, but i have no experience building a NAS or with FreeNAS itself, so i decided to ask here, cause you guys are certainly more experienced that i am and i hope that you can help me make the right decisions. I'll use this NAS mainly for streaming movies with Plex and to store files and other stuff. Here is the components list, i know it may looks overkill, and maybe it is, i'll explain why i chose each component so that you can tell me is it is appropriate or not. Thanks in advance! All the parts are from Amazon IT CPU: 1x Intel Xeon E3-1245v5 Skylake @ 3.5GHz Motherboard: 1x Asus P10S WS RAM: 2x Kingston KVR21R15D4/16 16GB ECC @ 2133MHz653$ OS Drive: 1x Transcend MTS600 M.2 SSD 64GB Data Drives: 5x WD Red 3TB WD30EFRX PSU: 1x Corsair CS550M 550 Watt Case: 1x Fractal Design Define R5 I was also planning to buy a Samsung 850 EVO SSD 120GB to install jails, but i'm not completely sure about it. I chose that CPU cause i need to stream at least 3 simultaneous 1080p movies, and since transcoding is very CPU intensive, i went with that. Also i want scrubbing to be extremely fast, and that should help a lot. I needed at least two ethernet ports cause i wanna use different ports for the file sharing, and the Plex Server, so that when i'm streaming movies i am also able to transfer files at full speed since i still have 1Gb of bandwidth (on another computer of course). That motherboard has built-in dual Gigabit Ethernet, so it was a big plus, it is a Workstation Motherboard, so it's certainly more reliable than a 70€ motherborad and it has the 1151 socket to support my Skylake CPU. FreeNAS and RaidZ likes ram, a lot, that's why i went with 32GB, 16 would be enough, but i couldn't find two 8GB DDR4 ECC sticks, and since i wanted the ram to run in dual-channel, i ended up with that. Now there's the part where i get really unsure, first of all, about the OS Drive, FreeNAS recommend to install it on a USB, i didn't find it much reliable so i opted for an M.2 SSD, but i've never used them, i don't even know Transcend really much, i don't know even if it is a good choice to run FreeNAS of of that, so i'm really open to suggestions. On the Data Drives, even here i'm not really sure of what i have done, i want as much space as i can get within that price range, which is about 570€ (652 USD), but i want safe storage as well, and my idea is to use RaidZ2, so that two drives can fail before i lose all my data, but i've never worked with RAID or the ZFS filesystem, so i don't know, maybe less drive but with more capacity will be better, i just don't know ahahah, so please, help! Case and PSU were an easy choice, the Define R5 is just awesome, and it has the space to put all my drives, and the PUS, well, maybe it's a little overkill, i'm not sure, but it is 80 Plus Gold, and i wanted a reliable power supply. Aand, thank you for reading that far, it you have any kind of suggestion or anything i'll be really happy to know it. Greetings. Filippo